Sebastopol United Methodist Church Benefits Heifer International

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Ernie Bohn, Karen Bohn, Violet Moir of Sebastopol UMC mission team.

Sebastopol United Methodist Church selects Heifer International as a beneficiary of their alternative giving program. Each year the church's mission team offers three options for making donations in honor of friends and family as an alternative to material gift exchange. The Sebastopol Church is a long time supporter of Heifer International and currently provides meeting space for Sonoma County Heifer volunteers.
Heifer volunteers have a rich supply of educational materials, gift cards, and catalogs, which they are pleased to provide for alternative giving events. Contact:
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Napa News Alternative Gift Fairs

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On Nov. 13 Napa Heifer volunteers staffed two gift fairs--one at the First Presbyterian Church and the other at Convent Presbyterian Church. The events raised funds and awareness for Heifer and were very successful with numerous animals (both real and stuffed), books and ornaments purchased, and information presented.
Another alternative gift fair will be on Sunday, December 4, from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. at the First Methodist Church in Napa.
Also on Saturday, November 26, from 1 to 3 p.m. there will be a Heifer display and book sale at Copperfield's Books, 3900 Bel Aire Plaza, in Napa.
Monday, December 5 through Saturday, December 10 there will be a Heifer Book Display in the Children's Room, Napa County Library, 580 Coombs St., Napa.
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Living Gift Market @ Green String Farm

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Are you starting to think about holiday shopping? Holiday shopping will not only be made easy but also benefit a good cause at the Heifer International Living Gift Market Saturday, Nov. 19 at Green String Farm in Petaluma. This free, fun family event will be held from 1 to 4 p.m.
There will be refreshments and farm animals to pet and admire such as mini-cows, mini-goats, a sheep and chickens, and bees to observe. We will have some down-home music provided by Tony Robinson Music. There will be information about Heifer’s work to help end world hunger and to transform entire communities. The idea is to make a donation which will give a gift of an animal from chicks to goats, from cows to pigs, trees or bees, for example, through Heifer’s programs around the world and also in the United States, programs which also include training. You can honor family and friends with a gift that goes on giving. Gifts are acknowledged with a gift card which you can then present.
Green String is a sustainable farm located at 3571 Adobe Road, Petaluma.
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REACH - Rural Entrepreneurs for Agricultural Cooperation in Haiti

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Nor Cal Volunteer Meeting

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About 25 volunteers from Northern California met as Hidden Villa in the Los Altos Hills on Oct. 22, 2011.
We were expertly led through a full agenda by Eliza, the Northwest Community Volunteer Coordinator, Jill, Heifer's liason at Hidden Villa and Pat the National Volunteer Coordinator for Heifer International.

We enjoyed a lovely lunch in the beautiful Hidden Villa setting. It is always uplifting, inspiring and fun to meet the great volunteers. We're a great group (if I do say so, myself)! My hope is that we can do this often!
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Minutes - Oct. 8, 2011 - Napa

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Wednesday, October 12, 2011 0 comments
First United Methodist Church, Napa
Meeting facilitator: Evie
Notes: Betty
Attending: Evie, Nancy, Emilia & Janeen, Ann, Jacquie, Jessie, Linda D-Y, Linda L. & Dal, Betty, Marolyn, Carole & Keni, Carol L.

  • Evie - Nancy will assume responsibilities while Evie is away. Marlene will be back up. 
  • Janeen - Methodist Church has been provided with Heifer information.
  • Marolyn - now keeper of volunteer activity forms, all are urged to record and send in volunteer hours. Can be sent by email.
  • Betty - PR report: 12 Stones is now on Napa public access tv
  • Ann - has extra Heifer money cans.
  • Jacquie - now keeper of Heifer materials & "stuff", please give 24 hours notice if you need to obtain for an event or tabling, can call or email her.
  • Nancy has list of materials that Kathy has; Evie will do list soon.
  • Jessie and Linda D-Y and committee are working on alternative gift fairs.
  • Jessie - provided coffee/tea for meeting.
  • Carole & Keni - brought vegetables to share.
  • Carol L. - talked about Food Matters DVD, can register online to see, gave web address

Treasurer's report – Ann reported money sent to Heifer International and our balance was circulated. Alternative gift fairs - Linda D-Y
  • First Presbyterian 9:30 - 2 on 11/13 
  • Ist United Methodist 12/4 
  • Covenant Presbyterian - Date TBA 
  • Other possibilities (need more info) - Lutheran Church at Jefferson & Elm. 
  • Center for Spiritual Living , no fair but may donate. 
  • Nancy said synagogue may be receptive to a speaker. 
  • Marolyn announced a Yountville Winter Fair at Community Center 11/5, she will check to see if we can do a table there. 
  • Linda D-Y sent around sign up sheets, for tabling and making fudge.
  • Copperfields may do table in which we can display books and receive animal donations. 
  • Napa Library children's librarian will do animal books/Heifer display first week of Dec. 
  • Teacher Resource Center now has Heifer materials that teaches can check out, K-6 kits. Linda DY will keep them stocked with kits. 
  • Flyers for Food Day in Yountville 10/24 were handed out. Nancy - can order books and ornaments for fairs. 
  • Evie - reminded group to please take photos at these events for record, blog and possible Shutterfly book. 
  • Napa High School - Nancy talked to Stephanie, teacher advisor of Heifer group at Napa High. Students are active, have been giving talks in their classes and have possible volunteers for Shearer. 
  • Shearer - Nancy took materials to Shearer. 
  • Betty will see if Cathy Waechter needs help with publicity. 
  • Evie - Very positive, great effort! 
  • Green String Farm event 11/12
    • Evie - It's a live- animal fair. Sonoma Heifer volunteers need our help with displays, clean up, thank-yous, baking cookies etc. Sign up list went around. 
    • Betty will check with Linda McBee to see if publicity help is needed. 
  • Travel to Hidden Villa -10/22 - Evie reported - Janeen & Emilia, Jacquie, Jessie and Renee going. Nancy will confirm with Renee who is driving. (Note from email: Those of you from the Napa area, if you are planning to attend, please contact Renee Austin at to let her know, as she is coordinating car pooling.)
  • Carol L. - announced Bag It movie at Napa Valley Opera House end of Oct., (Napa Valley Opera House on Oct. 26 at 6:30 p.m. Read more: 
  • Drug "take back" Clinic Ole will accept unused medications but not controlled substances, Janeen said; discussion followed with Ann giving info on drug types. QVH will take on Oct. 29, drugs & sharps, Jacquie announced. 
New study topic
  • Evie proposed starting in Jan. or Feb. Good idea - consensus of group. Possible idea: Northwest Earth Institute's "Hungry for Change." 
  • Suggestion to report back on Food Day, visit to Hidden Villa in Jan. and revisit study topics then to start in Feb.
 Heifer International news
  • Evie reported on monthly conference call. Nancy has some small catalogues she will leave in her bike basket for pick up (on porch at Seminary & Oak) 
  • Study tours to change format, focus 
  • National Heifer Day March 24, 4th Sat. in March. Goal to recognize and keep local supporters engaged, thank donors. "Spring Into Action," - Evie suggested "Heifer Springs Into Action." 
Meeting Schedule
  • NO November meeting since we will all be busy with alternative gift fairs, Green String event etc.
  • Dec. 10 next Napa meeting, in Napa at United Methodist Church, 10 AM.
  • Sonoma Group will not meet in October. Hopefully, there will be new members to join the Sonoma Group after the Green String Event on Nov. 12th. 
  • Wonderful report by Linda L. and Dal on Lithuania Heifer trip - they shared information, photos and gifts they had received. Everyone was very touched by their report. It was suggested that they might think about an article for the Napa Register. Betty will help if they decide to do it. 
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Monthy Meeting - 2nd Saturday - Napa

