Minutes: Nov. 14, 2009

Posted by Linda On Tuesday, March 09, 2010
Hosted by: Evie and Hope

Introductions: Evie, Kathy, Betty, Tada Darcy, Hope, Nancy Evans, Ann Schwartz, Carol, Caroline, Linda

Ann shared she thought for our volunteer group funds, we need officers, charter, etc. etc. Caroline has different info, and suggests we can have our group funds in a regular bank account that only requires two signatures.

We have two categories of funds:

1. Sonoma/Napa volunteer group money” to be kept in a bank account, for petty cash to be used for operating expenses. For funds to put on events we go to Eliza.
2. Donations for Heifer - When we raise more than $50 in donations, send it in when it reaches that amount rather than letting it accumulate. send it in to Heifer thru the regional office (Eliza)with Sonoma/Napa Volunteer group acknowledged at the bottom of the check whenever possible. When large donations are collected and we send them immediately to Eliza, again with our group name at the bottom so we are credited with having raised the donations. Any donations we raise should be sent to Eliza, our regional office, rather than directly to Heifer headquarters.
Eliza Penick
Community Volunteer Coordinator
Western Zone
Heifer International
5019 Keystone Place N.
Seattle, WA 98103
T: 206-547-5696
F: 206-547:5345
888 548-6437 x 8865

Receipts for tax purposes - Headquarters will send a thank you letter and receipt showing the tax deductable number.

Revised Volunteer Reporting Form:
There is yet another revised form for reporting what we do. These are very important as it’s a record for reference of where we’ve been, what we’ve done, and amount raised. Please make copies and send one to Caroline and one to Eliza.
We will get a new form from Eliza to put on the website so we can all download it.

Report from Kathy:
The Heifer table at the Napa Farmers’ Market was in conjunction with the Quakers, and Unitarians Peace Table. By combining the three groups a lot of cross fertilization happened.... sharing of resources.... larger contact arena....Heifer materials were the most “eye grabbing”. The buttons were also very enticing. The table was to promote peace and some people left money which was split 3 ways. There was a card/banner saying War is not the answer, one man asked, so what is the answer? Kathy said Heifer, and explained how our work supports peace.

The best thing that came from Kathy’s table was the Shearer Fund Raiser that was generated by a teacher from Shearer Elementary School in down town Napa who visited the table. One of the class rooms presented a play about Heifer to about 600 hundred children. Also there was a family dance held (about 250 people) on Oct 30, as a fund raiser for Heifer. Letters to the editor appeared about this event that mentioned Heifer. Altogether over $1,200 was raised. All from Kathy talking to a teacher at the Heifer table at the Farmers’ Market. She had created a poster of photos from both events for us to see. Great work Kathy!!

She will write a thank you letter to the children at the school and also a letter to the editor of the local paper in thanks.

*A stamp with local phone number of volunteer was suggested to add to any material we pass out at tables and events. We need to ask Eliza if this is OK. Several attendees requested that Sonoma/Napa be stamped or otherwise added to the donation form in the brochure because people send in donations later from home. Caroline suggests giving out our Heifer business cards instead.

More lead volunteers need business cards. Can we order these thru Eliza?

Holiday Gift Giving: Caroline
Caroline: holiday gift giving, remember to add Napa Sonoma Volunteers on the bottom of checks and send them thru our regional office.

Strategies for Spring Fund Raiser:
Evie showed the quilt which we want to live auction. We need a venue! Napa or Sonoma county, big enough for about 100 or more people. Also have a few items for a silent auction and need wine, cheese, finger foods. Please everyone contact your contacts and let’s get something going!

Ordering materials: 800-422-0474 We need to confirm with Eliza about who can order. The online order sheet specifies only AVCs or lead volunteers can order. Plus whoever orders needs to know what the items are called and what they are ordering. Check with Caroline 707 894-0920, cbonnet4@sonic.net or Eliza.

Garden tour field trip in the spring:
Food for Thought has a fantastic garden in Forestville. We want to have a trip there in the spring. One of our volunteers is checking to see if/when we can do this.

Nepal field trip: October 2010
Any volunteers interested in going please contact Caroline

Book - Half the Sky
Evie read a quote from the book about having first hand experience with people in poverty....about how people are moved to donate money to worthy causes.

“Generosity is a right brain activity.” i.e. numbers dull the impulse to give. Feelings need to be touched. People are more willing to give to individual people rather than thousands.

Caroline gave a brief review of the book and suggested that we read it together as a book group study.

12 Stones: We will watch and discuss the movie last hour of the meeting.
Due to technical difficulties we could not view the DVD.

Possible Future Agenda Items:

* Practice Talking about Heifer
* Sea-going Cowboy - Don Emmel Evie will call to see if he can come to a small fundraiser or to our Jan meeting.
* Feedback on event-preparation timeline
* Report of Corner Stones Study Guide.

Agenda - Nov. 14th

* Money
* Revised Volunteer Reporting Form
* Report from Kathy
* Strategies for Spring Fund Raiser
* Holiday Gift Giving - Caroline
* Ordering materials - 800 422-0474
* Garden tour field trip in the spring
* Nepal trip
* Book - Half the Sky
* We will watch and discuss 12 Stones the last hour of the meeting.

For the December meeting:

* Sea going cowboy
* Practice talk about Heifer
* Cornerstones discussion - Evie

We're looking forward to this special Napa meeting. If you need a ride or want to carpool please contact me. I hope to see you all there.

Caroline Bonnet
Sonoma and Napa Counties Volunteer
Coordinator for Heifer International
*cbonnet4@sonic.net *707 894-0920

*for directions contact Caroline or call Evie (707-255-3388).
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