Agenda for January 8th

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Our next Heifer volunteer meeting will be held at Sebastopol Methodist Church on Saturday, Jan 8 at 10 am. (Look on the calendar to the right to get directions). After the business part of the meeting we will have our  Voluntary Simplicity Course, beginning with discussion of the first chapter.  Mary Blom will facilitate the course.

  • Report on Christmas tablings from volunteers - please bring in your Volunteer Report Forms
  • Business - Caroline
    > Volunteer report forms
    > Donations you generated
    > Send donation amounts from any source to Ann our treasurer
    > Ann - we'll need our bank account information for a PayPal account for Barn Dance
    > Report Heifer events to Linda M for posting on the blog - photos, description, place, time, etc.
    > Napa/Sonoma volunteers attending meetings in both counties
    > Importance of sharing opportunities for presentations with the group

  • Barn Dance Event  - Co Chairs - Caroline and Linda M
                                      Planning committee - Renee Austin, Marolyn Roberts, Linda Lucas

    > Contract with farm signed, insurance papers in, donations letter available
    > How many volunteers do we need and have? Ask friends to help
    > Look at Task List - a work in progress
    > Committed volunteers take heavier tasks
    > Flyer creation - Linda M, Betty?
    > PayPal Account - Jacquie?
    > Answer Gmail account for event - Evie?
    > Little Cows?    Marlene?
    > Hay bales?
    > Point People - coordinate with your team, point people only email Caroline with questions
    > Silent Auction?  Do we have enough volunteers for this?
    Wrap up.......So who's doing what, when?
  • Nancy and Jacquie's Nepal presentation
  • Volunteer Simplicity Course
Thanks everyone.  I look forward to seeing you all there!

Directions to church......look at Google map w/in the calendar on the right of this page.

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Minutes: 11-13-2010

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Members Present: Janeen, Emelia, Linda Lucas, Marilyn, Linda Mc Bee, Caroline, Marlene, Carol, Evie, Renee, and Ann

Treasurer’s Report (There was a request that money reports be sent out via email. This will be done.)
  • Wombat Farm’s dinner expenses and money raised.
  • Our direct contributions are over $7500
  • Our help at the Shearer School event helped them raise $1000.
What’s Next?
  • Heifer Peace Event in May - Workshop at Hidden Villa
    Members are encouraged to attend.
  • Sonoma Area Event - Will occur in early April - ??4/9

    Barn Dance at GreenString Farm - Barn usually costs $1500 per event to
    rent but they will give it to our group for free. Plans are to have a dinner
    (Chili beans and salad), a presentation and English line dancing.

    Discussion re: alcoholic beverage service.

    The Co-chairs are Caroline Bonnet and Linda McBee. Committee members are Marolyn, Renee, Linda Lucas.
Members given handout about Brainstorming for events. • Question of having 1 major fund raiser and 1 major educational event was discussed. Decision was made to focus on the Sonoma Event until it is firmed up.
Little Rock AVC Conference
Caroline and Linda McBee went. Small gifts were passed out as we discussed Heifer’s Goals. Some items of interest are: more money is coming in to Heifer from individuals than congregations. All are asked to give monthly instead of one big donation annually. Linda reported that the facilities in Arkansas is amazing and so are the people.
Caroline read the story re: Matthew (a Heifer partner) and Heifer. 
* Something to consider: being for peace instead of against war.
Next Meeting: Jan. 8, 2011 in Sebastopol at the Methodist church
We will start the Voluntary simplicity study course from NWEI.

P.S. The next Napa Meeting will probably be at the Methodist Church
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