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Thursday, October 06, 2011 0 comments
Saturday - October 8 at 10 AM Methodist church - Napa
  • Plans for the upcoming local alternative gift fairs
  • An update on plans for a Sonoma event this fall at Green String Farm
  • Plans for attending the Volunteer Workshop at Hidden Villa October 22
  • Reports on activities at Shearer Elementary and Napa High schools
  • Discussion of what topic to choose for our next study group
  • Latest news from Heifer International, including a nationwide Heifer day on March 24, 2012
  • Presentation by Linda and Dal Lucas re their summer travel, including a visit to a Lithuanian Heifer
          project this summer
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Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Friday, September 30, 2011 0 comments

Wangari Maathai, the first African woman to win the Nobel peace prize, died on Sunday night of cancer. She was 71. A feminist, social activist and an environmental crusader who showed no fear, her Green Belt Movement, founded in 1977, planted tens of millions of trees. She came into the GRITtv studios in September 2009, where she talked about the responsibility of all countries, industrialized and developing, to live within their means. Asked about resource wars, she spoke powerfully about equity and human rights, comparing the society to a forest, she said, "the canopy and the mushrooms both need light." It's powerful stuff. She'll be sorely missed. Maathai was in New York at the time for the UN summit on climate change. There have been promises from the major industrialized nations, including China and the United States, to take action, she said, but they've mostly failed to follow through. She looked ahead to the Copenhagen summit with caution. Caution that proved disastrously well placed. In the last two years, the industrialized nations have slowed, not sped, their progress towards change. Maathai's death, as activists around the world marked "Moving Planet Day, a global mobilization "to move beyond fossil fuels" underscored what she taught, namely that action on climate change will be driven, not from the top, but from below. Plant a tree for Maathai?
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Minutes - September 10, 2011

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Tuesday, September 13, 2011 0 comments
Meeting called to order by Evie at 10: am Napa Methodist Church.
Following members present:  Linda McBee,  Kathy Mawer,  Caroline Bonnet,  Linda Dietiker-Yolo,  Keni and Carole Kent,  Janeen Breyman and Emilia Garcia, Mary Blom,  Jessie McDermott , Marolyn Roberts,  Jacquie Eigen and Renee Austin.
Minutes of the meeting recorded by Nancy Evans
We were delighted to meet Stephanie Lamarka, a counselor at Napa High who is student advisor to a Heifer group which is beginning there and to June Maroney who presented a program from the Marine Mammal Center Art Exhibit.  We also welcome Diane Beere as a  new member.
Evie expressed current Napa needs:  Coordinator for October meeting; Evie will meet with and work with whoever is willing to facilitate the meeting.  Materials Storage; Carol and Keni Kent believe they have enough room; Computer reports to Eliza, at Heifer will be done by Marolyn Roberts; and Ann Schwartz will be the Recorder for the next meeting.
Members expressed their gratitude and happiness at having Sonoma Members Caroline, Mary and Linda McBee present.
Evie presented a brief overview of Heifer’s mission which is dedicated to  ending hunger and poverty and caring for the Earth, and also The Heifer Model of planning which has a continuing sequence of four steps: Define the Situation, where are we at now? Envision the Future, Where are we going?  Plan the Project, How will we get there? Monitor and Evaluate, How are we doing?

She also reiterated an important philosophy of our group, which is that we want to be a No Guilt Organization…Members, should decide what activities they want to be involved with and work on what brings them joy.
Kathy Mawer gave a brief report on the summer’s Farmers Market tabling…and thanked all the members who helped out.  It was a successful action which provided information to many market goers…including their children.   
Linda Dietiker-Yolo summarized the meeting of the alternative gift fare meeting and presented the idea that the group had discussed about perhaps having our own Alternative Gift Fare which would include donations of lightly used toys to be resold to other children.  It was agreed by the group to pursue instead the idea of seeing if we could fit-in with existing church and community alternative gift fairs.
The Alternative Gift fare committee will meet to decide how to proceed.  Nancy served the “five minute fudge” so that members would be acquainted with it to see if we want to do anything with it when trying to "sell" animals at the church  fairs.
Linda Dietiker Yolo reported on the continued involvement of Heifer in the city of Napa’s Sustainability Program.  She also let the group know that Heifer resource kits for teachers will be displayed in the county’s teacher supply center.  The director of the center will email teachers to let them know of the availability of the materials.
Linda McBee reported on the Sonoma Group’s Plans to have a Living Gift Market.  We are hoping that it will be held at Green Strings in November and that the Green Strings Interns will be able to help with the event.  Napa members are also encouraged to help out.
It was announced that the Local Food Advisory Council would be meeting in Yountville on October 24th.  Tickets are $10.  and volunteers are needed.
Carol and Keni talked about the upcoming Ice Cream and Swimming Party at their home,  Wombats Farm at 2059 Curry Lane from 1 to 4 on Saturday, September 17th.  Members and friends are invited and are asked to bring either ice cream, or toppings. We have the opportunity to buy locally for it as much as we can.
Renee Austin is going to coordinate carpooling for the Volunteer Gathering at Heifer’s Hidden Villa Location October 22nd  from 9 to 4. Please email her if you are able to attend and want to carpool. 
June Maroney presented a very informative slide show from the Marine Mammal Center Art Exhibit which can currently be seen at the center located in the Marin Headlands. The Art Exhibit consists of BIG creations made from plastic refuse washed up on beaches. A group from the Methodist Church will attend the slide show on October 9th. You are invited to go with the group from the church.  If you are interested please email June at:
Meeting adjourned shortly after 12: pm.
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Read to Feed®

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Monday, September 05, 2011 0 comments
Read to Feed is a reading incentive service-learning program that offers global education opportunities and will foster in your children a love for reading, a passion to help others and a way to help create a better world. Heifer's Read to Feed resources makes the program fun for the students and easy for the leader.

Children (individually or as a group) get sponsors for each book they read during a time frame set by his or her Read to Feed leader. At the end of the program, the group pools its funds and donates them to Heifer International to help Heifer assist millions of families around the world feed their families and reach self-reliance through the gifts of livestock and training.

The Read to Feed program encourages reading skills, while teaching students how they can empower families around the world with the gift of livestock, heightening awareness that their actions are making a difference in the lives of others. There are many ways to incorporate global education throughout your Read to Feed program. View Heifer's global education opportunities.
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Minutes-August 13th-Sebastopol

