Minutes - Final Touches for Local to Global Event

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Please everyone read this and let your Point Person know of any changes/corrections/additions. Point People please contact Evie, Nancy or Caroline if there are significant changes/corrections/additions.

We will have updates on food and wine needed as time gets closer.

Facilitator - Evie Trevethan
Note Taker - Caroline Bonnet

Present - Mary and Gerrit Blom, Evie Trevethan, Caroline Bonnet Carol and Keni Kent, Marlene Zimmerman, Betty Malgren, Linda McBee, Ann Schwartz, Renee Austin, Jacquie Eigen, Linda Lucas, Marolyn Roberts, Linda Dietiker-Yolo, Dottie Lee, Mike Robak, Karoline Hall, Mimi Formosa, Carol Lilleberg, Tada Darsie

We are sold out and there is a small waiting list, for the Harvest Dinner

Donations we have so far:
Target - $50
3 Twins Ice Cream - 2 gal
Wal-Mart - $75
Safeway - $25
Whole Foods - amount pending
United Methodist Church - 90 chairs - (Evie will check on the condition of these)
Covenant Presbyterian Church - 17 tables
Golden Carrot - amount unknown as of now
Mc Carthy Chiropractic - table linens/napkins/chafing dishes
Paul Grill - $100
Harrington Investments - $200
Ray and Jenny Sercu - $170
Hagafen Cellars - 150 wine glasses EVENT DRESS: White blouses/shirts and Dark pants.

Food: Carole and Keni will provide produce from their garden, if more is needed Tada will get more vegies and also Evie will contact Veritable Vegetables in Oakland. Between all, produce should be covered. Keni will keep a record of what items we will still need to get as time gets closer. We have funds in our volunteer account if we need to purchase anything.

Set Up Point Person: Renee Austin cell: 260-4229, home: 252-4769
Volunteers have table services, flat wear, salt and peppers, cream and sugars complete.

DISHES: 2 PLATES: Dinner + Dessert
FLATWARE: 2 FORKS: Dinner + Salad/Dessert
2 SPOONS: Soup + Teaspoon


Renee wants all settings there before noon on Sunday.

We will have ice tea in a punch bowl which Carole will provide, for those not wanting wine. Ann will bring water in a large container for water in water pitchers on tables, one for each table.

There will be a staging area to the right of the deck for compost, trash, and our boxes to take home our dirty dishes, and other items we loan for the evening.

There will be carafes for each table - white - rented at $3 each for soup and coffee. The servers will pour soup from these, Linda McBee will wash them out in order to serve coffee in them later. There will be 3 open bottles of wine at each table. Total amount of wine we have donated so far is unknown. Nancy Evans will let us know if we have enough or need more. Wine servers will bring their own cork screws. Marlene and Jacquie will open the wine to be placed on each table 3 bottles for each table.

Wine servers are: Linda Lucas and her husband Walt, Renee Austin, Nancy Evans. There will be a beverage table for iced tea in a punch bowl, and wine. Appetizers will be passed around by servers. Appetizer servers are: Dottie, Julie, Linda Dietker-Yolo and Tada.

Appetizers will be served on cocktail napkins. Betty will provide the trays to be passed by servers. We will start setting tables at noon on Sunday. Tables and chairs will be collected and delivered on Saturday by Evie's team. Carole will provide the helpers to set up the tables and chairs. Folks donating place settings will also bring a sheet to cover the set tables before the dinner to prevent leaves falling onto tables. Carole & crew will provide flowers for each table.

Jacquie will bring "bar towels" for wine table and dinner servers. She and Marolyn will bring solar lights for along the walk way into the dining area. The other lighting is covered by the Kent's crew.

10 table servers are needed, one for each table. They will serve the soup into the bowls on the table from the carafes, when diners are finished, remove soup bowls, get carafes to Linda to wash for coffee, while diners are helping themselves to the main course. Servers will help serve those with disabilities. They will also be aware if more wine and water is needed at each table, and provide those. When diners are finished with the main course, (allowing time for seconds) servers will remove plates, and serve dessert and coffee, removing wine from the tables at this time.

Mary and Gerrit Blom will have their own table of guests and will serve their table themselves. It will be marked Reserved.

Table Servers are: Julie Sparks, Tada Darsie, Karoline Hall, Linda Lucas, Jennifer Miller, Mary Blom, Nancy Evans, Dottie Lee, Mike Robak, Betty Malgren. Back Up Servers: Caroline Bonnet, Linda McBee. Servers and Runners will bring their own aprons. All servers will arrive early - Nancy will let them know what time they should be there - on Sunday to run thru their tasks. Folks donating place settings must know their own sets and be responsible for getting them home. Food Runners : Linda Dietiker-Yolo and Gina Kulik. They will run food from the kitchen to the serving tables as necessary.

Beverage table: There will be a beverage table for creamers, sugars, coffee, hot tea and water. The servers will serve the tables from there after the main course dishes are cleared and dessert is served. There will be electrical outlets available here to plug in the coffee pots and hot water container. Runners are to get cream from fridge to the beverage table and leave it there to refill creamers. Mary Blom is providing coffee, teas, sugars, creamers and pots.

