Minutes - June 12, 2010

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Tuesday, June 22, 2010
Facilitator: Evie
Note taker: Linda
Present: Janeen and Emilia Breyman, Joan  Birch, Ann Schwartz, Nancy Evans, Mary Blom, Marlene Zimmerman, Linda  McBee, and Evie Trevethan

*note fall fund raiser date changed to 9/12/2010

Blog address is sonomanapa.heiferblog.org
email address is *heifersonomanapa@gmail.com

Critique of May Event in Napa
• Quilt to stimulate donations for an ark....the quilt will be sent to a partner women’s group as an acknowlegement of their work.
• There were about 100 people
• Perfect venue
• good P.R.
• Greeting: need far more greeters because of the tendency to get into conversations that are valuable.
• Don Emmel was great and informative
• food preparation and handling by Cathy and her crew was very good
• Isaak sent cudos to the volunteers
• the sound system worked seamlessly!! But, we need to have someone closer to the site to make sure it will work ahead of time. Asking a volunteer from far away is asking too much.
• We need clarity of areas of responsibility
• And clear time lines.
• we need to make sure all of the info is available and displayed
The fish weights work well as do the stuffed animals.
  Farmers’ Market
  Whole Foods - Earth Day
  Down town Napa - Earth Day
  Bodega Bay Fish Fest

Treasurer’s Report (it’s so great to have a treasurer!)
 May 8 - June 11,2010
Ann Schwartz

Section 1: Volunteer Checking Account
Beginning $128.30
No debit amount
Interest earned .03
Deposited 5/26 $ 15.00
Current Balance TOTAL $143.03

Beginning $233.00
Deposits 5/26 food forum $ 22.00
earth day $ 88.00
Volunteer’s can $ 19.00
5/14 Quilt Event $ 271.00
total--$ 400.00

6/1 Heifer International $633.00

Wine Training for Napa city

  One must be trained to serve wine in the city of Napa. There is a training on July 21st at 5 to 7 and one August 20th in City Hall. Marleen volunteered to go.

Volunteer Advocacy
   When we consider emailing our local  Heifer contacts about items we care about, we need to be aware that we are  also representing Heifer International. Don’t send out a Heifer email, to  distribute information about related issues or programs w/o  checking with Evie or Caroline first to be certain we are congruent with  Heifer International perspective.

Fall Fund Raiser
  Co-chairs are Nancy and Evie
  *Originally planned for 9/11 but changed to 9/12. To be held at the Wombats’ Farm (Cathy and Keni’s place)
  Dinner in the Vineyards for about 50 to 75 people on the lawn. Maybe with Terrerai Trent if she is available. We will need to pay her travel expenses. Eliza will be there. Chef maybe someone who Cathy and Keni know.
Betty will do the publicity.
tickets? How much?
Music? What kind? We want to pay an honorarium for the music.
It was decided to not do a silent auction with the event this year.

Activities for next year
• schools: Nancy, Marleen and Janeen
• worship groups: Marleen, Janeen and Mary
• community groups: Ann and Marleen
• gift giving: Evie and Linda (idea with animal cards Linda made last year)
• retail business (Bakshesh, Silk Moon, Spirits in Stone, Wineries)
• literature in offices: Nancy

Skills needed
• Membership chair who knows Xcel to maintain the membership list and keep track of the interest cards people fill out at events, contacts and resources.

Next Meeting: July 10th in Napa at Whole Foods
August Meeting: hopefully at Wombats’ Farm
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