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Monday, August 22, 2011 0 comments
Evie, Anne, Jessi, Linda L., Linda M., Janeen, Emilia, Marolyn, Mary, Carol, Kenni and Linda D.Y.
*via phone during check in: Caroline reported that she has written a letter to our new CEO Pierre Ferrari saying she has seen several full page ads about Heifer fighting for Peace and asking if there isn't a better way to express that? We all agreed that is a strange way to describe the work Heifer does for peace.
Follow Ups:
  • Pool Party - September 17th - 1 to 4 for family and friends. Eat lunch before and come prepared with toppings and ice cream. Please, RSVP to Carol and Keni.
  • Garage Sale - We had talked about having a garage sale after finishing the study of "Voluntary Simplicity" from NWEI
    • Talk of a garage sale transformed into a discussion about a "Living Gift Market" event that could include young people giving their "old" toys to someone else less fortunate. We like the idea of combining Education about Heifer, Sustainablity and Giving combined in an event.
      Ideas were flowing. We formed a group to meet and consider the possibilities and venues.
      Committee: Jessi, Janeen, Marolyn, Linda D.Y. (chair), Carol and Keni.
  • There has been no response as yet from Chris Marino about having an event at Cline Wineries for the Holidays. Linda M. will continue to try and contact her.
  • Napa/Sonoma division.....coming soon.....maybe.....the ice cream social is planned on the same day as the newly scheduled regular monthly meeting time for Sonoma...the third Saturday of each month. Hmmm. We (Mary, Caroline and myself) will figure it out.
AVC Report:
  • There will be a Heifer University 3-day workshop on local and global food systems, sustainable partnerships. The cost is $225.  Click here for the pdf flyer.
  • There will be a one day workshop for all Northern California volunteers at Hidden Villa on October 22nd. No charge for this event!
  • Several items from AVC conference call:
    • Jill Kilty-Newburn has joined Eliza to work with the Bay Area volunteers. Jill will continue to work from the Heifer office at Hidden Villa in the Los Altos hills. She is also working with schools with a curriculum which will be available soon.
    • New t-shirts will be available soon that will be just for volunteers (at a special price).
    • Coming soon... an AVC (yearly) Workplan form to help us to start thinking strategically about the year ahead.
    • There is now an internal calendar on which Eliza and Jill can place all events, meetings, etc. that will feed to a national calendar & social media outlets to help get our local events to a larger audience.
    • the 2010 Annual Report is now available.
    • Municiapl Library Systems are a good place to get the Heifer word out. In Anchorage the library system and the Heifer group have formed a great working alliance.
    • Linda sent around a paper to collect the info about what everyone did this month for Heifer. She'll send this info on to Eliza.
Future ideas of what to do as a study:
  • talks from those who have been on Heifer Study tours to partner countries. At this time, Linda L. has been to Lithuania, Mary to Hondurus, and Nancy & Jackie traveled to Nepal.
  • There is enthusiasm to continue some sort of book study.
  • Report from people attending the Napa sustainability workshops.
  • There is a possibility of a National Spring Event hosted by numerous groups across the nation all on the same day!
  • Marolyn told us about this most interesting interview with Maurice Lim Miller (click that link).
Next meeting: September 10th in Napa (see calendar and map over to the right side).
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Agenda - August 13, 2011

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Wednesday, August 03, 2011 0 comments
Sebastopol Methodist Church...
see calendar to the right for time and directions.

  • Follow Ups:
    • Carole Kent - ice cream social, pool party in Sept. Date TBA
    • Future of our joint Sonoma-Napa group
    • Garage Sale
    • Anything else?
  • AVC report:
    • Conference Call
    • 9/29 there will be a Heifer U - 3-day workshop on local and global food systems, sustainable partnerships. Cost is $225.
    • 10/22 there will be a one day all Northern California volunteers session at Hidden Villa; details to come. No charge for this event.
  • Future plans
    • Living Gift Market @ Cline Cellars and Jacuzzi Family Vineyards Wines
  • Study??? What's next? Maybe some reports from members about their travels.

  • Next meeting - separate locations? 2nd and 3rd Saturdays.
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AND THEN by Judy Chicago

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Tuesday, July 26, 2011 0 comments
And then all that has divided us will merge

And then compassion will be wedded to power

And then softness will come to a world that is harsh and unkind

And then both men and women will be gentle

And then both women and men will be strong

And then no person will be subject to another's will

And then all will be rich and free and varied

And then the greed of some will give way to the needs of many

And then all will share equally in the Earth's abundance

And then all will care for the sick and the weak and the old

And then all will nourish the young

And then will cherish life's creatures

And then all will live in harmony with one another and the Earth

And then everywhere will be called Eden once again.
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Minutes - July 9th, 2011

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Friday, July 15, 2011 0 comments
First United Methodist Church, Napa
Facilitator: Evie
Attending: Evie Trevethan, Betty Malmgren, Mary Blom, Marolyn Roberts , Linda Dietiker-Yolo , Janeen Breyman , Emilia Garcia, Linda McBee , Linda Lucas, Kathy Mawer, Marlene Zimmerman , Terri Linn, Carol Lilleberg, Carole and Keni Kent.

Check in For follow-up: Linda L. will get a copy of a slide show from her Heifer Study Tour--may be possible to plan an event around that.

  • Follow Ups:
    • Farmer's Market: Kathy reported on Farmer's Market tabling success and new interest cards. She passed around the signup sheet for the rest of the season. Good networking, energy with other peace groups.
    • Betty distributed PSA for local radio station and DVD to local public access TV (with local contact information). Continued publicity work to increase Heifer visibility. Meeting notice on, for example. Will get info on Sonoma Co. public access to Linda M.
    • AVC report: Linda M. reported on DVDs she has and asked people to take them and use them, new pledge action form, and gave monthly report of conference call with Eliza that she now participates in with area volunteer coordinators.
      • Hidden Villa: plans have changed due to zoning issues.
      • Jill will work with Eliza developing contacts in the bay area.
      • 9/29 there will be a Heifer U - 3-day workshop on local and global food systems, sustainable partnerships. Cost is $225.
      • 10/22 there will be a one day all Northern California volunteers session at Hidden Villa; details to come. No charge for this event.
      • Linda and Caroline have passed out "read to feed" brochure at libraries in Sonoma County and invited help with that in Napa. More brochures are available.
      • Next conference call for AVC’s the first week of August.
      • Future of our joint Sonoma Napa group Brief discussion was held on the future of the Sonoma-Napa group; more discussion to come. Napa meetings will continue on 2nd Saturdays and Sonoma may hold separate meetings on 3rd Saturdays. We plan to continue to work together on events and similar activities.
  • Cultivating Peace
    Evie reported on Cultivating Peace Workshop she attended at the end of April at Hidden Villa. The workshop provided a stronger sense of the roots of Heifer and how agriculture, social justice and peace issues have been linked in Heifer’s work since its inception. She gave insights into the founder (West) and his activist background. Noted that "peace begins when the hungry can feed themselves" security and personal safety are needed as a foundation for peace. Talked about conflict areas, long history of Heifer in those areas, and how Heifer works with both sides. When working with a community, Heifer starts with values training based on the Cornerstones first before beginning training related to care of animals, etc. Sustainability is a key concept in all of Heifer’s work. Noted links with our "Voluntary Simplicity" discussion.
    *Shared ways for cultivating peace:
    1. show up and be present, 
    2. pay attention, be receptive, 
    3. tell truth without judgment or blame, 
    4. be unattached to particular outcome.
    *Choose healthy response, don't feed fear, listen first and seek to understand.
    *Ann Lovejoy - "non-toxic" problem solving in Voluntary Simplicity reading is similar to interest based problem solving which focuses on finding collaborative solutions that are sustainable over time. Find what makes you happy and work from that space.
  • Future plans
    • Linda M. discussed desire to plan another fundraiser (and fun event).
    • Alternative gift fair mentioned--we have been invited to participate at 2 wineries. Linda M. said she will make contact, get more information from Green String Farm.
  • Study
    "Voluntary Simplicity" Mary led final discussion on "Voluntary Simplicity." Group appreciates this discussion.
    Next meeting
  • • August may be final joint meeting, second Saturday in Sebastopol. *See Calendar on the right side of this page for a map. • Carole Kent volunteered to host ice cream social, pool party in Sept. Date TBA
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Minutes - June 11, 2011

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Thursday, June 16, 2011 0 comments
10am to 12 noon  at Sebastopol Methodist Church, Sebastopol, CA

Evie Trevethan -  facilitator
Caroline Bonnet - minutes taker

Present:  Caroline, Nancy, Mary, Linda M, Marolyn, Linda D-Y,  Jeaneen, Emilia, Evie, Lynn Austin, Carole and Keni

Introductions: Emilia graduated from 6th grade.  She showed us a copy of her school newspaper that she worked on, which included a bit about Heifer and some very intelligent questions.  Good going Emilia!  Jeaneen will email a copy of the paper to Evie who will send it out to the group.