Greeting/Hospitality: Marolyn Roberts, Tada Darsie, Jacquie Eigen and friend. They will have name tags available for the guests if they want them. There will be a sign at their table indicating Heifer Harvest Dinner. They will greet people, take tickets and direct guest to the front lawn. There will be two or three guests lists at the table so people coming in can have their names checked off the list quickly, to prevent a pile up. Ann Schwartz has the list of guests and will provide it to the greeters.

Program: Caroline Bonnet 894-0920

Dinner will be served at 7. Eliza and Isaak will lead a farm tour, partnering with Carole and Keni. This allows E & I to make the farm connection with Heifer's work. There will be two tours, 20 min each. One beginning at 5:20 and the other at 5:40. There will be 4 stops, but we need 5 signs.
Stop 1 - Compost/ worms, Kitchen garden (these are close but not identical locations - so need 2 separate signs for this stop.)
Stop 2 - Bees
Stop 3 - Chickens
Stop 4 - Habitat garden

I'm imagining the signs to have pictures and words on a stiff card, maybe 12 x 14 which can be stapled to a stake in the ground. We'd like to have these at the Kent's by Saturday 9-11. The tours would not necessarily be in the order listed. Good to get there early and go over the tour with Carole and Keni before show time. There will be appetizers, wine and beverages served during this time period.

At 6:30 we will gather the crowd together (80), they will sit in chairs, stand and or sit at dinner tables. Isaak will give a talk standing on one edge of the deck in front of and a bit above the diners. He will have a sound system - already in place there. He will talk for 15-20 minutes and then give them time to go over to the donation table if they, choose to, before dinner is served. (It will be dark after dinner) We have lighting, but perhaps more convenient to make donations before dinner. After dinner, during dessert and coffee Isaak and Eliza or Evie will thank folks for coming and bid them adieu.

Timing is everything, tour guides will need to be mindful to move the tour along to end in plenty of time. There will be lots of questions and comments that could seriously slow it down. Isaak and Eliza will each sit at a table to engage diners with Heifer info. (not Mary and Gerrit Bolm's who have "bought a whole table", they will do the Heifer talk).

OtherSigns: Keni will make the Parking signs. Walt Custer and Mike Robak will help with parking. Jacquie will make signs for the check-in table and the signs to identify where the tours start and the times the tours start. Heifer will provide the Farm Tour Stops signs. There will be signs to honor and thank all the donors/sponsors. They will be placed at the Greeting and Donation tables. Betty and Evie will see to that. Parking will be in the back for volunteers - look for the sign on the fence.

Each volunteer will bring some warm wraps for guests in case it's really chilly.

Mimi Formosa will decorate the Donation table and help Evie set it up. Ann and Helen Pelayo will staff the table.

Clean up: Dirty wine glasses should be placed upside down in the boxes to return to the winery. Folks be sure and take away all the items you've loaned for the event. Provide your own box or plastic bag with your name on it to take your dirty dishes, etc home. Due to water shortage.

The final clean up will be Monday morning, as it will be dark when it's over Sunday night. Hopefully some volunteers will come back Monday morning to help. Housing: Julie Sparks may stay with the Kents. Caroline will stay with Evie.

Addendum: Volunteers please bring your own soup mug or bowl for the volunteer supper.
Caroline Bonnet and Linda McBee will sit at the Heifer materials table.
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Agenda - August 28th

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Facilitator - Evie Trevethan
Note Taker - Caroline Bonnet

We will meet again at Wombat's Farm to finalize our plans and get clear on what is left to be done for our event there on Sept 12. This is an important meeting, our last before the Harvest Dinner, so please be there and on time if you're involved with the event. If for some reason you are not able to attend, please let Evie or Nancy know. We will go through the Task List and make sure all tasks are covered and determine what there is left to do, so please print out the updated Task List and bring it with you. This is a link to the current Task List. We'd like to hear from each Point Person on the progress of your task and be sure there are enough volunteers on your team to cover each task and that it's clear to each volunteer what they are going to do. If you have obtained donations of non-perishable food or beverage items, please bring them along to the meeting.

Thank you for all you're doing, we appreciate your enthusiasm and helpful support. All seems to be progressing well and we are looking forward to a beautiful, educational and fun evening on Sept 12.

Directions to Wombat's Farm: From north or south on Hwy 29 in Napa, take Imola Avenue exit. Go east on Imola Avenue approximately 4 to 5 miles. Imola Avenue ends at 4th Avenue. Turn left onto 4th Avenue and proceed for just short of .75 mile to Curry Lane. Turn right onto Curry Lane and proceed to 2059, which is on the right side of the street. (Be sure not to hit any Wombats in the area.) Call if you get lost.
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Wombats Make the Napa News

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minutes_July 31, 2010

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Hi Heifer People  ~ the minutes from 7/31/10 are shown below.  But much has changed since then, so please review this memo for current information.

