Minutes: July 11th

Posted by Linda On Tuesday, March 09, 2010
The July 11th meeting was held at the Barking Dog Coffee Roasters in Sonoma at 10am
Evie Facilitating, Kathy and Linda taking notes.

In Attendance:

* Linda Mc Bee, Evie Trevethan, Meg Brown, Caroline Bonnet, Mary Blom, Kathy Mawer, Carol Lilleberg, Ann Schwartz. Welcome to the new attendees Ann and Carol!!
* We first introduced ourselvse, interesting but unrecorded.

Linda's website presentation

* Linda brought her laptop and gave us a presentation of our website. She's busy creating and constantly upgrading a great website for us. Check it out! Thank you Linda!

Changes in Heifer Organization:

* We discussed changes in Heifer Org. and how we might be effected. Evie will send to her Napa volunteers the notice of changes we got from Eliza and Linda will publish them on the website. Isaak will be in charge of 12 states now and work primarily with big donors. If we need anything, materials, info, we need to check with Caroline first. Our Community Relations Coordinator will be Eliza Penik in Seattle, she is also in charge of 12 states. She will be our contact for the larger organization. Caroline will contact her with our questions. Like how much support can we expect, will Heifer org continue to reserve and pay for our booths at events, create, print and mail out invitations to our events, etc.
* Evie will create a list of active volunteers with names, phone numbers and email addresses. We will merge our Sonoma group list with the Napa group list.

Fall Fund Raiser

* Caroline spoke about wanting to have a fund raiser in the fall to auction off the quilt. She wonders if we can have it at the winery of Dan and Susan Boeschen. They had offered earlier that we may use their winery for events. It is on the Silverado Trail north of St Helena. We might have some silent auction items but hire an auctioneer for the quilt. Evie will check with Carole and Kenni to see if they will contact the Boeschens regarding this. We'd like to have the event between the crush and Thanksgiving if possible. Jennifer might be able to provide music for the event. We'll check about plugs for her keyboard.
Picture of event - Quilt auction by professional auctioneer, wine, cheese, Heifer presenter, (Mary, Isaak)? 12 Stones movie, Sea Going Cowboy?, Silent Auction items, African photos, tapestry, catered meal? Emphasize gift catalog for Christmas gifts.
* Will we charge to attend? Can we get a mailing list of Napa donors? Will Heifer pay for expenses?
Caroline will be in charge of the event.
* Cornerstones Study Group
We explored the idea of using the 12 cornerstones as a study session for our group. Linda is contacting the main office to see if we can get copies of the workbook. Or see about making copies for us.
* What else do we want to do as a group? Field trips: To Nepal? to Hidden Villa? Mary will contact Hidden Villa to see when and if we can come down for a tour/work/overnighter field trip, have our monthly meeting there? Near Palo Alto. Caroline has some information on how we can go to Nepal on the cheap to see the country we've heard so much about.
* Need for a Treasurer
We spoke about our need for a treasurer.
Ann said she would consider it.
We need to keep our volunteer expense money separate from the money we receive as donations to Heifer Intl.
So far we have donations totaling $280.
Do we want to buy a waterbuffalo or wait and get more and buy a heifer?
The expense money is for things our group needs, like making copies, buying supplies, helping someone in the group go to a Heifer U course, etc.
Betty in Napa has donated $50, specifically for our group. Thank you so much Betty
. Caroline will contact Margery about some funds she has for Heifer Intl.
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