Minutes: June 13th

Posted by Linda On Tuesday, March 09, 2010
Evie will facilitate
Note taker: Alexandria


* Financial Report and need for a Treasurer
$281 in cans, (not only from meetings)
Report on proceeds fromMother's Day event - Caroline
Evie announcement on funds
* Ideas for local project activities
Volunteer fund as in Project groups? Handful of rice? Passing on the Gift - helping others.
Send someone to Heifer U, Finance field trips, study tours.
Study Tour to Nepal - Want to go? How to raise $ to go?
Field trip to Hidden Villa? In the fall? Raise $$ to go?
Vote on these
* Caroline - Thanks to all for help at Mother's Day event.
Feedback and on May 10 Mother's Day event?
Borrowed books and give aways - Life on Two Levels
Make our own poster board?
Arks and brochures, please read and distribute
Report on Nourish
* Mary - Report on Heifer 201 and Napa event
"How to talk about Heifer"
* Miscellaneous
Create an event timeline
Field trip to Ceres changed to June 20.
Need for co - contact person with Evie for Napa group
Linda's web page for us. Useful for task list, what else? Any problems accessing it? Alternate meeting days/times?
Ask Sea-going-cowboy to speak at our next meeting or have an Special evening meeting?
Note taker - Agenda taker - both are posted on website

Minutes: June 13, 2009

* Heifer International is giving the option of removing10 to 20 dollars a month directly from your checking account
* Our Heifer group has raises 218 dollars in the change can so far, from Earth Day at NVC, group meetings
* It is ideal to have money pass through either the regional office or through the Sonoma County group. It makes the groups look good. Otherwise, the main office does not know where/how donations are raised. On checks, write Sonoma County Group at the bottom.
* There is a need for a Treasurer to keep track of the can, how much we have made, rolling up and depositing change, keeping track of how much people are donating through the Heifer monthly payments thanks to Sonoma Group.
* We discussed the possibility of a Bank Account. It presents a lot of difficulties, and it may be best to let Caroline keep the money until we buy a gift through the regional office.
* Betty Malmgren, who organized the PR for the 12 Stones event, donated 50 dollars, to the group, to cover any expenses we may come across in any of our functions.
* Proceeds from 12 Stones: $2300. $1500 from tickets, the rest was from donations.
* The Sonoma county group has brought in about $5000— since Oct 08, not counting 12 Stones. Thanks to our presentations. $28,000 has been donated to Nepal from three different donors in Sonoma County.

Reports on Activities

* Everything we had control of in 12 Stones went well. The sound system errors, the sound guy leaving, the stage left as-is was unfortunate. We need to plan for things to go wrong, and have a back up plan. We should probably do a run-through before each event to prevent problems. We should also leave someone at the door to greet late-comers.
* Mary talked about Heifer 201, in Hidden Villa, Palo Alto. This was not about Heifer in general; it was about the environmental aspects of heifer and other similar projects. It was organized by James Hooey, who measures Heifer’s “hoof-print” and reduce it. His job is to keep the projects focused on the environment—whether that be composting to eliminate methane emissions or minimizing the carbon output of the administration portion of Heifer.
o Christian Aid, a global nonprofit similar in size to Heifer, has recently had their carbon output analyzed. Only two items had a large amount of carbon emissions: paper use, and air travel. Paper use made up for 54.8% of their carbon emissions.
o Steve Gleisman, professor of agro-ecology at UCSC, has done local research with conventional strawberry farms and organic farms. He found that in the first years, the organic farms had a smaller output with a greater input cost, but by the third year, the reverse was true.
o ELBA, of Salinas, helps people earn the means to farm organically. They have a six-month course in sustainable agriculture and regulation. At the end of the course, farmers can lease discounted land and equipment and get certification help from the nonprofit—sort of an incubation period while the farmers earn enough to move to their own land, renting or purchasing it at market prices. Sustainable farming is especially useful in Salinas, which has had its estuaries ravaged by “conventional” farming.
* First Presbyterian: a group of seniors had a potluck dinner and 40 min presentation. Many of the people have supported Heifer for a number of years.
o Reverend Dan Emanuel had been a sea-going cowboy in Heifer’s early days, taking cattle to Poland after the war.
o The purpose of the meeting was to:
+ keep people engaged, thank them, and encourage connections
+ look at how we present things and encourage audience involvement.
+ Rev. Dan was potentially a great connection. He can help with publicity in the church newsletter—his recommendation would sound more authentic than ours. He would be willing to speak with us about his experience.
+ Volunteers: we need to communicate different roles one might play in volunteering for Heifer. We need to personalize, streamline, speeches, pulling people in with questions, engage them starting with the history of regions, specific examples, photos.
* Napa Farmers Market: Kathy Mauer works at the Quaker/Unitarian-manned Peace Table at the Napa farmer market. It is on Tuesday and Saturday mornings. She will be at the table for a few dates this summer, but if anyone wanted to sit at the table on a day she would not be there, she would be happy to arrange that. Alexandria will be at the market the days Kathy is, but will gladly go any other day, if someone would like to do that.


* If the Sea-going cowboy can come to a meeting, we should have it in Sonoma, so no one has to drive very far. Sonoma Barking DOG café has a room in the back that could be used for a meeting, but parking is a problem. Baksheesh in St. Helena also has a room available, if there is ever a meeting in St. Helena.
* If making a poster for Heifer, prominently feature a slogan like Ending Hunger, Saving the Earth, as opposed to just Heifer. That way, people know up front what Heifer is about.
* If the Sonoma group wanted to arrange a group trip to Nepal, it would cost about 2500 to 3000 dollars. To discuss further.
* If there is someone from our group that would like to attend a Heifer U or other Heifer events and can’t afford to go, we could use our new funds to send at least one representative, who would come back and report to our group.
* We should have an event/dinner in Napa to encourage people who are interested but have not been involved in the past. There are more options than just fundraising open in volunteering
* If any person ever goes on a Heifer Study tour, they are expected to volunteer afterwards, and speak about their experiences to different groups
* We as volunteers should have a better understanding of Heifer Cornerstones. For every upcoming meeting, we will review and learn two Cornerstones. We should incorporate them into everything we do. We will use Menu for the Future as a model. Click to see the 12 Corner Stones
* When/where will the next meeting be?
o Second Saturday in July (the 11th)
o Invite cowboy—if he comes, we will have it in Sonoma
o Contact possible Napa members
o Think about possible group fund.
- How would we do that?
- Pennies in can?
- Do we want to raise big money for a trip?
- How would we counteract the emissions of possible air travel?
- Would we do this through a travel agency?
o LInda would like feed back about the web site.
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