Previous Meeting Follow-ups:
  1. Caroline said she had contacted Chris, the event planner at Green String Farm about a date for our annual Barn Dance and also a November Alternative Gift Fair at one of their Wineries.  So far she hasn't heard back from Chris. Linda McB. will take over communicating with Chris.
  2. Betty was absent, but told Evie she will try to get a Heifer film on Public Access TV in Napa.  Caroline gave Evie Seeds Hope and Concrete and the short Heifer PSA  DVD - The Money that Grows to give to Betty.

Treasurer's Report:  Ann was absent due to Gina's up-coming surgery. No treasurer's report.

Process for Reporting Volunteer Activities:   Linda passed out a new volunteer report form and said Eliza is working on a new format.  It is a work in progress.  Caroline handed out copies of the old form.  She and Linda will work on expanding Linda's, maybe combined with some of the old form.  Carole turned in a report from an event in the past, and Nancy filled out the new form listing her recent activities.

Using our Member Email List:  If members want to send out notices about Heifer or things related to Heifer's work, they should send it to Evie to decide if it should be sent out.  Evie just created the new updated Member Email list.  There shouldn't be too many mailings going out.  Evie will keep the membership list current and updated.  Linda will accept and create items for the agenda for our meetings.  Caroline and Evie will work on typing them up and getting it out in a timely fashion.

Handout for Making Presentations:
  Caroline handed out a Heifer Agenda for making presentations.  She said it's not written in stone,  but some suggestions for how a presentation should flow and what resources you can use.
Linda talked about the 7 Ms that our project participants get from the animals we give them, a good thing to mention at presentations.  She handed out some Volunteer Handbooks to those present who don't already have one and pointed out some things of interest in there.  Linda handed out Cornerstone bookmarks.

Discussion of Personal Interest/Skills:  Evie handed out Linda's forms for us to think about ways we want to serve in our group and skills/interests we have in presenting Heifer in the community. For instance how to help the group - securing a meeting place, providing beverages/snacks at meetings, keeping the volunteer list up to date, serving in various positions within the group, rotate duties.   Linda DY said she found it helpful and motivating. For the community, tabling, speaking to groups, talk about issues within Heifer that are dear to you - social justice, women's issues, etc.  Speaking about Heifer to those we are in contact with, friends, relatives, co-workers, etc.  Mary said she is in a group called Be the Change and they discuss issues related to Heifer's work.  Do what you want to do for Heifer. Linda Dietiker-Yolo wants to get Heifer in the River School - a charter school in Napa.  She works on their newspaper River News.

Evie handed out copies of 2 papers she brought back from her Peace Workshop at Hidden Villa.  One on Financial issues and one on a peace project in the Philippines.  She said she'd wait and give her report on that weekend at the next meeting, as we had to vacate the room a bit early and we needed to save time for our discussion of Chap 4 of the Voluntary Simplicity course.  She also handed out copies of Brain Storming for Napa Events/Activities. 

Here are some of her notes from her Peace Workshop:
  • "Peace begins when the hungry can feed themselves."
  • Behaviors to Educate for: Caring for the earth, being responsible consumers, encouraging others to change behaviors, encouraging others to take social action, volunteering, donating.
  • "Everything is always OK in the end and if it's not OK   -   it's not the end."
Study: Discussion of Voluntary Simplicity Course, Chapter 4
Mary read some writing from Annie Dillard to segue  into the course.  Then we went around the table and everyone spoke briefly about how they were effected by the course.
Some volunteer responses to the course:
  • "Do less better."
  • "You have all the time there is."
  • "Have a should free zone    -      don't should on me."
  • "Take a whole day to focus on one thing rather than running about distracted from one thing to another."
  • "Having awareness of unlimited time equals happiness."
  • "Because I can do something well doesn't mean I'm responsible for it."
  • "Our Heifer meetings provide a place to address issues that are important to our values - all  in one place."
  • "Being defined as a mother, teacher, or whatever, gives me an appreciation for a simple structure of my life. "
  • "That friend speaks my mind."
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Agenda June 11, 2011

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Saturday, June 11, 2011 0 comments
1. Introductions
2.  Follow ups from previous meeting:
Betty: Public television airing of Heifer video:                                       
  • Caroline: next Barn Dance….talk with Chris @ Green String Farm
3. Treasurer's Report
4. Volunteer Reports from May activities 
5. Updated Volunteer member list  - What to send and not to send to the group
6. Format for presentations  - Caroline
7. Personal direction forms ---- Discussion  of Our Interests and Strengths
8. Presentation about Peace Workshop at Hidden Villa

Voluntary Simplicity Course Chapter 4
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Matching Grant Opportunity

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Thursday, May 26, 2011 0 comments
We have a new exciting matching gift opportunity -- and we need YOU to help us meet this challenge!

A small group of donors recently visited Heifer projects in Honduras. While there, one couple was so impressed by the transformation they saw that they have volunteered to fund half the cost of three new projects, $1.5 million in all ... IF we can meet that challenge through you, our faithful supporters!

$1.5 million+$1.5 million=Thousands of Hondurans moved from poverty to self-reliance. 
Your generous support will enable thousands of families in Honduras to improve their nutrition and livelihood through gifts of seeds, bees, cattle, sheep and many more animals.
These gifts, and the training Heifer provides, help families diversify their income and have a steady supply of food throughout the year. 

Join these generous donors by giving today. Together, we can all provide the funds necessary to spark life-changing transformation in these communities.

One family who knows how much Heifer’s projects in Honduras matter is Celso Pineda's. Since receiving their heifer, Celso's family has had plenty of milk to drink, which is rare in a remote part of the country where malnutrition is especially high.

In fact, the Pinedas family will soon Pass on the Gift, offering another family the opportunity to build a brighter future.

No one is more eager for this next step than Celso. "My dream is, just like the project gave us a cow, that we can give the calf away and help another family," he says.

Ignite this transformation today with your doubled gift and invest in the future of Honduras! It's a challenge with the best outcome possible -- helping families find hope.


Ashley Michael, Heifer
Ashley Michael
Heifer International
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Tererai Trent - Oprah - Heifer International

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Thursday, May 26, 2011 0 comments
Tererai worked for Heifer for many years.  She gave presentations at Heifer University courses, spoke at events and at many venues.  We brought her here from Africa to speak at our African Children's Choir event in 2007. Some of us had the great pleasure of being with her at a Heifer U course at Hidden Villa a couple years ago, hearing her incredible stories, seeing her dance with a container of water on her head and hanging out with her during and after dinner, she's a lot of fun!   She did a lot of work with Heifer in evaluating our projects in the field, and now has her own business evaluating works other non-profits are doing in the world.  She appeared on Oprah some years ago and is now one of Oprah's favorite guests of the past 25 years of her programs.  Check out this segment of Terarai with Oprah.
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Regular Volunteers Meeting May 14, 2011 Napa, CA

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Sunday, May 22, 2011 0 comments
Evie Trevethan - facilitator
Jacquie Eigen - Note taker
Present: Evie, Betty, Lenora, Ann, Linda Lucas, Mary, Dottie, Caroline, Linda McBee, Kathy, Jessie, Marlene, Jacquie, Nancy

