October 24th at Hidden Villa

Posted by Linda On Tuesday, March 09, 2010
Hidden Villa in Los Altos Hills.... Thanks very much to Mary who made the arrangements and to Jill and the staff at Hidden Villa for hosting us. We had our meeting in the lovely living room of the Duveneck home, then had lunch out on the patio. After lunch Jill gave us a complete tour of the grounds, gardens and animals.

In attendance:
Eliza Penick, our Community Volunteer Coordinator for Seattle, Caroline, Mary (facilitator), Ellen, from Santa Cruz, Julie, Linda, Meg, Jennifer and we were joined later by Mav from Berkeley

Welcome to Mav and Ellen for joining us, and we were happy to have Eliza with us, some of us meeting her for the first time.


Money: Ann is our new treasurer and has some suggestions:
Two categories:

1. “animal” donations: to be sent directly to Heifer
2. “our own” money: go to a bank account: North Bay Volunteers?
Idea for funding our own account....Seattle group does sheep pins available from Eliza.....money must be clearly stated as going to the local group not to Heifer directly.
We thought small amounts of donations like a few dollars or change could be saved up to $50 before sending it off to Heifer.

12 Cornerstones: Evy is working on a study guide for the 12 Cornerstones. Eliza requested that it be made available for other groups.

Fall Event in Napa: Canceled due to not finding a place for the event.

- Caroline suggests having a smaller event in the Spring.
(WILD* Women Parties maybe, presentations at Soroptimists, Women’s groups, book groups, stressing Heifer’s work empowering women.

*Women in Livestock Development

Cathy’s table at farmers’ market in Napa market in Napa during the summer resulted in a teacher in a Napa middle school holding a fund raising event for Heifer.

Holiday gift giving: Does everyone have current materials as we go into the Holiday Season? Gift Catalogs, honor cards, etc.

* can place orders with Caroline or
* do it yourself thru email address that Eliza will give us. 1-88-5Hunger or volunteer@heifer.org. Please check with Caroline first, she has a lot of materials on hand.

Peace Rocks: Ellen Manko paints on flat rocks with fabric paint and magic marker and places around for people to take. She has decided to benefit Heifer by adding a message on the back that says:

“Peace is possible when all are fed”
donation: www.heifer.org
Pass on the Gift!


Eliza's PowerPoint Presentation:
Eliza Penick
5019 Keystone Pl
Seattle, WA 98103

Financial Shortfall ($18 million) - no partners with a program in place suffered from this staff was cut, all of the regional offices were closed, there is no office staff. The coordinators work from home offices with no adm. staff. Budgets were tightened, zones of influence for Area Coordinators (Community Volunteer Coordinator - CVC) was extended, a national coordinator was added to help the Area Coordinators.
(*side note: if info is not in a data base funding for that thing will not be forth coming)

Regional Offices -
Eliza: WA, MT, OR, ID, WY, AD, Nor-Cal
Catherine: So-Cal, NV, UT, Co, AZ, NM, HI

U.S. Programs are concentrating on food sovereignty.

International Programs: places where there are no Heifer offices will be closed over time...as donations improve they will be reinstated.

March 4 - 7 there will be another Heifer U. at Hidden Villa

Organizational Goals 2009-2012

1. Families
2. Revenue
3. Education
4. Advocacy
5. Operational Excellence
6. Branding

Where do we go from here?

monthly calls (conference call with other AVC;s
community requests for speakers/presentations (via Caroline)
Heifer news

We need to fill out Volunteer Report forms (they’ve been revised) and send one to Caroline and one to Eliza so we can track where we go, what we do and other important details of the presentation/ event. Headquarters and regional leaders need to see how much activity is in each area to allocate funding because, “no data....no funds”.

How can Eliza support us?

* event invites/ stamps/ mailings
* booth fees
* trainings / visits (once a quarter)
*request for a training for volunteers that is similar to what Heifer partners receive


* we need a calendar with yearly events at which we might want to have a presence
* How do we find local events that are appropriate for Heifer?
* Women’s educational events, sustainable agriculture/gardens/farms, green industries, 4 H club events, etc.
* To present to Eliza on her next visit....of how we can use her/
* Heifer will be coming out with a blog template and blog software soon.

Our next meeting: Saturday, Nov 14 in Napa The movie 12 Stones will be shown.
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