Agenda - July 31st

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Saturday 10am at Wombat's Farm
2059 Curry Lane, Napa.
Phone number 255-8404 - please see directions below

Facilitator - Evie Trevethan
Note Taker - Ann Schwartz

We will meet at Wombat's Farm to go over plans and details for the Sept 12 " Local to Global Harvest Dinner". It will help us to see the layout, where and how events will take place so we can better plan for the event. The agenda will include going through the Task List and filling in the blanks. Progress Report and where we are, what needs to be done. Please print out the Task List Evie sent and bring it to the meeting. We have much to discuss. If at all possible, please try to come to the meeting and be on time.

Directions to Wombat's Farm: From north or south on Hwy 29 in Napa, take Imola Avenue exit. Go east on Imola Avenue approximately 4 to 5 miles. Imola Avenue ends at 4th Avenue. Turn left onto 4th Avenue and proceed for just short of .75 mile to Curry Lane. Once you reach Curry Lane, turn right. Then proceed to Wombats' Farm which will also be on your right(# 2059). (Be sure not to hit any Wombats in the area.) Call if you get lost.
Once you reach Curry Lane, turn right. Then proceed to Wombats' Farm which will also be on your right.

Thank you, looking forward to being together and planning for this fun event.

Caroline Bonnet
Heifer Sonoma-Napa Volunteer Coordinator
707 894-0920
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My First Tabling Experience

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At the Himalayan Fair in Berkeley, CA, a man came up to the table and asked about Heifer, the work they did, etc.. Pablo, a long-time volunteer explained much and gave him the World Ark magazine with the picture of the Nepalese woman and the lamb.

Twenty minutes later, the man returned with the magazine and was pointing to the photo of the Nepalese women from the film, “The 12 Stones” and said he knew some of the women.

He then explained that he was from the same village as the women in the photo. His brother was in Parliament and he pointed to one particular woman and said her husband was also in Parliament. He explained that these women were from the lowest caste and this woman’s husband was the first of his caste to be in Parliament. He, himself was Brahmin.

This man, halfway around the world from Nepal, had tears in his eyes and spoke with much emotion. He was thrilled to tell me about his life, his village, why he was here in the U.S. (medical reasons). This photo brought a little piece of home to him and he was able to share that with me.

My first volunteering opportunity turned into something much bigger than sitting at a table and chatting with people. This was the reason I was there, to connect with this man, at that moment in time and for both of us to feel that connection.

That is what I have always loved about Heifer: the one-on-one connection that transforms the world: one person, one lamb, one village at a time.

It represents on a very personal level how connected we are - local to global back to local....we are connected...and I am glad to have found a local Heifer group to support that connection.

Jacquie Eigen
July 2010
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Minutes: July 10, 2010

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Meeting held at Whole Foods conference room in Napa, July 10, 2010, at 10 am.

Evie Trevethan - Facilitator
Caroline Bonnet - Note taker

Present: Kathy Mawer, Nancy Evans, Marolyn Roberts, Jacquie Eigen, Janeen Bryman, Emilia Garcia, Linda Lucas, Julie Sparks, Valerie Zurich, Tada Darcie, Keni and Carole Kent, Betty Malmgren, Carol Lilleberg, Evie Trevethan, Caroline Bonnet.

Introductions: Welcome to the new volunteers! Marilyn Roberts, Jacquie Eigen, Janeen and Amelia Garcia, Linda Lucas, and Valerie Zurich! These volunteers connected with our volunteer group at the May 14 event in Napa.

Jacquie Eigen shared that she volunteered at the Berkeley Himalayan Fair, first time out as a Heifer volunteer. She sat at a table at our booth there with Pedro Barrera and they showed the 12 Stones movie on laptop. Her story about talking with a man from Nepal about people in the movie will follow soon.

Linda Lucas shared that her family is from Lithuania and she is planning on going there on a Heifer Study Tour in June 2011. Julie Sparks joined us from San Jose.

We decided to not address other items on the agenda, but to stick to planning for the "Local to Global Harvest Dinner" at Wombat's Farm on Sunday Sept 12. We decided the ticket price will be $65, and we plan on inviting 65 people, however we said if more wanted to come we could probably accommodate up to 75 people - this to be cleared with the chef.

The time will be from 5 to 9, with outside lighting when it gets dark. Appetizers and wine will be served by volunteers while guests mingle. A farm and garden tour will start at approximately 5:30, led by two volunteers with signs at each stop equating Wombat's Farm agricultural practices with Heifer's work worldwide. The tour might last a half hour. Dinner will be served buffet style at two separate tables - identical food at each table (this to prevent crowding and waiting inline). We will need servers at each table and a runner or two from the kitchen to replenish the buffet. After guests are seated volunteers will serve their beverages and desserts. Before dinner begins there will be a short introduction to Heifer's work by the MC, hopefully Isaak Egge, and after dinner a longer talk by our guest speaker. Caroline will contact Eliza and Isaak about this.

