March 13, 2010

Posted by Linda On Saturday, March 20, 2010

Our Heifer volunteer meeting was held at Kathy Mawer's home in Napa. Present were; Evie Trevethan, Caroline Bonnet, Carole and Keni Kent, Kathy Mawer, Mary Blom, Nancy Evans, Ann Schwartz, Carol Lilliberg, Betty Malmgren and a warm welcome to our new volunteers, Karoline Hall and Marlene Zimmerman!!

Nancy recorded the minutes on her laptop, where I think they are now traveling with her in China. So I'm going to try and remember some of the meeting to pass on to you. Consider these "interim minutes" , until we receive the official version from Nancy.

We introduced ourselves and told what had attracted us to Heifer. We're currently working on a list of the skills each of us bring to the group.Kathy charted Who/What/ByWhen.

Mary Blom said we could use her church hall for our meetings in Sonoma county every other month, alternating with meeting in Napa at the Whole Foods meeting room which Evie has arranged. It was previously decided that we need a regular meeting place in both counties, and that we will meet in alternate counties each month.

It was decided to wait until next month's meeting to give our report on the Heifer 201 weekend at Hidden Villa. Evie, Nancy and Caroline attended and look forward to sharing with the group.

Up Coming Events

  • Earth Day Table - April 24 - Napa
     Who:  Nancy, Marlene, Ann, Caroline, Carol L.
  • Local Foods Table - April 28 in Napa
     Who: Evie, Nancy, Keni, Kathy, Carol L.
  • Napa Valley Welcomes Heifer International May 14 - 7 to 8:30
    Covenant Presbyterian Church hall
    1226 Salvador Ave
    Napa, CA 94558
    Church liaison - Marlene Zimmerman

    • We will show the 12 Stones movie
    • Isaak will be our MC/Speaker
    • Don Emmel will talk with us about his experience as a Heifer volunteer
    • We will display the quilt and hope to raise enough donations to buy an Ark, to donate to Heifer and send the quilt as a gift to a Heifer Project women's group. Plans are under way, a more detailed report on the event and tasks list at our April meeting, including who signed up for what on charts that Nancy now has.

  • Dinner In the Vineyards - Napa
    Proposed event at Carole and Keni Kents in early September
    To be planned at future meetings.

Our next meeting will be on Saturday April 10, from 10 - 12 in Sonoma County at:
   Sebastopol United Methodist Church hall
   downtown Sebastopol at 500 N Main St, Sebastopol 95472

Hope to see you all there!

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