Heifer International released their 25 tickets back to us to sell, since our sales were going so quickly.  We now just have 10 tickets total left to sell. so tell your friends and contacts not to hesitate.  First come, first served.  The 2 ways still to buy are by phone, 265-7867, or gmail heifersonomanapa@gmail.com .

We decided not to go to the extra expense of printing invitations, since we were so close to selling out.  So as you continue to publicize the event, just use the flyer you were emailed or contact me for additional hard copy flyers.  Even though we have few tickets left, this is still a good chance to talk with your friends and contacts about our local Heifer activities and encourage participation.  Any ticket requests we can't fill, we'll still add to our event contact list for next time, so please continue to talk up the event.

We are still coming up short with donations for the food needed for our menu, so if you can help with acquiring needed food items, please call Keni Kent for guidance on what is still needed, 255-8404.  His computer is down for a couple of days.

Also if anyone has access to tablecloths and napkins we wouldn't need to rent, that would really keep our costs down and help Heifer.  Any ideas???

Thanks for all of your energy and support.  This is going to be a great event.  Evie 

Minutes for  Meeting held at Wombat’s Farm, Napa July 31, 2010 at 10 am.  
Evie Trevethan  -  Facilitator
Ann Schwartz  -  Note Taker

Present: Caroline Bonnet, Mary Blom, Betty Malmgren, Linda Lucas, Carol Lilleberg, Linda McBee, Linda Dietiker-Yolo, Nancy Evans, Carole Kent,, Julie Sparks, Jaccuie Eigen, Rene Austin,  Marolyn Roberts, Keni Kent, Evie Trevethan, Ann Schwartz
Treasurer's Report:  Ann  -  $114.43 in Volunteer Checking Account 
Ticket Sales:  Carol has sold 20,  Nancy - 3, Evie  -  25
          Nancy has tickets & ticket forms.
          Tickets should be reserved and not given out until money comes in.
          Keep track of tickets  sold and # of each ticket.
          Phone number on fliers is Nancy’s. She will take reservations 

Invitations:  Invitations coming.  Nancy has a list of how many have been  requested by members.  When they are available she will notify members. 
Flyers: There is Heifer input that is still being negotiated. Nancy sent around sign up sheet for Locations posting flyers.
FOOD DONATIONS:  sign up sheet sent around. Those going out to stores
should take a copy of the letter stating our non profit status  with them.  Copy will go out from Evie.Money donated to our group needs checks made out to

Sonoma Napa Volunteers.
We need donations from stores as soon as possible  Let Keni know.

Greeters:   Marolyn is the point person. She will work with Carole re: tours Jacquie, Tada
Tours:  Six stations: Garden, Bee garden, Chickens, Habitat Garden, Olive Grove, Lasagna Bed
             Tour Guides - Carole, Keni, Marlene Signs will be made by Heifer. 

Set Up:  Point person is Renee Austin.  Valerie Zurich, Dottie Lee
Food Servers (appetizers,  soup, dessert, coffee, table clearing)
Marlene, Julie, Jennifer, Jessica, Mary, Betty, Karolyn, Linda Lucas

Wine Servers:  Linda Lucas, Marlene Zimmerman
Table Hosts:  Each table should have a host to see to that table’s needs. It
would be nice if the host could be for those to whom you have sold tickets.

Food Runners:  Linda and Gina
Minimize Rental Costs: Members will bring place settings for eight i.e. dinner plate, soup bowl, desert plate, cup and saucer. Sugar bowls and creamers also need to be brought. 
Members Bringing Service: Carole for 3 tables  24 total,  For 1 table - Mary, Nancy, Linda Lucas, Linda McBee, Betty,Marolyn, and Julie. Evie will bring back up service. 
Glassware:  Possibly, Carole, Nancy and Mary? 
                    Glasses from the wineries donating wine?
To Rent:   Table clothes and napkins,  Insulated Carafes for coffee. Coffee Urn
Coffee Service:  Urn to be rented.  Creamers and sugar bowls and cups and
saucers will come with place settings loaned by members. 

Information Table:  Caroline and Linda McBee 
Donation Table:   Ann -  Animals will be displayed there, also if there is expensive wine for silent auction 
Car Parking:  Keni is point person with Robak, Walt Custer
Acknowledgement of donors:  Caroline will put names on program and
possibly on poster by the check in table.

Feeding the help:  Malcom will provide soup. 
                              There will also be bread and butter.

Next Meeting will be 8/28/2010 -
10 a.m. - Wombat’s Farm 2059 Curry Lane.

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Local to Global Harvest Dinner

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Friday, August 06, 2010 0 comments
We are very busy planning the Local to Global Harvest Dinner at Wombats' Farm on September 12th. Click here to download a pdf flyer > http://mcb-lines.com/flyer.pdf
Our next planning meeting will be on August 28th at 10 am.
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A Brief History of Our Events

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Tuesday, August 03, 2010 0 comments
We have been active since 2005 when we did our first big (to us) event; the Beggars' Banquet. Concurrent with these events we have done regular "tabling" at local events like Farmers' Markets, Bodega Bay Fishermans' Festival, Earth Days, etc.
Please, click here to see a brief overview of some of our activities:
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