Check In Comments on the event one comment per person - Evie 10 min
  • Ann began, with 2 copies of budget report from Barn Dance, which were passed around. A great success! $4255.00 raised! She said she could have used more catalogs and could have sold more books!
  • Lenora, a first time volunteer, who drove from Crockett, thought the event was classy, impressive and she will be getting involved more.
  • Linda was happy with event and dance. She was pleased that the chili was hot, given the heating and stove issues.
  • Mary had electrical issues with the coffee, wants to do event again and she enjoyed watching everyone have a good time.
  • Dottie Lee thought caller was great and guest were gracious, especially around the food, all were patient and thankful and enjoying being there.
  • Caroline mentioned it was a “fun” raiser.
  • Kathy Mawer, was in Mexico and will be tabling at Napa Farmers’ Market.
  • Linda McB loved the beehive of activity at the dance, a real sense of community, which is what Heifer is about. She never had been to a Barn Dance, enjoyed watching people having fun and wants to do it again next year. She would like a written report from every point person, so next year the event will flow even better.
  • Jessie worked check in, it flowed easily and helped to have 3rd person as a greeter.
  • Jacquie was not there, she had a wedding and is glad it was a success.
  • Marlene was the salad person, enjoyed the sense of community, was thrilled and smiled going home.
  • Nancy said the dance exceeded her expectations. She did the chili and said it flowed easily and that everyone she asked made chili, some more than 1 gallon.
  • Evie, handled the Heifer info table, it went well and Isaak arrived in time to answer a challenging question. The dance was fun, the caller was exceptional and non-intimidating.
  • Caller info: Celia Ramsey she owns Rasmussen Winery, lives in St. Helena, is a great teacher and might be willing to do it again next year.
  • Betty enjoys the great group of people, women, community who can pull off an event like this.
Ann provided the Treasurer Report.
  • We began with a balance of $103.09 and ended the period with $ 182.50, after donating an additional $150 to Heifer. See report for details.
  • Caroline is pleased with low expense amount and the partial reason is because we go to stores and “beg”, they provide us with the item or a means to get the item and it makes the businesses aware of us, too.
 Linda McB addressed the changes in the Sonoma Napa group.
  • Caroline is now an official volunteer “only”. Linda is now the Area Volunteer Coordinator. She wants to get a stronger group going in Sonoma and eventually to have monthly meetings in Napa AND Sonoma. She suggested Evie continue facilitating in Napa and Mary in Sonoma. She said it was “ridiculous” to think she could follow in Caroline’s shoes. We will continue alternating meeting places until Sonoma group gets as big as Napa group.
  • Next Meeting: @ United Methodist Church in Sebastapol. It is always the second Saturday of the month. We may need to change meeting day to continue to get the room here in the Napa Methodist Church…which everyone likes.
  • Ann said if the group changes, the checking account has to change. She and Linda McB will talk outside of the meeting.
Using our own interests and values to plan future Heifer activities
  • Linda McB handed out worksheets re: possible Heifer Activities and Tasks. Evie asked us to take some time and thought, and if we are willing to fill them out, bring to the next meeting. The purpose of the worksheets is to build a viable and sustainable group with no burn out. If we are to be effective, we have to spend more time doing the things we want to do rather than gritting our teeth and becoming resentful. These forms will help us to assess how each of us want to invest our time into Heifer.
  • Recent examples: Nancy and Marlene did a presentation at an AAUW meeting.
  • Kathy organized tabling for Earth Day. Linda L will be leaving for a Heifer study tour to Lithuania in June. We can present to colleges, PUC, community centers. We can become advocates of sustainability, hunger, empowerment of women. The only way we can do such a variety of activities to support Heifer is if there is interest and individual members put time into the activities that address their interests.
  • Through the years, members have spoken at several churches, visited Heifer projects in Honduras. Nancy and Jacquie went to Nepal. We need to focus on what we can do as a group and as individuals.
  • Less exciting but necessary for maintaining our own group (see sheet): distribute World Ark in offices, etc.; preparation for meetings; agenda writing, coffee set up, etc.
  • A great beginning in Napa was when Caroline and Linda McB cooked a meal at Carole and Keni’s house which started the ball rolling to do the 12 Stones screening event at the church, which led to the fall Harvest Dinner and then the Barn Dance.
  • Re: asking for money. The more comfortable people become with asking for money, the more money we raise. Many people do not like to ask for money. It is important to become comfortable with making pitches for Heifer. We can practice at meetings, to become more comfortable.
  • Caroline mentioned that for Heifer, monthly donations are best, for budgeting purposes. More money comes in at the holidays. Heifer needs a cash flow year round.
  • For our group, when people send in money, put on the bottom of the check the Sonoma Napa chapter. This will insure credit for our area.
 Napa’s Farmer’s Market
  • Kathy organizes tabling at Napa’s Farmer’s Market. We have 9 days this year. It is a Peace Table which is sponsored by the Quakers, Heifer and the Unitarian Universalists. She passed around a schedule to sign up for 2 hour shifts: 8-4 10am and 10am-12noon, Tuesdays and Saturdays. They hand out brochures and pencils, which were a big hit!
Presentation on Heifer Caroline
  • As we were getting ready for Caroline’s presentation, she mentioned re: the dance: almost zero waste. Mary said the Costco plates were from sugarcane waste. Evie said the charting paper we use is also from sugar cane. (hooray for us!)
  • Next meeting: Evie will present “Cultivating Peace” from a workshop she took this month. In September, 2011, Heifer U will be at Hidden Villa that all are invited to. More details to come.
  • Caroline started her presentation and we viewed it on Linda McB’s small laptop screen. The presentation was impressive. All the images she used are available to use in our own presentations.
  • Highlights: We begin with Dan West, “not a cup but a cow” and move into more than just a cow: community development in many countries where Heifer is now involved. (Marlene mentioned one of the brochures lists the countries where Heifer has and is supporting projects.) Passing on the Gift. Cornerstones of Success.
  • Images from different countries: Cows for guns in Albania, Nepal women’s groups, Honduras women’s group, the “calendar lady” displaying her photo from a Heifer calendar showing her and the cow she received through Heifer, before and after photos of project members’ houses, a bee project, a coffee nursery, the use of hog waste to provide methane to power stoves and lights in project members’ homes.
  • Caroline mentioned that Heifer’s overhead is higher than some non-profits because they provide extensive training prior to presenting animals to a community. Also Heifer receives no government grants.
  • Betty suggested putting the presentation on local public access stations.
Linda McB acknowledged Caroline for her 10 years of service as Area Volunteer Coordinator. She presented Caroline with a Heifer cup and reviewed highlights of events she spear headed in the last 10 years for Heifer. Very fun to see what we have done with Caroline as chief spark plug !! A big thank you to Caroline.

Study on Voluntary Simplicity.
Mary suggested we postpone until nest meeting the discussion of Chapter 4 of the study on Voluntary Simplicity.

We plugged our blog address as a good source of current info as well as the place our minutes and agendas are posted and then adjourned. The blog address is
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Minutes for May 14th meeting

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Friday, May 13, 2011 0 comments
  1. Check In  Comments on the event (going around the table)  one comment per person  Evie 10 min
  2. Treasurers Report  Ann  5 min
  3. Changes in how Sonoma and Napa will work together  Linda McB  5 min
  4. Using our own interests and values to plan future Heifer activities  Evie  10 min
  5. Presentation on Heifer  Caroline  20 min
  6. Tabling at Napa's Farmers' Market  Kathy 10 min
  7. Study Discussion Simplicity  Mary  60 min
The church is at 625 Randolph Street in Napa.  The parking lot is on Randolph Street.  Park in or adjacent to the lot and enter the door with the Heifer sign.  Follow Heifer signs to the Kagawa Room ( a new room for us). (check calendar to the right of the page and see the map)
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Heifer Ranch - Tornado Damage

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Tuesday, April 26, 2011 0 comments
Heifer Ranch sustained significant damage in the strong storms that moved through the state Monday night.

Several buildings, including the horse, dairy and lambing barns, were destroyed, as well as a pump house and yurts, felt-covered dwelling native to Central Asia, in the Ranch’s Global Village section. Several roofs were damaged, including the main conference center, an office building and a vacant residential facility. Heifer employees and volunteers are working to clear many downed trees and to cover exposed structures with tarpaulins.

All Heifer Ranch employees, residents, volunteers are safe and guests who were participating in activities at the Ranch have returned to their homes.  

