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 A healthy diet is good for you and your mother (earth). Eating locally contributes enormously to solving global warming. Green your meals by eating local and organic and sustainably grown foods. If you eat fish, the Monterey Bay Aquarium's website will help you find sustainable seafood that is relatively low in harmful contaminants such as mercury.
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The Story of Bottled Water

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March 13, 2010

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Our Heifer volunteer meeting was held at Kathy Mawer's home in Napa. Present were; Evie Trevethan, Caroline Bonnet, Carole and Keni Kent, Kathy Mawer, Mary Blom, Nancy Evans, Ann Schwartz, Carol Lilliberg, Betty Malmgren and a warm welcome to our new volunteers, Karoline Hall and Marlene Zimmerman!!

Nancy recorded the minutes on her laptop, where I think they are now traveling with her in China. So I'm going to try and remember some of the meeting to pass on to you. Consider these "interim minutes" , until we receive the official version from Nancy.

We introduced ourselves and told what had attracted us to Heifer. We're currently working on a list of the skills each of us bring to the group.Kathy charted Who/What/ByWhen.

Mary Blom said we could use her church hall for our meetings in Sonoma county every other month, alternating with meeting in Napa at the Whole Foods meeting room which Evie has arranged. It was previously decided that we need a regular meeting place in both counties, and that we will meet in alternate counties each month.

It was decided to wait until next month's meeting to give our report on the Heifer 201 weekend at Hidden Villa. Evie, Nancy and Caroline attended and look forward to sharing with the group.

Up Coming Events

  • Earth Day Table - April 24 - Napa
     Who:  Nancy, Marlene, Ann, Caroline, Carol L.
  • Local Foods Table - April 28 in Napa
     Who: Evie, Nancy, Keni, Kathy, Carol L.
  • Napa Valley Welcomes Heifer International May 14 - 7 to 8:30
    Covenant Presbyterian Church hall
    1226 Salvador Ave
    Napa, CA 94558
    Church liaison - Marlene Zimmerman

    • We will show the 12 Stones movie
    • Isaak will be our MC/Speaker
    • Don Emmel will talk with us about his experience as a Heifer volunteer
    • We will display the quilt and hope to raise enough donations to buy an Ark, to donate to Heifer and send the quilt as a gift to a Heifer Project women's group. Plans are under way, a more detailed report on the event and tasks list at our April meeting, including who signed up for what on charts that Nancy now has.

  • Dinner In the Vineyards - Napa
    Proposed event at Carole and Keni Kents in early September
    To be planned at future meetings.

Our next meeting will be on Saturday April 10, from 10 - 12 in Sonoma County at:
   Sebastopol United Methodist Church hall
   downtown Sebastopol at 500 N Main St, Sebastopol 95472

Hope to see you all there!

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International Women's Day

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

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10 am at Kathy Mawer's*


* Check- in and Introductions
* Who will chart our decisions for this meeting - Who Will Do What, By When ?
* Meeting Places Report - Suggested regular meeting places for Napa & Sonoma
* Up coming events: Tabling at Earth Day April 24th
* Tabling at Napa Local Foods Event - April 28th
* Possible Fall Dinner in the Vineyards
* Planning for 12 Stones event May 14 - Details and Task List
* Report on Heifer 201 Retreat by Evie, Caroline and Nancy
* What skills do we have as a group for events?
* Tabling ideas
* Ideas for the Quilt What do you think?
* Group expansion ideas, etcetera

* Directions

1. From Hwy 29 (the main highway from Sonoma to Napa) exit on the first exit, the Imola Exit. Turn right off the exit ramp onto Imola.
2. Take the next right which is South Minahen.
3. Take a quick right on Bohen St.
4. The Mawer home is the 6th house on the left.
It has a courtyard fence and garden in front of the house.
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Minutes: February 13, 2010

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Sebastopol at Coffee CatsAgenda:


* further discussion of our group fund guidelines
* update on Heifer postcards


* do we want to have set meeting places ~ one in Sonoma County/one in Napa County?
* should we use committees more often, to get tasks done more efficiently?

* educate about Heifer in our communities
* raise funds and friends to support Heifer projects and participants
* educate ourselves on Heifer-related issues (books, articles, trainings, trips,etc.)

* community education meeting in Napa ~ Covenant Presby. Church, April or May, 12 Stones film need to set date, assign tasks
* quilt event ~ target date and place, assign tasks
* passing on the gift month (April) ~ anybody want to sponsor an event ?

* please bring your book to loan if you can
* possible discussion questions what was most compelling to you about the book?
* how is the work in "Stones" work similar to/different from Heifer's?
* do they "pass on the gift ? how?


* Treasurer’s report presented. Copy will be included with this report. We talked about what a terrific contribution and success Mary Blom’s two fundraisers were.
* Guidelines for reimbursement from “Napa/Sonoma Group Fund” were discussed and agreed upon. We now have $120 in our bank account. Expenses under $20 incurred by volunteers will by and large looked on as a contribution by that volunteer and will not be reimbursed. Expenditures over $30 will need to be pre-approved by Caroline or Evie.
* Heifer postcards will become available from Eliza and will be used in lieu of business cards to provide local contact information. Also, name badges with holders will be available for volunteers. Caroline will obtain both of these items from Eliza.

