April 10 - Minutes

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Monday, April 12, 2010
We met in our new ongoing Sonoma county meeting place, Sebastopol Methodist Church. Thank you Mary for arranging it and thank you to the church.
Evie facilitating, Linda note taker
Introductions: Evie Trevethan, Marlene Zimmerman, Kathy Mauer, Mary Blom, Benny Wicks, Anne Schwartz, Keni Kent, Caroline Bonnet, Linda McBee
Treasurers Report from Ann:
Ann passed out her report to each of us showing details of our
checking account for local operating cost - $148.02
Heifer International to send to Heifer - $110.00
Total: $258.00
After discussion, it was decided we will add the $110 in our Heifer account to the donations we receive at our tabling events and at our May 14 Napa event. We will then send the total to Eliza all at once to insure that the Sonoma/Napa group be credited. We decided by consensus to keep the money until after the May 14th event.
Further, Anne suggests that we hold any moneys for two months before sending it to Eliza, to avoid sending too small amounts too often.
Ann had a stamp made so we can now stamp the bottom of checks given to us - "Heifer Sonoma Napa Volunteers"
Gmail account, our group name, and our Blog:
  • Our official name is Heifer Sonoma Napa Volunteers
  • *heifersonoma@gmail.com* is the email account that HQ set up for us with Google.
  • Linda will contact HQ to see if we can change the blog and email address to "sonomanapa" not just "sonoma".
  • The blog url is: http://sonoma.heiferblog.org/
  • Evie set up an email for our group with Google. It's address is: heifersonomanapa@gmail.com
  • Until this is worked through, we have two email accounts! Just one blog, however.
Eliza asks: Do we volunteers want to hear directly from her via AVC? This was not decided.
Nepal trip postponed: October is the best month (maybe April or March) .... the year is unsure.
We had a discussion of how Heifer works to empower people. How going to a place and working “hands on” is not how we do it. We work by inspiring people to empower themselves. The people learn to believe in their own abilities. We make human connections with our project partner staff, Heifer educators, other volunteers, etc.
Evie created an updated volunteer list and gave us each a copy.
Plans for our events were discussed:
  • April 17 Tabling at Fish Festival Bodega Bay
  • April 22 Local food forum - Napa
  • April 24 Napa tabling at Earth Day event - Napa
  • April 28 Napa tabling at Local Foods Festival - Napa
  • May 14 Napa Welcomes Heifer International event
Evie passed out a sign up sheet for the tabling events to make sure all available slots are covered
Caroline passed out name tags for our events. She also passed out invitations with stamps and fliers to everyone for the May 14 event, and materials from HQ for our events were given to Linda and Evie.
May 14 Napa event:
  • Kathy is Point Person for Refreshments. Whole Foods in Napa is willing to help donate food for May 14th event. We’re not sure how much. Kathy will email the contact at Whole Foods this week to try and find out how much Whole Foods can donate. Trader Joes may donate as well. Raley’s can possibly donate in the future. She is also going to visit other stores in Napa seeking donations. Kathy will be away for about three weeks starting next week. Asks for Napa help.
  • Nancy agreed to get wine donations. Keni also has a possibility and will look into it.
  • Betty is the Point Person for PR:

    • she has set up radio interview on April 29th 8:15 to 8:30 on KVON/KVYN
    • Submitted to community builders an image of Heifer table.
    • New tip to Register’s feature editor
    • sent an image of quilt to Market Place Magagazine
    • Short release to small local groups
    • she will try and get a reporter to cover the event
    • Needs someone to write letter to editors of local papers (copy from fliers) PD and Sonoma Index Tribune - Caroline will ask her writer friend.
  • An RSVP will be added to the post cards announcing the May 14th event.
  • Benny is Point Person for Set Up and Animal handler if we have animals.
      Set up:
    • chairs, tables, decorations, food stuff, animals
  • Marlene knows someone who may loan us a couple of calves. They would be outside by the entrance as people are entering.
  • Jennifer Miller will play the piano in the hall while people are coming in and having refreshments and after the program.
  • The task list has available openings for the May 14th event. Please help!

Next meeting is on May 8th in Napa in the meeting room at Whole Foods on Trancas Avenue
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