The Ranch will be closed to the public for the remainder of the week, and Heifer Ranch staff will contact groups affected by this closure. We will continue to provide updates as they become available.
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Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Monday, April 25, 2011 0 comments
This Spring, we continue to celebrate the women Heifer works with and the donors who help provide the resources for these women to come out of poverty. These WiLD (Women in Livestock Development) women are quite an inspiration. Take, for example, Phy Phol from Camodia.
Phy Phol is a courageous mother of five and a shining example of a WiLD woman. Before Phol started working with Heifer, her family was one of the poorest in the village. She worked as a laborer to make ends meet, but it was never enough.

Many nights, Phol had to put her children to bed hungry.

When Heifer started a project in her village a few years ago, Phol's life began to turn a corner. Soon she saved enough money to purchase an ox to help plow land, reducing the cost and time of rice production. She grew a flock of five chickens to more than 60 to further boost her monthly income. Then, with simple techniques learned from training, Phol started raising healthy pigs.

With increased income from her farm, she has bought more land. More important, she now is able to not only feed her children, but also invest in their education so they can have a future of limitless possibility.
Phol's life circumstances were enhanced by Heifer's work, but the successes she's achieved come from a place deep within her. Long before Heifer came along, Phol demonstrated daily courage, fortitude and dedication to her family. That is the WiLD spirit!

When Heifer works with women's groups, we often find strong women like Phol, who demonstrate intense bravery in the midst of challenging circumstances. And, when given the opportunity, these women create unimaginable change in the world.
This Spring, we offer you the chance to exclusively support WiLD projects around the world. We all know someone who demonstrates strength like Phy Phol's. Celebrate that special person by making them an honorary WiLD woman. It's a way we can all celebrate the spirit that ties us together and makes the world a better place.
Supporting WiLD dreams together,
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Images of a Magic Barn Dance

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Wednesday, April 20, 2011 0 comments
Maybe all barn dances are magic. To tell you the truth, this is the only one I've ever attended! But, somehow a barn dance lives in my hard wiring. Perhaps, all of the westerns I watched as a kid; maybe because my relatives are Okies - a name I use with pride. My mother came from a family of women. Her father died when she was just 10 years old. Her mother and four sisters supported themselves on a subsistence (not sustainable!) farm/ranch in a place called Moyers, Oklahoma. You can take the Okie out of Oklahoma but you can't take her out of the barn, or something like that. I was born in California and raised in Hawaii but somehow the barn dance spoke to something deep.
The (excuse the much over used expression) "sense of community" was strong. I am so impressed with how the community of volunteers pulled this together and how the larger Heifer-community-supporters came and danced their asses off! We had the thought before hand that we would have to encourage folks to dance. No. It was wonderful!! It was fun!

Green String Farm and the interns were amazing! We are thinking this dance was the "First Annual Heifer International Sonoma County Barn Dance". The first of many!

I need events like this to keep-on-keeping-on. They work like a vitamin pill; an antidote for what seems at times to be a world of trouble. The world is also full of amazing people, many of them connected to Heifer International.

The magic begins as the volunteers arrive in a steady flow until the event's official opening time......5pm. The interns from Green String Farm hung the overhead globes and the brave Heifer volunteers climb to string Holiday lights.

In other areas around the space busy workers do their jobs. It was like an ant colony or something! Everyone seemed to know what they were doing (or at least gave a good imitation) and it came together beautifully.

I come in peace, little cow.

That is a young miniature cow (the one on four legs). The want-to-be cow is Caroline Bonnet, the only one of us brave enough to wear the cow suit... or maybe she's fulfilling some sort of inner need.

Five pm! Let the fun begin!
I'd like to donate to Heifer International....

Pre-dance pep talk.

Garret and dressed!

Isaac Egge awards runner up for best dressed.

A brief history of a Sea-going Cowboy

Don Emmel, one of the original Sea-going Cowboys!


Chili-stirrers extordinaire.


You put your left foot in....not...way better than that.

Music and movement....yeah!

My left or yours?  (Contra Dance)   (Line Dance)
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Barn Dance A Great Success!

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Tuesday, April 12, 2011 0 comments
The barn dance was successful and fun! I was encouraged and impressed by how everyone transformed the barn into such a beautiful space and created a great party! My faith in humanity is again restored by the group that put in so much effort to pull this off and by the great people who attended.
The barn looked wonderful after everything was in place: lights strung, paintings hung, pots of chili bubbling over big burners, beer flowing, wine pouring, slide-show glowing, tables covered with pretty cloths overflowing with good food. Other tables staffed with intelligent and friendly people, musicians was a beautiful thing to see everyone dancing and having a good time!
I heard that the folks at Green String Farm want us to do it again next year.
I'll post some pictures later this week. I'm playing catch-up with the rest of my life.
Thank you so much! I am humbled by what wonderful people are attracted to Heifer International and grateful for the opportunity to work with all of you.
Our next meeting will be in Napa (First United Methodist Church Napa Address: 625 Randolph Street), on May 14th at 10am to 12pm.
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Important Links for Barn Dance

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Saturday, March 19, 2011 0 comments
Important links:
This & That List - items we still need and stuff to "bring with" to the event.
Task List - overview of event tasks.
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Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Tuesday, March 15, 2011 0 comments

Evie Trevethan - facilitator
Caroline Bonnet - note taker

Ann, Evie, Janeen, Amelia, Mary, Nancy, Linda L, Marlene, Linda M, Carole, Keni, Marolyn, Jessee, and Susie

Up and coming events:
Earth Day - in Napa  4-23  -  Tabling schedule -Jeneen & Amelia 11-1, Marlene & Nancy 1-3 and Ann & Marolyn 3-5
Himalayan Fair in Berkeley  5-14 and 15   - Jacquie would like to go.  Caroline is checking with Pedro to see if he's setting up for it.

Tickets for Barn Dance:
We discussed how the tickets are being sold and tracked.  Caroline  said we need to keep track of names and addresses for futures events.  Ann said she will make copies of checks of people who pay that way, and we talked about needing addresses of those who purchase online.  Also tracking how many tickets are sold, so we know when to stop selling.  Linda said she has asked Eliza about this and hasn't heard back. There will be 3 lists - Paypal, Check/Cash list, and non paying.   We need an accurate head count of volunteer, helpers and staff.  It was decided that volunteers who have contributed to the event but are not working at it should pay for tickets.  Volunteers working at the event do not need to pay, but are invited to do so if possible.

Flyers for Barn Dance:
We will send online flyers to our friends and post the printed flyers around about.  Caroline has covered Cloverdale, Geyserville, Healdsburg and Windsor.  Linda and Mary will cover Sebastopol, Santa Rosa, Cotati, Rhonert Park and Petaluma.  Jessee will cover Sonoma town and Carole will cover Napa.  If anyone needs more flyers, contact Caroline.

It was asked for some volunteers to make checks for the event out to our volunteer group to help defray costs of putting on the event. Caroline also asked for volunteers to bring spare change to the meetings for our petty cash or as a donation to Heifer, your choice.  We now have $103 in our account.  As of now we have $150 costs we need to cover farm staff and musicians.

We still need for the event:
serving gloves - Evie
50 corn bread muffins - Gina
8lbs cheese and sour cream - 1 gal  - Mary will get with a $25 gift cert at Costco
butter - undecided how much, if any
salad dressing -  Marlene
glassware  -  Linda M
table cloths - amount?
ice  - we need two versions, one for cooling bottles of wine and apple juice in a tub - we need a volunteer for this ice chest with ice for putting into pitchers of water   - Carole and Keni will provide this. Linda is bring a tub to hold the beer keg.