* The structure of meeting times and places was discussed. We are considering having set places in both Napa and Sonoma. Evie will continue to explore the Whole Foods meeting room in Sonoma and Caroline also is looking into a possible place in Sonoma.
* Discussion was held about whether or not we need to use a committee structure. At the current time we will use committees for specific tasks.
* Yearly Goals were agreed upon:
o Educating ourselves and others about Heifer and related issues.
o Raising funds and enlisting more friends for Heifer.
o Strengthening support within our group. Having Fun.
* Current volunteers will be surveyed to see what kind of activities they prefer to work on in furthering goals of the group. Caroline will follow up on this preference e-mail by February 19th. We will also let volunteers know about what resources are available to them from Heifer while making contact in the community. Evie wil complete an updated member information roster by the end of February.
* Discussion of Future Events:
o There will be a Community Education Presentation in Napa some time between 4/15 and the end of May. Setting the date will depend on availability of the meeting room at the Covenant Presbyterian Church on Salvador Ave. Evie will follow up on setting the date. Weeknights were discussed as a good possibility. Kenny Kent will host a meeting at his house to plan this event.
o “12 Stones” will be featured at the church presentation and it was hoped that Don Emmel might be available to speak at the event as he accompanied some of the first livestock from the United States to Europe. It was also decided that the Heifer Quilt will be displayed at the church presentation and/or all public events for Heifer and would go to the first individual or group who managed to purchase an ARK for Heifer.
o Kathy will contact Betty Malmgren from Napa College to see what activities are planned for Earth Day. Nancy Evans will staff a table if there will be an event at the college. We will also look at other places we might be able to have a table on Earth Day (40th year anniversary) in both Napa and Sonoma counties.
o Carole Kent would like to explore having a Dinner in the Vinyards event at her home for a future Heifer event. She would like some percentage of the proceeds of the event to help the Napa Food Bank.


After the business meeting we discussed the book our group read Stones into Schools by Greg Mortenson. Each of us spoke to what was compelling about the book to us and how it tied in with Heifer’s work – building community, educating women, having the project be created, built and constructed by the villagers themselves, thereby empowering them and making the school theirs. We all thoroughly enjoyed reading the book.
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Minutes: Jan 9, 2010

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1. Study group proposals
2. Process for authorizing local expenditures
3. How to order materials
4. Contact information postcards
5. Reports on holiday events and fundraising we have done
6. Future events

Evie Trevethan, Ann Schwartz (treasurer), Kathy Mawer, Nancy Evans (Napa contact person, 265-7867), Mary Blom, Linda Mc Bee.


Discussion included the following options:
Half the Sky - authors Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn
CornerStones - Heifer International
Stones into Schools - Greg Mortenson

We decided to Read Stones into Schools first and discuss how what we are reading in that book feeds our work with Heifer. Evie will bring some thoughts about how the Cornerstones can be applied to discussing the books we read. We want to finish reading Stones into Schools so we can discuss it at our February meeting.

Click this link for good news!


Ann: We have a Volunteer account now. Give receipt to Treasurer and be reimbursed. Up to a certain amount it needs to be approved. We decided that amounts $30 or less could be submitted for reimbursement without prior approval. Amounts larger than that would need approval before committing our local funds.


1. Check locally first (Caroline/Evie/Linda)
2. Cwith Eliza (888)548-6437 x-8865
Use either of these when ordering to maximize use of materials and minimize freight/fuel costs. If unavailable from above two sources, then:
3. Order from Florida (800)422-0474


Eliza is developing post cards that will have local contact information on them to be used at tables (farmers’ markets etc.) Both Sonoma and Napa contact info will be on the cards. These cards will be used instead of business cards.


* Sonoma-Napa Volunteers bank account. Ann passed out a report with the funds raised over the Holidays. Total of about $3000. This amount reflects monies raised for Heifer through donations and activities we have developed and that we are aware of.
* Mary reported that she and her husband gave a Christmas party for the local bloggers from the Daily Kos. They invited 60 people and made it a benefit for Heifer. They announced thru the invitations that the party would be a fund raiser for Heifer. They had materials out about Heifer, provided a buffet and had a basket out with envelopes for donations. They rented a tent, provided the food, prepared the food, sent out the invitations, set up, cleaned up, and gathered the Heifer materials $1,190 was the total donated.
* Margie Egge staffed a table at One World in Healdsburg that raised $200 from proceeds donated by the store.
* Kathy Mawer printed a thank you to the Shearer Charter School community in a letter to the editor in the Napa Register that “plugged” alternative gift giving to Heifer. Various other members distributed Heifer info and encouraged donations in various ways.


Spring (April or May):
Informational Event in Napa to make Heifer more visible which would include the 12 Stones film and Don Emmel(sea going cowboy).
Nancy will contact some wineries.
Evie will contact Deana Reed at Covenant Presb. Church about a place.

Summer (Quilt Auction):
All of us need to continue to look for an appropriate venue for the quilt auction and make an initial contact.
The quilt will not be the only item to, oriental things from John, perhaps paintings, photographs from Africa, baskets of goodies, whatever.
(Hawley vineyards? Linda will ask).

Napa farmers’ market tabling will continue.
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December Meeting Cancelled

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As a reward for the past years of hard work and as a special holiday gift from Heifer to you, The DECEMBER MEETING IS CANCELLED. (A number of people were going to be unavailable on the scheduled date.)

The NEXT MEETING will be JANUARY 9 at Jacquie Rabinowitz's home, phone 545-5472 for directions.

