Himalayan Fair in Berkeley

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Ahoy Team Heifer!

We hope be "tabling" at the Himalayan Fair in Berkeley on May 29th and 30th.  This is a two day event that needs more volunteers. The booth is now confirmed. It is a very fun fair!

Ciao, Pedro Barrera
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May 8, 2010: Minutes

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Held in the Napa Whole Foods conference room

Details for the May 14th event:
  1. Publicity.  Betty Malmgren was commended and thanked for the many venues in which she has managed to publicize the event.   Betty will be helping with the written program for the event.  Committee members who have received donations are to have a list of donors to Betty by Monday to be included in the program.  Betty will also do photography for the event.
  2. Members were reminded that we would begin setting up the event at 3: 00 PM on Friday the 14th.
  3. Greeters will be Marlene Zimmerman, and Mary and Garrett Blom.  We will have name tags for attendees.
  4. Program:  Caroline Bonnet reported that all arrangements had been made.  Isaak Egge will be the main speaker along with Don Emmel.    Evie  Trevethan will welcome guests on behalf of Napa/Sonoma volunteers  and will  introduce Isaak.  All arrangements for the sound system and renting a screen have been made.
  5. Liaison:  Marlene Zimmerman has done yeoman’s duty handling all the details in using Covenant Presbyterian Church.  Marlene showed us the wonderful large ark that was painted by Carole Toy.   Darlene Evans is going to  take care of all arrangements for having two calves at the event before the program begins. Parking matters have been arranged and volunteers are reminded to park behind the church.
  6. Food:  Kathy has by dint of much effort managed to receive donations for food from Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Vallergas and both Safeways. The menu will include crackers and cheese, carrots and hummus, strawberries, cookies, coffee, tea and water and Mary Blom is making heifer shaped sandwiches.
  7. Wine:  Kenny Kent has arranged for three cases of white wine and Nancy Evans for two cases of red wine. Caroline and Nancy attended the training for pouring wine in the city of Napa and all permits have been secured and will be displayed.
  8. Set-up:  Benny Wicks reported that she will not be able to be there but Jay Allar will be there to help in any way that he can.
  9. Clean-up:  All committee members will be a committee of the whole to clean up.
  10. Thank you:  People who have received donations will be responsible for sending thank you notes.  Please let Evie know when your thank you notes have been sent.
Treasurer’s Report:  Our dual checking account, which included money for volunteer expenses and donations to Heifer  totals $361.34.   There is $110 from tabling to be added to this amount.

Tabling Report:  Successful tabling was done in Sonoma at the Bodega Bay Fish Fest on April 17 and 18; and in Napa at Whole Foods on Earth Day, On the City of Napa’s celebration on the weekend and at the Local Food Forum at the fair grounds.
Future tabling:  Kathy Mawer will coordinate staffing for the Peace Table with the Unitarian and Quaker groups and Heifer at the Napa farmers market this summer. Tabling will only be possible once a month.  Sign-ups were taken.

Future Fund Raiser:  It was agreed to plan a dinner in the vineyards at Wombats Farm on September 11.   It will be announced at the May 14th event and it will be possible for guests to sign up for more information.  Betty and Evie will work on the sign up cards. Further details will be worked out, especially when Carole Kent is available.

USDA/Food and Drug Administration food safety regulations were discussed.  It is feared that small farmers, organic farmers and farmers who sell at farmers markets will be adversely affected, perhaps even put out of business. Everyone was asked to be alert to any information they come across regarding this to be discussed at later meetings.

Next meeting:  June 12 at the Sebastopol Methodist Church

Five people visited the Covenant Church.
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Agenda: May 8th

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Sunday, May 02, 2010 0 comments
Heifer Sonoma Napa Volunteer meeting
Saturday May 8 - 10am at Whole Foods
Napa 94558  (3682 Bel Aire Plaza)
 Phone 707  224-6300

Evie - Facilitator | Nancy - Note taker
  • Report on past tablings 
  • Hidden Villa  meeting 4/20
  • Blog and Gmail sites 
  • Financial Report - Ann
  • FDA Regulations for Food Safety -  Evie
  • Plans for May 14 event
    • Hand- out program with  list of donors
    • MC to introduce  Isaak, end with thanks
    • Progress report  from Point People on task lists
    • What's left to be  done?
    • This is our last meeting before the May 14th  event.  Everyone please try to be there to finalize our plans.   Thanks!
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