Food Serving
There will be two serving lines with 4 servers at each table. Chili, condiments, corn muffins, salad. There will be two runner-stirrers at the big pots to keep the chili hot and from sticking to the bottom. They will replenish the serving table.
Cookies will be served at the light refreshment table or tea/ coffee table.
Susie and Ruthann will serve the corn muffins.
Ann and Marlene will make the salad and Janeen and Amelia will serve it.
There was a discussion about how to dispose of our waste products after the event.  Linda McBee is checking with the waste disposal companies in Sonoma county to find out if we should use disposal paper products or not.  We will leave our compost (food and drink waste only) at the farm and take away everything else.  Carole and Keni will take corn made plates if that's what we use, to Napa to be ground for compost, if Napa Re-cycling will do that.  Evie will check.

For the next meeting
Critique the Barn Dance event
Streamlining the event planning process
What do we want to do next?  Presentations in schools, service clubs, churches, etc.?

Some of us will arrive at the barn on April 9 at 3pm to set up.  If you feel your projects might take longer, you are welcome to arrive earlier.
Still waiting to hear if we will have the interns with us to help and if so how many. We also want to find out what time the tables and chairs will be delivered to the barn. I'll keep you informed as I hear.

We need signs for the following:
Donor list - large sign by welcome table listing all donors
Suggested donation $4 (for beer and alcohol after the first free drink)
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Great news! Matching Gift Grant from Danone Corporation

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Wednesday, March 09, 2011 0 comments
Your next gift to Heifer International can go twice as far if you act right now to take advantage of a special matching gift opportunity.
Every dollar you donate will be matched with another dollar from the Danone Corporation – parent company of Dannon yogurt. The combined gift will be used to fund a very important project to empower thousands of families in Ukraine.

With your help, we hope to fully fund the remaining initiatives of this project, including:

The Milk Communities Initiative, Phase 2 will provide heifers and training to help over a thousand smallholders and family farms in 20 Ukraine communities increase the quality and quantity of their milk production;

The Cooperative Farm and Services for Smallholders and Farmers Initiative will help participants achieve financial independence by cooperating on collecting, cooling and selling milk directly to dairy factories; and,

The EcoFruit Initiative will provide strawberry plants to project participants to help diversify income and improve strawberry production.

Your gift will support this exciting project and make a lifelong impact on behalf of families in Ukraine. Plus, because of Pass on the Gift, your support will continue to multiply as one family passes on the gift of livestock and training for another family to lift themselves out of poverty.
click here to donate
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Congress To Vote on Humanitarian Aid

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Wednesday, March 09, 2011 0 comments
Heifer International works in partnership with and stands for the too-often voiceless poor around the world and is committed to doing all we can to help bring about the end to hunger and poverty and to ensure protection for the earth's resources.

The U.S. Congress is poised to vote on a budget that puts at risk critical humanitarian and development programs, which save millions of lives every year. And recent rises in world food prices have caused food riots and violence in places like Tunisia and Algeria, and threaten to push hundreds of millions of families back into poverty.

America's international affairs budget is a critical component of feeding millions of families who daily suffer hunger and poverty and ongoing efforts that target disease, hunger, poverty, climate change and programs that help build sustainable futures for all. It's also a critical component of global security, which becomes very unsettled with a potential rise in famine and disease.

At risk in these cuts is the forward-thinking anti-hunger and poverty program Feed the Future, which aims to bolster poor countries' food production capabilities. This isn't a question of charity; it's an issue of life or death for millions of people—especially women and girls who produce most of the world's food but suffer the greatest hunger and poverty and derive the fewest benefits.

Failing to fund these programs thoughtfully and responsibly threatens not only the health and welfare of hundreds of millions of families; it threatens the security of individuals and the world.

America faces an unparalleled budget deficit and it's clear that Congress must scrutinize spending in every department at every level. But it's critical that human health and progress not be sacrificed by shortsighted cuts to an international affairs budget that provides life-saving results with low-investment interventions.

Heifer International implores Congress in its deliberations to consider the costs of its actions on the world's most vulnerable populations—the poor, the hungry—left hopeless without the kind of help provided by these essential funds. We must all work together to end hunger and poverty, to keep our global commitment to the poor and hungry.

For more information or to learn more about what you can do, please visit

Pierre Ferrari
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Agenda for March 12, 2011 Heifer Volunteer meeting.

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Tuesday, March 08, 2011 0 comments
Saturday, March 12, 2011
10am - 12pm 
Sebastopol Methodist Church

Evie -  facilitating
Caroline - note taker

Up and coming events.   Earth Day -  Downtown Napa, Saturday,  April 23 Please sign up for staffing this event.
 Himalayan Fair - May 14-15, Live Oak Park, Berkeley.  Schedule pending.

Volunteer Report Forms and should go to Linda monthly to post on the
computerized VRF.  Any donated money should go to Ann. She will report amounts to Linda monthly, list  on her records and mail in to headquarters.

Update on our April 9th Barn Dance.
Where we are.
What's still left to do.

Ann - give Linda names and addresses  of people who are buying tickets with checks.  Please  also keep a record of our Barn Dance expenses. 
$75 to musicians
$75 to farm security
$25 for ABC  license

Check task list for updates - access thru the blog
Check This and That for what's left to do/ gather/bring - access thru the blog.  Contact Linda McBee for instructions.

All Point People, please send the Eflyer to any of your people who should receive one.

Things to bring to the meeting:
 - Marlene, please bring the box of ceramics to the meeting or give to Ann, you've kindly stored at your house. We'll use them for donation items.
 - Linda, please bring the box of the latest World Arks to share with Evie for her materials table and the Earth Day tabling.  Also bring the knitted items of Julie's, and any other items for donations.
 - Mary requests that we bring our coffee cups to the meeting for our coffee or tea.  Also please wear your name tags if you have one.   
 - Everyone bring any forks and spoons you're donating  - (loaners not included)
 - Playing cards for Marlene
 - Jars for Linda beverages if you are not attending the event.

Future agenda items:
Streamlining our process for planning events.
What do we want to do in the future in addition to events.

Discussion of Chapter 3 of Voluntary Simplicity course - Mary facilitating

Thanks everyone, see you then.
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Minutes: 02-12-2011

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Tuesday, February 15, 2011 0 comments
Important links:
"This & That List" - items we still need and stuff to "bring with" to the event.
Task List - overview of tasks
Guest List - please, make sure you and your guests are on the list.

Asbury Room Methodist Church.
The meeting was called to order at 10 a.m. by Evie Trevethan.  Nancy Evans took notes.  The following people attended the meeting: Dottie Lee, Linda McBee,  Linda Dietiker-Yolo,  Mary Blom,  Janine Breyman,  Emilia Garcia,  Linda Lucas, Marlene Zimmerman, Betty Malmgren, Jessie McDermott, Terri Linn, Caroline Bonnett, Jacquie Eigen, Carol Lilleberg, Marolyn Roberts, and Tada Darsie.

Welcome Terri Linn to our group and Dottie Lee, good to have you with us.

Evie had posted a Task List and people were asked to sign up.

Linda McBee reminded us that we can also check the Task List (click that link).

Evie will email the financial report prepared by treasurer Ann Schwartz to all members.

It was decided that we will have a table at Napa Earth Day.  Marlene, Nancy  and Janine volunteered immediately and other names will be added at the next meeting.

Kudos:  Marlene Zimmerman volunteered to be Point Person for Salad and Carol Lilleberg volunteered to be point person for Clean Up.

The following people signed up specifically for clean-up and of course all members present at the event who are able are invited to participate: Betty, Marlene, Janine, Emilia, Tada, Linda McB, Dottie, M. Robak, Linda Lucas and Nancy.

Regarding Salad:  If Veritable Vegetables doesn’t have “prepared” lettuce Marlene and Evie will confer as to the next step.

Evie is researching compostable plates, cups and plates and Betty Malmgren will check at Napa College for the same.