Seasonal Heifer Work: Now is the time to get Heifer gift catalogues and brochures into churches, schools, medical offices, hair salons, senior centers, etc -- wherever people gather and maybe wait. Can you commit to taking material into at least 3 venues soon ? If you can help, but don't have material, contact Caroline or Evie and they will provide. Encourage your friends to use this easy and rewarding way to shop for gifts this year too.

Inspirational Event: If you want an inspirational boost, Greg Mortenson, author of Three Cups of Tea, will be speaking the evening of December 12, at Santa Rosa High School. His appearance is being sponsored by Copperfield's Books and tickets are available from any of their bookstores.

OUR Next Group Event: We intend to have a late winter or early spring fundraising event in Napa or Sonoma county. The event will include a viewing of 12 Stones (the video about women involved in Heifer projects in Nepal) and an auctioning of the quilt. We will focus on planning for this event at the January meeting; so PLEASE put that date on your calendar and plan to attend.

Gratitude: We all have much to be thankful for, and a part of that gratitude is the friendship and fun we share working with each other to support Heifer participants and their projects. THANKS to us ALL for caring and continuing to do this important work.
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Minutes: Nov. 14, 2009

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Hosted by: Evie and Hope

Introductions: Evie, Kathy, Betty, Tada Darcy, Hope, Nancy Evans, Ann Schwartz, Carol, Caroline, Linda

Ann shared she thought for our volunteer group funds, we need officers, charter, etc. etc. Caroline has different info, and suggests we can have our group funds in a regular bank account that only requires two signatures.

We have two categories of funds:

1. Sonoma/Napa volunteer group money” to be kept in a bank account, for petty cash to be used for operating expenses. For funds to put on events we go to Eliza.
2. Donations for Heifer - When we raise more than $50 in donations, send it in when it reaches that amount rather than letting it accumulate. send it in to Heifer thru the regional office (Eliza)with Sonoma/Napa Volunteer group acknowledged at the bottom of the check whenever possible. When large donations are collected and we send them immediately to Eliza, again with our group name at the bottom so we are credited with having raised the donations. Any donations we raise should be sent to Eliza, our regional office, rather than directly to Heifer headquarters.
Eliza Penick
Community Volunteer Coordinator
Western Zone
Heifer International
5019 Keystone Place N.
Seattle, WA 98103
T: 206-547-5696
F: 206-547:5345
888 548-6437 x 8865

Receipts for tax purposes - Headquarters will send a thank you letter and receipt showing the tax deductable number.

Revised Volunteer Reporting Form:
There is yet another revised form for reporting what we do. These are very important as it’s a record for reference of where we’ve been, what we’ve done, and amount raised. Please make copies and send one to Caroline and one to Eliza.
We will get a new form from Eliza to put on the website so we can all download it.

Report from Kathy:
The Heifer table at the Napa Farmers’ Market was in conjunction with the Quakers, and Unitarians Peace Table. By combining the three groups a lot of cross fertilization happened.... sharing of resources.... larger contact arena....Heifer materials were the most “eye grabbing”. The buttons were also very enticing. The table was to promote peace and some people left money which was split 3 ways. There was a card/banner saying War is not the answer, one man asked, so what is the answer? Kathy said Heifer, and explained how our work supports peace.

The best thing that came from Kathy’s table was the Shearer Fund Raiser that was generated by a teacher from Shearer Elementary School in down town Napa who visited the table. One of the class rooms presented a play about Heifer to about 600 hundred children. Also there was a family dance held (about 250 people) on Oct 30, as a fund raiser for Heifer. Letters to the editor appeared about this event that mentioned Heifer. Altogether over $1,200 was raised. All from Kathy talking to a teacher at the Heifer table at the Farmers’ Market. She had created a poster of photos from both events for us to see. Great work Kathy!!

She will write a thank you letter to the children at the school and also a letter to the editor of the local paper in thanks.

*A stamp with local phone number of volunteer was suggested to add to any material we pass out at tables and events. We need to ask Eliza if this is OK. Several attendees requested that Sonoma/Napa be stamped or otherwise added to the donation form in the brochure because people send in donations later from home. Caroline suggests giving out our Heifer business cards instead.

More lead volunteers need business cards. Can we order these thru Eliza?

Holiday Gift Giving: Caroline
Caroline: holiday gift giving, remember to add Napa Sonoma Volunteers on the bottom of checks and send them thru our regional office.

Strategies for Spring Fund Raiser:
Evie showed the quilt which we want to live auction. We need a venue! Napa or Sonoma county, big enough for about 100 or more people. Also have a few items for a silent auction and need wine, cheese, finger foods. Please everyone contact your contacts and let’s get something going!

Ordering materials: 800-422-0474 We need to confirm with Eliza about who can order. The online order sheet specifies only AVCs or lead volunteers can order. Plus whoever orders needs to know what the items are called and what they are ordering. Check with Caroline 707 894-0920, or Eliza.

Garden tour field trip in the spring:
Food for Thought has a fantastic garden in Forestville. We want to have a trip there in the spring. One of our volunteers is checking to see if/when we can do this.

Nepal field trip: October 2010
Any volunteers interested in going please contact Caroline

Book - Half the Sky
Evie read a quote from the book about having first hand experience with people in poverty....about how people are moved to donate money to worthy causes.

“Generosity is a right brain activity.” i.e. numbers dull the impulse to give. Feelings need to be touched. People are more willing to give to individual people rather than thousands.

