Minutes: August 15, 2009

Posted by Linda On Tuesday, March 09, 2010
August 15, 2009
10am to 12pm
Meg Brown's house
Santa Rosa

Evie facilitated, Linda took notes

Welcome Benny Wicks, a visiting volunteer from Oakland.

Chatted for a while....enjoyed some nice refreshments that Jennifer made

Shared books. Evie talked about My Stroke of Insight Jill Bolte Taylor

In attendance: Jennifer, Caroline, Evie, Ann, Benny and Linda.


Caroline introduced Benny who is visiting from Oakland. She’s trying to infuse some energy into the bay area group. Also working on scripting for speaking engagements to be made available to speakers which can be put on the web site.

We went around and gave brief intros.

Rehashed events we have produced, such as African Childrens’ Choir, dinner at Keni’s and Carol’s and private dinner parties during March for the Passing on the Gift promotional.

Hidden Villa Tour:

Tentatively go on the 3rd of October. Need to know who/how many want to attend. Please, email Caroline we need a quick response to make reservations. Cut off date is September 1st. This will be an all day event. Leaving here around 7:30. We will car pool from Napa and from Sonoma County.

Tabling Events:

* Himilayan Fair - 10/17 & 18 - In Live Oak Park in Berkeley. Please let Benny know if you would like to sit at the table for a while. This opportunity came to us with no charge due to the connections with the Nepali community at the 12 Stones movie event in Healdsburg, May 10. It's an interesting and fun event. Please, email benny@yahoo.com to let her know if you can do this. Omar Hilario or Benny will make a short (very) presentation about Heifer.
* S.F.Green Festival in S.F. 11-13 & 15 - at Mascone Center (?) May possibly need staffing for the table. Alexandria and Evie will be sending out a request for this.

Proposed Napa Fall Quilt Auction:

* The place we were going to use is not available. Imagining around 100 to150 people, with wine and hor d’ouvres, music, show 12 Stones, live quilt auction and a few other silent auction items. Carole will help us find a new site for the event. Evie and Carol will let us know a.s.a.p.


* Ann was considering it but can’t do it at this time. Will let us know at next meeting on the 12th.
* Managing our money: group money/Heifer money.
* Bank Account? Something to consider.

Update on Cornerstone Study Plans:

* Evie will read the study plans and see if she can glean from it what we could use as a study guide.

Food Safety Enhancement Act: HR 2749:

* Has passed the house. And will go to the Senate soon. There are a couple of things that are problematic to stay on our senators about:
o corporations that process food (peanut butter, spinach, chili peppers).
o None of these problems came from farmers markets, small organic family farms,local growers, c.s.a.’s etc. but from large food processors.
o (look at SFGate for article about this....Carolyn Lochhead, Chronicle Washington Bureau. http://www.sfgate.com/)
* need to impress on our senators that we need food safety but not at the expense of small farmers. Contact your senator! We feel the actual bill is good but we want it to allow organic farmers, small farmers and habitat to be protected.
* Article from Washington Post re: how much not eating meat can have a positive impact on the environment.
* An interesting article on the affects of our eating habits on the environment: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/07/28/AR2009072800390.html

October/November 2010 Katmandu Trip:

* China Airlines: $1,167 to TaiPei > Bangkok > Katmandu
* Shall we go? 2 weeks, more or less, who's interested?


* New “starter” brochures for people who may be interested in working with Heifer.
* Meeting Space for September 12: Meg? Jennifer will ask her and let me know.

Evaluation: great meeting!!

Future Agenda Items:

* Practice Talking About Heifer
* Sea-going Cowboy as Speaker
* Feedback on Event-Prep Time LIne
* Decision on Animal Donation & “Seed” money

Next Meeting: Saturday, August 15th at 10am to 12pm:
Meg Brown's house.
518 Nason St
Santa Rosa 95404

Jennifer Miller will be hosting as Meg will be out of town. Thanks Meg, for letting us use your house for our meeting.

Evie will facilitate and ?? will be the note taker. Anyone?


* Hidden Villa tour Sept 12 or Oct 3 for day tour and Sept or Oct meeting?
* Berkeley Himilayan Fair - Oct 17 and 18
* Green Festival in San Francisco - Nov 13,14,15th
* Site in Napa for our Quilt Auction this fall
* Tresurer needed and how to manage our group money and donations
* Cornerstone's Study
* Update of Food Safety Enhancement Act - now up for consideration in US Senate
* China Airlines from SF to Kathmandu $1,167. Stops in Taipei and Bangkok, can get off either or both stops for a few days at no extra cost.
* And more
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