Carol Lilleberg is heading the search for non-throw away utensils. Anyone who has spare spoons and forks that they are willing to donate please let Carol know. Carole Kent has utensils to loan and Linda Lucas has utensils to give.

Evie  will check with Whole Foods Petaluma to see if they will donate cardboard soup cups since the cup does offer advertising and is a good size for us.

Mary has possible access to a Big Pot to keep chili hot or perhaps a large sterno tray.  Nancy,  Linda Lucas, Linda Dieteker-Yolo and Roni Wilson  will serve the chili.

There was a consensus agreement that one drink ticket would be given to each ticket holder and that further drink tickets would be available for a donation, suggested amount of $4. Playing cards will be used for drink tickets.

The pros and cons of drinking vessels (paper/mason jars) was discussed and no decision was reached. Members were asked to begin rounding up needed items for the event. *As of the posting of the minutes, it has been decided to use Mason Jars 16 oz and 8 oz jars. If you have some to lend for the event, tell Linda M.

People signing up to bring table cloths were:  Nancy, 2 cloth table cloths for the donation table, Mary , Jessie, Tada  will bring several, Dottie  2 or 3 vinyl, Betty  1 oilcloth and several cloth, Marlene perhaps 3.
Marlene will bring a lantern.  Nancy, Marlene and Mary (2)  will bring extension cords.  I think that Dottie  will bring some lights.

Caroline has two small tarps, and other coverings for hay bales are needed so that people can sit on them.
We want to get a very firm idea of who is bringing what, and how much by the next meeting.
Mary, once again served as moderator for our Voluntary Simplicity discussion.  Marlene offered a reading to close from the book:  Awakenings by Mark Nepo. We will read and discuss Chapter 3 next month.

After the meeting Caroline, Mary and Linda M. met with the event planner for Green String Farm.  We met in the barn and laid out where the different activities will take place and decided what we needed.

The farm is being very generous and offering all the tables and chairs we need. There will also be straw bales and picnic benches to sit on.  This will not be a sit-down dinner, bur more informal eat on your laps, but there will be tables for those that want one.  There will also be wine barrels for gathering around to eat or drink. The farm will provide two outdoor light stands.

The farm will have some interns for the spring quarter and we may be able to use some of them for bringing in and setting up and breaking down tables, chairs, barrels.  Chris (the event planner is checking on that).  They also may be able to serve as parking attendants or help in other ways.   There are two gas burners one 14” and one 18” that we may be able to use to heat the chili and keep it hot.  Chris will confirm these things with me. She also offered to put our event on their website as well as the two winery websites that are connected with the farm.  She said we could leave the straw bales there if we wanted to.

Below is a list of things we need and the people who volunteered to bring them.  By the next meeting we’ll need to know exactly how many of each item and what things are left to gather.  It will be our last meeting before the event.

4 doz cookies  -  Marolyn Roberts will make them
Cardboard cups for chili – should be pint size  - Evie will check into this
Decorative small white Christmas lights -  Caroline, Dottie Lee   need more
Extension cords -  Caroline -2 plus power strip, Dottie Lee,  Mary -2, Nancy , Marlene
Name tags – Evie and Nancy
Big Chili Pots – Mary, Nancy, Caroline
Table Cloths – Nancy 2, Mary, Jessie – 1, Tada – fabric, Dottie Lee – 2 or 3, Betty 1 plus fabric, Marlene – 3, Linda M. – 2 oil cloth.  need enough for at least 10 tables
Desk lights – Caroline-2,  Marlene 1, Terri – 1
Cards for alcohol chips – Marlene
Table utensils – Carol, Carole     need more
Serving utensils -   Caroline     need more
Cushions for sitting on straw bales  -   need 6 or 8
More corn muffins so there are seconds  -   Ann?
Large thick/sturdy garbage bags for hauling away trash   -    8 needed
Large ice chest with ice for chilling white wine & Keg of Beer -  Caroline

Thanks everyone for all your help.  This is going to be fun!
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Agenda for February 12

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Wednesday, February 09, 2011 1 comments
Our new Napa meeting location will be at the United Methodist Church in the Asbury room. Please, use Google map feature for directions.  Enter from Franklin Street and look for the sign on the door.

We'll meet as usual the second Saturday, Feb 12 at 10am. Anyone coming from Sonoma and wanting to car pool please contact Caroline. After our regular meeting we'll be studying the 2nd chapter of the Voluntary Simplicity course, Mary Blom facilitating.

Facilitator - Evie
Note Taker - Nancy
  • Earth Day Events - April 22nd

  • Financial Report

  • Barn Dance Event Plans -
     Where are we, what we still need. Please print out your task lists and bring them to the meeting.
    Some people could not print out the version of the task list that Linda sent out. Try this link to a web page where you might have better luck printing it.  > Task Lst

  • Voluntary Simplicity Course - 2nd chapter discussion
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We Need You!

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Wednesday, January 26, 2011 0 comments
We still need help with the Barn Dance (see calendar to the right). If you've got some time and energy to volunteer for the event email me. Thanks! Linda
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Minutes: 01-08-2011

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Monday, January 10, 2011 0 comments
We met at the Sebastopol Methodist Church at 10 am.
Mary provided goodies to eat and tea and coffee.
Evie facilitated.
Ann took the minutes.

Present: Caroline, Ann, Jessie, Jacquie, Carol, Keni, Nancy, Linda D, Linda L, Renee, Linda M, Janeen, Amelia, Evie, Mary

  •  Email Eliza names and city and state of donations from people that we have caused to donate
  •  Get your Volunteer Report Forms in - important. Copy to Caroline and Eliza
  •  Ann needs totals of donation amounts from all sources
  •  Presentations - If an opportunity for a presentation comes up and you can't do it, contact other volunteers to find someone who can.
    •  Barn Dance event: Co Chairs - Caroline and Linda M  Nancy, Linda L, and Marolyn are on the planning committee with Caroline and Linda M
    • Contract signed, insurance forms in, musicians and caller confirmed most will volunteer except one who wants a $75 honorarium 
    • We need to set up a PayPal  account for purchasing tickets to the event.  Jacquie said she'd do that
    • We decided to call the event Barn Dance & Dinner -  Saturday, April 9,   from 5 to 9pm
    • Linda presented some task lists and will email it to volunteers. Please look at the list and sign up as Point Person for tasks. Email your choice to Caroline and Linda.
    • Evie will field questions  about the event from the Gmail account and email to appropriate person
    • As a general rule kids attending should be 12 and up
    • Straw bales for effect and sitting - Carole and Keni volunteered to get them, and deliver them.
    • Marlene is looking into getting the miniature cows again
    • Caroline will check with farm about tables and chairs they have that we can use.
       Caroline will check with farm about a license to serve alcohol
       She will also check with the farm to see if we can meet there Saturday, Jan 22 at 10 am for a look see and a special event planning meeting.
    • Nancy and Linda L will be Point People for the Chili
    • Evie will ask Betty if she'll help design the flyers, invitation cards and E-flyer and do the PR, Linda M will help with the design.
    • Ticket price is $25, that includes 2 drink tickets, charges for beer and wine after that.
    • Carole will take inventory of wine from previous event
    We cut our event planning short to have time for the Nepal presentation, so Caroline and Linda will send emails with the task list and details of what/who/how many volunteers we still need.

Nepal Presentation:
Nancy and Jacquie showed us a DVD they recorded of their trip, passed around photos, and handed out stories of their trip. They narrated their DVD. It was so wonderful and inspiring, we all wanted more.

Voluntary Simplicity Course:
We stopped our regular meeting at one hour to leave the last hour for the course discussion.  Mary facilitated. We had all read the first chapter and went around the room discussing what we found relevant and impactful to our lives.
Next month's meeting will be on the second chapter.
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