Caroline gave a brief review of the book and suggested that we read it together as a book group study.

12 Stones: We will watch and discuss the movie last hour of the meeting.
Due to technical difficulties we could not view the DVD.

Possible Future Agenda Items:

* Practice Talking about Heifer
* Sea-going Cowboy - Don Emmel Evie will call to see if he can come to a small fundraiser or to our Jan meeting.
* Feedback on event-preparation timeline
* Report of Corner Stones Study Guide.

Agenda - Nov. 14th

* Money
* Revised Volunteer Reporting Form
* Report from Kathy
* Strategies for Spring Fund Raiser
* Holiday Gift Giving - Caroline
* Ordering materials - 800 422-0474
* Garden tour field trip in the spring
* Nepal trip
* Book - Half the Sky
* We will watch and discuss 12 Stones the last hour of the meeting.

For the December meeting:

* Sea going cowboy
* Practice talk about Heifer
* Cornerstones discussion - Evie

We're looking forward to this special Napa meeting. If you need a ride or want to carpool please contact me. I hope to see you all there.

Caroline Bonnet
Sonoma and Napa Counties Volunteer
Coordinator for Heifer International
* *707 894-0920

*for directions contact Caroline or call Evie (707-255-3388).
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October 24th at Hidden Villa

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Hidden Villa in Los Altos Hills.... Thanks very much to Mary who made the arrangements and to Jill and the staff at Hidden Villa for hosting us. We had our meeting in the lovely living room of the Duveneck home, then had lunch out on the patio. After lunch Jill gave us a complete tour of the grounds, gardens and animals.

In attendance:
Eliza Penick, our Community Volunteer Coordinator for Seattle, Caroline, Mary (facilitator), Ellen, from Santa Cruz, Julie, Linda, Meg, Jennifer and we were joined later by Mav from Berkeley

Welcome to Mav and Ellen for joining us, and we were happy to have Eliza with us, some of us meeting her for the first time.


Money: Ann is our new treasurer and has some suggestions:
Two categories:

1. “animal” donations: to be sent directly to Heifer
2. “our own” money: go to a bank account: North Bay Volunteers?
Idea for funding our own account....Seattle group does sheep pins available from must be clearly stated as going to the local group not to Heifer directly.
We thought small amounts of donations like a few dollars or change could be saved up to $50 before sending it off to Heifer.

12 Cornerstones: Evy is working on a study guide for the 12 Cornerstones. Eliza requested that it be made available for other groups.

Fall Event in Napa: Canceled due to not finding a place for the event.

- Caroline suggests having a smaller event in the Spring.
(WILD* Women Parties maybe, presentations at Soroptimists, Women’s groups, book groups, stressing Heifer’s work empowering women.

*Women in Livestock Development

Cathy’s table at farmers’ market in Napa market in Napa during the summer resulted in a teacher in a Napa middle school holding a fund raising event for Heifer.

Holiday gift giving: Does everyone have current materials as we go into the Holiday Season? Gift Catalogs, honor cards, etc.

* can place orders with Caroline or
* do it yourself thru email address that Eliza will give us. 1-88-5Hunger or Please check with Caroline first, she has a lot of materials on hand.

Peace Rocks: Ellen Manko paints on flat rocks with fabric paint and magic marker and places around for people to take. She has decided to benefit Heifer by adding a message on the back that says:

“Peace is possible when all are fed”
Pass on the Gift!

Eliza's PowerPoint Presentation:
Eliza Penick
5019 Keystone Pl
Seattle, WA 98103

Financial Shortfall ($18 million) - no partners with a program in place suffered from this staff was cut, all of the regional offices were closed, there is no office staff. The coordinators work from home offices with no adm. staff. Budgets were tightened, zones of influence for Area Coordinators (Community Volunteer Coordinator - CVC) was extended, a national coordinator was added to help the Area Coordinators.
(*side note: if info is not in a data base funding for that thing will not be forth coming)

Regional Offices -
Eliza: WA, MT, OR, ID, WY, AD, Nor-Cal
Catherine: So-Cal, NV, UT, Co, AZ, NM, HI

U.S. Programs are concentrating on food sovereignty.

International Programs: places where there are no Heifer offices will be closed over donations improve they will be reinstated.

March 4 - 7 there will be another Heifer U. at Hidden Villa

Organizational Goals 2009-2012

1. Families
2. Revenue
3. Education
4. Advocacy
5. Operational Excellence
6. Branding

Where do we go from here?

monthly calls (conference call with other AVC;s
community requests for speakers/presentations (via Caroline)
Heifer news

We need to fill out Volunteer Report forms (they’ve been revised) and send one to Caroline and one to Eliza so we can track where we go, what we do and other important details of the presentation/ event. Headquarters and regional leaders need to see how much activity is in each area to allocate funding because, “no funds”.

How can Eliza support us?

* event invites/ stamps/ mailings
* booth fees
* trainings / visits (once a quarter)
*request for a training for volunteers that is similar to what Heifer partners receive


* we need a calendar with yearly events at which we might want to have a presence
* How do we find local events that are appropriate for Heifer?
* Women’s educational events, sustainable agriculture/gardens/farms, green industries, 4 H club events, etc.
* To present to Eliza on her next visit....of how we can use her/
* Heifer will be coming out with a blog template and blog software soon.

