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Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Monday, August 09, 2010
Hi Heifer People  ~ the minutes from 7/31/10 are shown below.  But much has changed since then, so please review this memo for current information.

Heifer International released their 25 tickets back to us to sell, since our sales were going so quickly.  We now just have 10 tickets total left to sell. so tell your friends and contacts not to hesitate.  First come, first served.  The 2 ways still to buy are by phone, 265-7867, or gmail heifersonomanapa@gmail.com .

We decided not to go to the extra expense of printing invitations, since we were so close to selling out.  So as you continue to publicize the event, just use the flyer you were emailed or contact me for additional hard copy flyers.  Even though we have few tickets left, this is still a good chance to talk with your friends and contacts about our local Heifer activities and encourage participation.  Any ticket requests we can't fill, we'll still add to our event contact list for next time, so please continue to talk up the event.

We are still coming up short with donations for the food needed for our menu, so if you can help with acquiring needed food items, please call Keni Kent for guidance on what is still needed, 255-8404.  His computer is down for a couple of days.

Also if anyone has access to tablecloths and napkins we wouldn't need to rent, that would really keep our costs down and help Heifer.  Any ideas???

Thanks for all of your energy and support.  This is going to be a great event.  Evie 

Minutes for  Meeting held at Wombat’s Farm, Napa July 31, 2010 at 10 am.  
Evie Trevethan  -  Facilitator
Ann Schwartz  -  Note Taker

Present: Caroline Bonnet, Mary Blom, Betty Malmgren, Linda Lucas, Carol Lilleberg, Linda McBee, Linda Dietiker-Yolo, Nancy Evans, Carole Kent,, Julie Sparks, Jaccuie Eigen, Rene Austin,  Marolyn Roberts, Keni Kent, Evie Trevethan, Ann Schwartz
Treasurer's Report:  Ann  -  $114.43 in Volunteer Checking Account 
Ticket Sales:  Carol has sold 20,  Nancy - 3, Evie  -  25
          Nancy has tickets & ticket forms.
          Tickets should be reserved and not given out until money comes in.
          Keep track of tickets  sold and # of each ticket.
          Phone number on fliers is Nancy’s. She will take reservations 

Invitations:  Invitations coming.  Nancy has a list of how many have been  requested by members.  When they are available she will notify members. 
Flyers: There is Heifer input that is still being negotiated. Nancy sent around sign up sheet for Locations posting flyers.
FOOD DONATIONS:  sign up sheet sent around. Those going out to stores
should take a copy of the letter stating our non profit status  with them.  Copy will go out from Evie.Money donated to our group needs checks made out to

Sonoma Napa Volunteers.
We need donations from stores as soon as possible  Let Keni know.

Greeters:   Marolyn is the point person. She will work with Carole re: tours Jacquie, Tada
Tours:  Six stations: Garden, Bee garden, Chickens, Habitat Garden, Olive Grove, Lasagna Bed
             Tour Guides - Carole, Keni, Marlene Signs will be made by Heifer. 

Set Up:  Point person is Renee Austin.  Valerie Zurich, Dottie Lee
Food Servers (appetizers,  soup, dessert, coffee, table clearing)
Marlene, Julie, Jennifer, Jessica, Mary, Betty, Karolyn, Linda Lucas

Wine Servers:  Linda Lucas, Marlene Zimmerman
Table Hosts:  Each table should have a host to see to that table’s needs. It
would be nice if the host could be for those to whom you have sold tickets.

Food Runners:  Linda and Gina
Minimize Rental Costs: Members will bring place settings for eight i.e. dinner plate, soup bowl, desert plate, cup and saucer. Sugar bowls and creamers also need to be brought. 
Members Bringing Service: Carole for 3 tables  24 total,  For 1 table - Mary, Nancy, Linda Lucas, Linda McBee, Betty,Marolyn, and Julie. Evie will bring back up service. 
Glassware:  Possibly, Carole, Nancy and Mary? 
                    Glasses from the wineries donating wine?
To Rent:   Table clothes and napkins,  Insulated Carafes for coffee. Coffee Urn
Coffee Service:  Urn to be rented.  Creamers and sugar bowls and cups and
saucers will come with place settings loaned by members. 

Information Table:  Caroline and Linda McBee 
Donation Table:   Ann -  Animals will be displayed there, also if there is expensive wine for silent auction 
Car Parking:  Keni is point person with Robak, Walt Custer
Acknowledgement of donors:  Caroline will put names on program and
possibly on poster by the check in table.

Feeding the help:  Malcom will provide soup. 
                              There will also be bread and butter.

Next Meeting will be 8/28/2010 -
10 a.m. - Wombat’s Farm 2059 Curry Lane.

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