We talked about various guest speakers possibilities but didn't decide.

We discussed how guests can pay for their tickets. Tickets will be numbered. RSVP by a certain date is essential. Caroline will contact Eliza about this. We're hoping they can either send a check or pay online thru PayPal or the Heifer website. We discussed how we would provide dinner for the volunteers - have something simple catered, brought in - sandwiches? Undecided. Jacquie offered to set up whatever online payment we decide on. We discussed various formats for the invitations and what copy we would want. Betty will mock up a sample for us. Carol read the menu to us and we decided to put it on the invitations along with a blurb on Wombat's Farm, and some Heifer info/logo.

As it appears we will need more volunteers than we have to staff this event, we asked that each volunteer bring two friends to help. Tada will check with the Napa Women's Club for volunteers to help. We will need 8 or 9 tables. Evie will ask the Presbyterian church if could borrow them and chairs. Also Carole suggested we use round tables and Janeen said she will ask her Methodist church if we could borrow theirs. Tada offered use of her sound equipment. We will need 2 parking attendants. They will have flash lights to escort guests to their cars after dark.

We need letters for soliciting food for the event, showing our tax exempt number, telling a bit about the event and thanking the donors. Caroline will work on that. We will get a list of the foods we need to have donated. Keni will get that list from the chef and let us know. There will be a display/sign/something at the farm, thanking donors who contributed to the event. Caroline, Betty and Carole will work on images/design for the tickets, invitations, flyers, and signs for the farm tour. We would like to have a few well placed flyers to advertise the event, including an online version.

Kathy Mawer will be sitting at the Farmers Market Heifer/Quaker/Unitarian Peace table on Sat. Aug 7th and again on Tues. Aug 17th, along with Joe Wilcox.
She will advertise the Local to Global Harvest Dinner at those times.
The task list that are assigned at this time include:
  • Tickets - Point Person - Nancy Evans
  • Parking Point Person - Keni Kent
  • Clean Up Point Person - Betty Malgram Helpers - Carol Lilleberg
  • Set Up - Point Person ? Helpers Julie Sparks, Valerie Zurich
  • Greeters/Hospitality - Point Person? Helpers - Jacquie, Tada, Carole
  • Farm Tour - Betty Farm Tour signs
  • Food Service - Point Person? Helpers - Julie, Valerie, Mimi, Karoline
  • Food /Wine Donations - Point Person - Keni Kent Helpers - Carole & Keni, Marolyn, Tada
  • Heifer Donation table - Point Person - Evie Helpers - Mimi, Julie
  • Wine Servers - Point Person? Helpers - Linda, Jacquie, Caroline
  • Public Relations - Point Person - Betty Malgram Helper - Evie
Tasks we still need volunteers for:
  • 4 Point People
  • 3 appetizer servers
  • 3 wine servers
  • 2 food runners
  • 3 dessert and beverage servers
  • 2 parking lot attendants
  • 2 greeters
  • 4 set up
  • 4 clean up
  • 2 more food solicitors
  • 1 or 2 to set up lighting for the farm when it gets dark

We changed our next meeting dates to:

Saturday July 31 at 10am at Wombat's Farm
Saturday August 28 at 10 am, location to be decided.
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Regular Monthly Meeting

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Our Heifer SonomaNapa Volunteer meeting will be at Whole Foods in Napa
Saturday July 10 at 10 am.
Evie - Facilitator
Caroline - Note Taker
The primary focus of this meeting will be planning for the "Dinner in the Vineyards" event on September 12, 2010. We will start constructing our task list, get invitation numbers and ideas, and explore various aspects of the evening's activities. Please all come and help us with this fun and lovely event, we need your ideas, suggestions and talents.
We will also discuss the possibility of studying the Northwest Earth Institute's course on Voluntary Simplicity as a group. Please read the course outline before the meeting.
I look forward to seeing you there.
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Event Planning...a work in progress

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Saturday, July 03, 2010 0 comments

Evie has done some great preliminary work on this.

Questions for Initial Event Planning:

  • What is the focus of the event?
  • What is the theme of the event?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What kind/size venue do we need?
  • What time of year will work best? (re: other events)
  • Do we want co-sponsors/underwriting?
  • Do we want donations?
  • Do we want presentations/entertainment?
  • What kind of refreshments/food?
  • Do we need any permits/licenses/liability bond/security?
  • What kind of staffing do we need?
  • Will there be parking issues/needs?
  • What are our resources?

Some major Task Areas:

  • Tickets (printing/sales)
  • Publicity
    • material development
    • advertising/media contacts
    • distribution of flyers/posters
  • Event Recording
    • photographer/vidograper
    • record of planning areas
  • Beverage Donations
  • Food Donations
  • Any equiptment needed? (sound system...whatever)
  • Site set-up
  • Site staffing
  • Site clean up
  • Thank you's
  • Program timing....dry run.
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