Our next meeting: Saturday, Nov 14 in Napa The movie 12 Stones will be shown.
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Minutes: September 12, 2009

Posted by Linda On Tuesday, March 09, 2010 0 comments
Present: Meg, Evie, Mary, and Ann.

Agreements made at this meeting:

* MARY is in charge of the trip to Hidden Villa, Saturday, October 24th.
* EVIE will report in October about a venue for the quilt fundraiser. She will also make copies for the group to look at the Heifer Cornerstones.
* ANN will be our Treasure (her concerns follow).

Introductions: First we had introductions and chatted.

Hidden Villa:

Our first discussion was about Hidden Villa which is scheduled for Saturday, October 24th. So far the people going are: Mary Meg, Julie, Caroline and possibly Ann. If anyone is interested, please call or email Mary Blom at 823-6616 Please let her know as soon as possible so she can notify Hidden Villa.

Fall Event:

We have no venue for a fall quilt auction. We still need to connect with the winery in Napa that showed an interest. They are out of the country at present. Evie will connect with them when they return and report back when she can.


ISAAK says that there is going to be some information coming from Heifer concerning the standardization of websites for Heifer groups. More to follow on that.


Who's interested in going to NAPAL? Could Caroline give us a run down on the cost of the proposed trip?


ANN said she would be our treasurer. She wants us to get a bank account for our group funds. The Heifer donations will be mailed in when received. The $300 we have collected will be sent in to Heifer right away.


EVIE has done research on studying the Heifer Cornerstones. She feels that the pamphlet does a great job. It is interesting to study how helping others has evolved throughout the years. How will we consider these cornerstones on our personal lives? What do they mean to us as a group? What do they mean to us in how we live our lives?

Phone list:

EVIE passed out the phone lists. Thank you, Evie! She was going to try to e-mail the list to everyone.

Next meeting is our trip to Hidden Villa on October 24.

Our November meeting will be in Napa at Evie's house.
238 Lakeview Drive, Napa.
Her number is 707 255-3388.
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Minutes: August 15, 2009

Posted by Linda On Tuesday, March 09, 2010 0 comments
August 15, 2009
10am to 12pm
Meg Brown's house
Santa Rosa

Evie facilitated, Linda took notes

Welcome Benny Wicks, a visiting volunteer from Oakland.

Chatted for a while....enjoyed some nice refreshments that Jennifer made

Shared books. Evie talked about My Stroke of Insight Jill Bolte Taylor

In attendance: Jennifer, Caroline, Evie, Ann, Benny and Linda.


Caroline introduced Benny who is visiting from Oakland. She’s trying to infuse some energy into the bay area group. Also working on scripting for speaking engagements to be made available to speakers which can be put on the web site.

We went around and gave brief intros.

Rehashed events we have produced, such as African Childrens’ Choir, dinner at Keni’s and Carol’s and private dinner parties during March for the Passing on the Gift promotional.

Hidden Villa Tour:

Tentatively go on the 3rd of October. Need to know who/how many want to attend. Please, email Caroline we need a quick response to make reservations. Cut off date is September 1st. This will be an all day event. Leaving here around 7:30. We will car pool from Napa and from Sonoma County.

Tabling Events:

* Himilayan Fair - 10/17 & 18 - In Live Oak Park in Berkeley. Please let Benny know if you would like to sit at the table for a while. This opportunity came to us with no charge due to the connections with the Nepali community at the 12 Stones movie event in Healdsburg, May 10. It's an interesting and fun event. Please, email to let her know if you can do this. Omar Hilario or Benny will make a short (very) presentation about Heifer.
* S.F.Green Festival in S.F. 11-13 & 15 - at Mascone Center (?) May possibly need staffing for the table. Alexandria and Evie will be sending out a request for this.

Proposed Napa Fall Quilt Auction:

* The place we were going to use is not available. Imagining around 100 to150 people, with wine and hor d’ouvres, music, show 12 Stones, live quilt auction and a few other silent auction items. Carole will help us find a new site for the event. Evie and Carol will let us know a.s.a.p.


* Ann was considering it but can’t do it at this time. Will let us know at next meeting on the 12th.
* Managing our money: group money/Heifer money.
* Bank Account? Something to consider.

Update on Cornerstone Study Plans:

* Evie will read the study plans and see if she can glean from it what we could use as a study guide.

Food Safety Enhancement Act: HR 2749:

* Has passed the house. And will go to the Senate soon. There are a couple of things that are problematic to stay on our senators about:
o corporations that process food (peanut butter, spinach, chili peppers).
o None of these problems came from farmers markets, small organic family farms,local growers, c.s.a.’s etc. but from large food processors.
o (look at SFGate for article about this....Carolyn Lochhead, Chronicle Washington Bureau.
* need to impress on our senators that we need food safety but not at the expense of small farmers. Contact your senator! We feel the actual bill is good but we want it to allow organic farmers, small farmers and habitat to be protected.
* Article from Washington Post re: how much not eating meat can have a positive impact on the environment.
* An interesting article on the affects of our eating habits on the environment:

October/November 2010 Katmandu Trip:

* China Airlines: $1,167 to TaiPei > Bangkok > Katmandu
* Shall we go? 2 weeks, more or less, who's interested?


* New “starter” brochures for people who may be interested in working with Heifer.
* Meeting Space for September 12: Meg? Jennifer will ask her and let me know.

Evaluation: great meeting!!

