Minutes: February 13, 2010

Posted by Linda On Tuesday, March 09, 2010
Sebastopol at Coffee CatsAgenda:


* further discussion of our group fund guidelines
* update on Heifer postcards


* do we want to have set meeting places ~ one in Sonoma County/one in Napa County?
* should we use committees more often, to get tasks done more efficiently?

* educate about Heifer in our communities
* raise funds and friends to support Heifer projects and participants
* educate ourselves on Heifer-related issues (books, articles, trainings, trips,etc.)

* community education meeting in Napa ~ Covenant Presby. Church, April or May, 12 Stones film need to set date, assign tasks
* quilt event ~ target date and place, assign tasks
* passing on the gift month (April) ~ anybody want to sponsor an event ?

* please bring your book to loan if you can
* possible discussion questions what was most compelling to you about the book?
* how is the work in "Stones" work similar to/different from Heifer's?
* do they "pass on the gift ? how?


* Treasurer’s report presented. Copy will be included with this report. We talked about what a terrific contribution and success Mary Blom’s two fundraisers were.
* Guidelines for reimbursement from “Napa/Sonoma Group Fund” were discussed and agreed upon. We now have $120 in our bank account. Expenses under $20 incurred by volunteers will by and large looked on as a contribution by that volunteer and will not be reimbursed. Expenditures over $30 will need to be pre-approved by Caroline or Evie.
* Heifer postcards will become available from Eliza and will be used in lieu of business cards to provide local contact information. Also, name badges with holders will be available for volunteers. Caroline will obtain both of these items from Eliza.

* The structure of meeting times and places was discussed. We are considering having set places in both Napa and Sonoma. Evie will continue to explore the Whole Foods meeting room in Sonoma and Caroline also is looking into a possible place in Sonoma.
* Discussion was held about whether or not we need to use a committee structure. At the current time we will use committees for specific tasks.
* Yearly Goals were agreed upon:
o Educating ourselves and others about Heifer and related issues.
o Raising funds and enlisting more friends for Heifer.
o Strengthening support within our group. Having Fun.
* Current volunteers will be surveyed to see what kind of activities they prefer to work on in furthering goals of the group. Caroline will follow up on this preference e-mail by February 19th. We will also let volunteers know about what resources are available to them from Heifer while making contact in the community. Evie wil complete an updated member information roster by the end of February.
* Discussion of Future Events:
o There will be a Community Education Presentation in Napa some time between 4/15 and the end of May. Setting the date will depend on availability of the meeting room at the Covenant Presbyterian Church on Salvador Ave. Evie will follow up on setting the date. Weeknights were discussed as a good possibility. Kenny Kent will host a meeting at his house to plan this event.
o “12 Stones” will be featured at the church presentation and it was hoped that Don Emmel might be available to speak at the event as he accompanied some of the first livestock from the United States to Europe. It was also decided that the Heifer Quilt will be displayed at the church presentation and/or all public events for Heifer and would go to the first individual or group who managed to purchase an ARK for Heifer.
o Kathy will contact Betty Malmgren from Napa College to see what activities are planned for Earth Day. Nancy Evans will staff a table if there will be an event at the college. We will also look at other places we might be able to have a table on Earth Day (40th year anniversary) in both Napa and Sonoma counties.
o Carole Kent would like to explore having a Dinner in the Vinyards event at her home for a future Heifer event. She would like some percentage of the proceeds of the event to help the Napa Food Bank.


After the business meeting we discussed the book our group read Stones into Schools by Greg Mortenson. Each of us spoke to what was compelling about the book to us and how it tied in with Heifer’s work – building community, educating women, having the project be created, built and constructed by the villagers themselves, thereby empowering them and making the school theirs. We all thoroughly enjoyed reading the book.
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