Future Agenda Items:

* Practice Talking About Heifer
* Sea-going Cowboy as Speaker
* Feedback on Event-Prep Time LIne
* Decision on Animal Donation & “Seed” money

Next Meeting: Saturday, August 15th at 10am to 12pm:
Meg Brown's house.
518 Nason St
Santa Rosa 95404

Jennifer Miller will be hosting as Meg will be out of town. Thanks Meg, for letting us use your house for our meeting.

Evie will facilitate and ?? will be the note taker. Anyone?


* Hidden Villa tour Sept 12 or Oct 3 for day tour and Sept or Oct meeting?
* Berkeley Himilayan Fair - Oct 17 and 18
* Green Festival in San Francisco - Nov 13,14,15th
* Site in Napa for our Quilt Auction this fall
* Tresurer needed and how to manage our group money and donations
* Cornerstone's Study
* Update of Food Safety Enhancement Act - now up for consideration in US Senate
* China Airlines from SF to Kathmandu $1,167. Stops in Taipei and Bangkok, can get off either or both stops for a few days at no extra cost.
* And more
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Minutes: July 11th

Posted by Linda On Tuesday, March 09, 2010 0 comments
The July 11th meeting was held at the Barking Dog Coffee Roasters in Sonoma at 10am
Evie Facilitating, Kathy and Linda taking notes.

In Attendance:

* Linda Mc Bee, Evie Trevethan, Meg Brown, Caroline Bonnet, Mary Blom, Kathy Mawer, Carol Lilleberg, Ann Schwartz. Welcome to the new attendees Ann and Carol!!
* We first introduced ourselvse, interesting but unrecorded.

Linda's website presentation

* Linda brought her laptop and gave us a presentation of our website. She's busy creating and constantly upgrading a great website for us. Check it out! Thank you Linda!

Changes in Heifer Organization:

* We discussed changes in Heifer Org. and how we might be effected. Evie will send to her Napa volunteers the notice of changes we got from Eliza and Linda will publish them on the website. Isaak will be in charge of 12 states now and work primarily with big donors. If we need anything, materials, info, we need to check with Caroline first. Our Community Relations Coordinator will be Eliza Penik in Seattle, she is also in charge of 12 states. She will be our contact for the larger organization. Caroline will contact her with our questions. Like how much support can we expect, will Heifer org continue to reserve and pay for our booths at events, create, print and mail out invitations to our events, etc.
* Evie will create a list of active volunteers with names, phone numbers and email addresses. We will merge our Sonoma group list with the Napa group list.

Fall Fund Raiser

* Caroline spoke about wanting to have a fund raiser in the fall to auction off the quilt. She wonders if we can have it at the winery of Dan and Susan Boeschen. They had offered earlier that we may use their winery for events. It is on the Silverado Trail north of St Helena. We might have some silent auction items but hire an auctioneer for the quilt. Evie will check with Carole and Kenni to see if they will contact the Boeschens regarding this. We'd like to have the event between the crush and Thanksgiving if possible. Jennifer might be able to provide music for the event. We'll check about plugs for her keyboard.
Picture of event - Quilt auction by professional auctioneer, wine, cheese, Heifer presenter, (Mary, Isaak)? 12 Stones movie, Sea Going Cowboy?, Silent Auction items, African photos, tapestry, catered meal? Emphasize gift catalog for Christmas gifts.
* Will we charge to attend? Can we get a mailing list of Napa donors? Will Heifer pay for expenses?
Caroline will be in charge of the event.
* Cornerstones Study Group
We explored the idea of using the 12 cornerstones as a study session for our group. Linda is contacting the main office to see if we can get copies of the workbook. Or see about making copies for us.
* What else do we want to do as a group? Field trips: To Nepal? to Hidden Villa? Mary will contact Hidden Villa to see when and if we can come down for a tour/work/overnighter field trip, have our monthly meeting there? Near Palo Alto. Caroline has some information on how we can go to Nepal on the cheap to see the country we've heard so much about.
* Need for a Treasurer
We spoke about our need for a treasurer.
Ann said she would consider it.
We need to keep our volunteer expense money separate from the money we receive as donations to Heifer Intl.
So far we have donations totaling $280.
Do we want to buy a waterbuffalo or wait and get more and buy a heifer?
The expense money is for things our group needs, like making copies, buying supplies, helping someone in the group go to a Heifer U course, etc.
Betty in Napa has donated $50, specifically for our group. Thank you so much Betty
. Caroline will contact Margery about some funds she has for Heifer Intl.
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Minutes: June 13th

Posted by Linda On Tuesday, March 09, 2010 0 comments
Evie will facilitate
Note taker: Alexandria


* Financial Report and need for a Treasurer
$281 in cans, (not only from meetings)
Report on proceeds fromMother's Day event - Caroline
Evie announcement on funds
* Ideas for local project activities
Volunteer fund as in Project groups? Handful of rice? Passing on the Gift - helping others.
Send someone to Heifer U, Finance field trips, study tours.
Study Tour to Nepal - Want to go? How to raise $ to go?
Field trip to Hidden Villa? In the fall? Raise $$ to go?
Vote on these
* Caroline - Thanks to all for help at Mother's Day event.
Feedback and on May 10 Mother's Day event?
Borrowed books and give aways - Life on Two Levels
Make our own poster board?
Arks and brochures, please read and distribute
Report on Nourish
* Mary - Report on Heifer 201 and Napa event
"How to talk about Heifer"
* Miscellaneous
Create an event timeline
Field trip to Ceres changed to June 20.
Need for co - contact person with Evie for Napa group
Linda's web page for us. Useful for task list, what else? Any problems accessing it? Alternate meeting days/times?
Ask Sea-going-cowboy to speak at our next meeting or have an Special evening meeting?
Note taker - Agenda taker - both are posted on website

Minutes: June 13, 2009

* Heifer International is giving the option of removing10 to 20 dollars a month directly from your checking account
* Our Heifer group has raises 218 dollars in the change can so far, from Earth Day at NVC, group meetings
* It is ideal to have money pass through either the regional office or through the Sonoma County group. It makes the groups look good. Otherwise, the main office does not know where/how donations are raised. On checks, write Sonoma County Group at the bottom.
* There is a need for a Treasurer to keep track of the can, how much we have made, rolling up and depositing change, keeping track of how much people are donating through the Heifer monthly payments thanks to Sonoma Group.
* We discussed the possibility of a Bank Account. It presents a lot of difficulties, and it may be best to let Caroline keep the money until we buy a gift through the regional office.
* Betty Malmgren, who organized the PR for the 12 Stones event, donated 50 dollars, to the group, to cover any expenses we may come across in any of our functions.
* Proceeds from 12 Stones: $2300. $1500 from tickets, the rest was from donations.
* The Sonoma county group has brought in about $5000— since Oct 08, not counting 12 Stones. Thanks to our presentations. $28,000 has been donated to Nepal from three different donors in Sonoma County.

Reports on Activities

* Everything we had control of in 12 Stones went well. The sound system errors, the sound guy leaving, the stage left as-is was unfortunate. We need to plan for things to go wrong, and have a back up plan. We should probably do a run-through before each event to prevent problems. We should also leave someone at the door to greet late-comers.
* Mary talked about Heifer 201, in Hidden Villa, Palo Alto. This was not about Heifer in general; it was about the environmental aspects of heifer and other similar projects. It was organized by James Hooey, who measures Heifer’s “hoof-print” and reduce it. His job is to keep the projects focused on the environment—whether that be composting to eliminate methane emissions or minimizing the carbon output of the administration portion of Heifer.
o Christian Aid, a global nonprofit similar in size to Heifer, has recently had their carbon output analyzed. Only two items had a large amount of carbon emissions: paper use, and air travel. Paper use made up for 54.8% of their carbon emissions.
o Steve Gleisman, professor of agro-ecology at UCSC, has done local research with conventional strawberry farms and organic farms. He found that in the first years, the organic farms had a smaller output with a greater input cost, but by the third year, the reverse was true.
o ELBA, of Salinas, helps people earn the means to farm organically. They have a six-month course in sustainable agriculture and regulation. At the end of the course, farmers can lease discounted land and equipment and get certification help from the nonprofit—sort of an incubation period while the farmers earn enough to move to their own land, renting or purchasing it at market prices. Sustainable farming is especially useful in Salinas, which has had its estuaries ravaged by “conventional” farming.
* First Presbyterian: a group of seniors had a potluck dinner and 40 min presentation. Many of the people have supported Heifer for a number of years.
o Reverend Dan Emanuel had been a sea-going cowboy in Heifer’s early days, taking cattle to Poland after the war.
o The purpose of the meeting was to:
+ keep people engaged, thank them, and encourage connections
+ look at how we present things and encourage audience involvement.
+ Rev. Dan was potentially a great connection. He can help with publicity in the church newsletter—his recommendation would sound more authentic than ours. He would be willing to speak with us about his experience.
+ Volunteers: we need to communicate different roles one might play in volunteering for Heifer. We need to personalize, streamline, speeches, pulling people in with questions, engage them starting with the history of regions, specific examples, photos.
* Napa Farmers Market: Kathy Mauer works at the Quaker/Unitarian-manned Peace Table at the Napa farmer market. It is on Tuesday and Saturday mornings. She will be at the table for a few dates this summer, but if anyone wanted to sit at the table on a day she would not be there, she would be happy to arrange that. Alexandria will be at the market the days Kathy is, but will gladly go any other day, if someone would like to do that.


* If the Sea-going cowboy can come to a meeting, we should have it in Sonoma, so no one has to drive very far. Sonoma Barking DOG café has a room in the back that could be used for a meeting, but parking is a problem. Baksheesh in St. Helena also has a room available, if there is ever a meeting in St. Helena.
* If making a poster for Heifer, prominently feature a slogan like Ending Hunger, Saving the Earth, as opposed to just Heifer. That way, people know up front what Heifer is about.
* If the Sonoma group wanted to arrange a group trip to Nepal, it would cost about 2500 to 3000 dollars. To discuss further.
* If there is someone from our group that would like to attend a Heifer U or other Heifer events and can’t afford to go, we could use our new funds to send at least one representative, who would come back and report to our group.
* We should have an event/dinner in Napa to encourage people who are interested but have not been involved in the past. There are more options than just fundraising open in volunteering
* If any person ever goes on a Heifer Study tour, they are expected to volunteer afterwards, and speak about their experiences to different groups
* We as volunteers should have a better understanding of Heifer Cornerstones. For every upcoming meeting, we will review and learn two Cornerstones. We should incorporate them into everything we do. We will use Menu for the Future as a model. Click to see the 12 Corner Stones
* When/where will the next meeting be?
o Second Saturday in July (the 11th)
o Invite cowboy—if he comes, we will have it in Sonoma
o Contact possible Napa members
o Think about possible group fund.
- How would we do that?
- Pennies in can?
- Do we want to raise big money for a trip?
- How would we counteract the emissions of possible air travel?
- Would we do this through a travel agency?
o LInda would like feed back about the web site.
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Minutes: May 9

Posted by Linda On Tuesday, March 09, 2010 0 comments
Agenda: May 9
Margery Egge's home in Healdsburg

Our very special guest, Mahendra Lohani, who is here to speak at the 12 Stones showing on Sunday will join us for our meeting. A wonderful opportunity for us to meet with him, hear his stories and ask questions. He is the Vice President of Heifer International's Asia and South Pacific regions.

We will finish our agenda as quickly as possible to have lots of time for Mahendra.

* Go over preparations for Sunday's event
* Linda's Heifer Volunteer web page
* "Talking about Heifer" training will be postponed until the June meeting.
* Financial report from Caroline and need for a Treasurer
* Caroline will tell about Alexandria's Earth Day event in Napa
* Mary will tell us about Heifer 201 weekend in Hidden Valley
* Caroline will speak briefly about the Unsung Hero's Awards she attended
* Please have your questions ready for Mahendra

Minutes: May 9

Evie facilitating,
Meg note taker

In attendance: Lisa, Caroline, Jacquie, Mary, Margery, Meg, Kenni, Linda, Donna, Molly, Evie, Carole

* Discussion about up coming movie event. Everyone needs to be there by 3:45 or 4:00.
* Linda has set up a web-site for us. Look for minutes, agenda, e-mails. -
* Evie has started a Napa group. Go Evie!
* Caroline thanked all for the publicity about Heifer for the up coming event.
* Treasure report will be discussed in June. We have collected $265 in our collection can. What shall we do ?
* Earth Day in April in Napa went well. Alexandria and friend sat at the table for the whole event. They were mentioned in the Napa paper.
* Heifer 201- This was 4 days on Agro-ecology in Hidden Villa. It is a 1600 acre near Palo Alto. The acerage is bing used for agro-education. There were plans for a Global Village on the property. Mary Blom attended and gave us a short report.
* Caroline attended the Unsung Heros Awards ceremony at the Ritz-Caralton in S.F. She had lunch with the honorees. It was a very moving day for her. She had a wonderful day. The Dali Lama said, "Don't look for results now, think about 500 years from now. Do good works because it is the right thing to do."
* Later in the meeting we enjoyed a wonderful presentation and conversation with Mahindra Lohani from the main office in Little Rock. He is the Vice president of programs in Asia and the South Pacific region. He spoke of growing up in Nepal, and his work with Heifer in Asia, particularly in Nepal. It was quite inspiring and informative. We were all honored to have him at our meeting and grateful for his company.
* Our next meeting date and place is unknown at this time. You will receive a notice soon.

Future Agenda Items:

* Practice in talking about Heifer
* Meeting in Sonoma Alternating meeting days?
* Discussion of "Outline of Event planning"
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April 11, 2009

Posted by Linda On Tuesday, March 09, 2010 0 comments
Wombat Farm, Napa

Those present: Evie, Sandra, Carol, Linda, Meg, Keni, Caroline, Alexandria, Kathy, Jennifer, and Betty.

First we introduced ourselves. We had several new faces at the meeting. We were very excited to see people from the Napa area come to our meeting.
Old business:

* The dinner at Wombat Farm was a great success. The food was delicious, the friends very compatible, and they made $1,820.

Upcoming events:

* Napa J.C. has a big celebration approaching for Earth Day. It will be celebrated on April 25th, 10-2. Is it a good place for a Heifer Table?
* "12 Stones" is being shown at the Raven Theater in Healdsburg, 4:30-6:30 on May 10th which is Mother's Day.
* May 16th, Saturday, is a pot luck at the Presbyterian Church in Napa.
* At the Napa Farmers Market there is a Peace Table. Would Heifer be interested is sitting at the table sometimes over the summer months? The market is Tuesdays and Saturdays in the parking lot of the Wine Train. Alexandria was interested in working on that project.


* Evie will bring a "buying" book to the next meeting to show us where to shop.
* Everyone needs to make 3 dozen cookies for the movie event. We need more volunteer booklets. Caroline will order what we need.

"12 Stones"

* Mahendra will be speaking at the event, and at our next meeting. We were given poster and post cards for advertising. Tickets are for sale at Levins, One World, and Copperfields in Healdsburg. Tickets will also be sold at the door. We need to advertise and spread the word. The events success is up to us!
* There was great discussion about the press release for this event. Betty has media connections. Alexandria will help with advertising on some web sites that would be attractive to college students.
* A task list circulated around the room. People were encouraged to sign up. Caroline will send a copy to everyone. Please remember what your job is.

Caroline read a letter written by a young woman from Nepal who had stayed with her years ago. She was thanking the many people who had helped her in her new life in America. Another example of "passing on a gift".

Evie had a draft of an event planning sheet to help with setting up events in the future. She had some great ideas.

Our next meeting will be on May 9th. No location was decided on as yet. This will be a special meeting with Mahendra, hopefully to be held in Healdsburg Please make every effort to be there. We'll make final plans for the event the next day.
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