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Important links:
"This & That List" - items we still need and stuff to "bring with" to the event.
Task List - overview of tasks
Guest List - please, make sure you and your guests are on the list.

Asbury Room Methodist Church.
The meeting was called to order at 10 a.m. by Evie Trevethan.  Nancy Evans took notes.  The following people attended the meeting: Dottie Lee, Linda McBee,  Linda Dietiker-Yolo,  Mary Blom,  Janine Breyman,  Emilia Garcia,  Linda Lucas, Marlene Zimmerman, Betty Malmgren, Jessie McDermott, Terri Linn, Caroline Bonnett, Jacquie Eigen, Carol Lilleberg, Marolyn Roberts, and Tada Darsie.

Welcome Terri Linn to our group and Dottie Lee, good to have you with us.

Evie had posted a Task List and people were asked to sign up.

Linda McBee reminded us that we can also check the Task List (click that link).

Evie will email the financial report prepared by treasurer Ann Schwartz to all members.

It was decided that we will have a table at Napa Earth Day.  Marlene, Nancy  and Janine volunteered immediately and other names will be added at the next meeting.

Kudos:  Marlene Zimmerman volunteered to be Point Person for Salad and Carol Lilleberg volunteered to be point person for Clean Up.

The following people signed up specifically for clean-up and of course all members present at the event who are able are invited to participate: Betty, Marlene, Janine, Emilia, Tada, Linda McB, Dottie, M. Robak, Linda Lucas and Nancy.

Regarding Salad:  If Veritable Vegetables doesn’t have “prepared” lettuce Marlene and Evie will confer as to the next step.

Evie is researching compostable plates, cups and plates and Betty Malmgren will check at Napa College for the same.

Carol Lilleberg is heading the search for non-throw away utensils. Anyone who has spare spoons and forks that they are willing to donate please let Carol know. Carole Kent has utensils to loan and Linda Lucas has utensils to give.

Evie  will check with Whole Foods Petaluma to see if they will donate cardboard soup cups since the cup does offer advertising and is a good size for us.

Mary has possible access to a Big Pot to keep chili hot or perhaps a large sterno tray.  Nancy,  Linda Lucas, Linda Dieteker-Yolo and Roni Wilson  will serve the chili.

There was a consensus agreement that one drink ticket would be given to each ticket holder and that further drink tickets would be available for a donation, suggested amount of $4. Playing cards will be used for drink tickets.

The pros and cons of drinking vessels (paper/mason jars) was discussed and no decision was reached. Members were asked to begin rounding up needed items for the event. *As of the posting of the minutes, it has been decided to use Mason Jars 16 oz and 8 oz jars. If you have some to lend for the event, tell Linda M.

People signing up to bring table cloths were:  Nancy, 2 cloth table cloths for the donation table, Mary , Jessie, Tada  will bring several, Dottie  2 or 3 vinyl, Betty  1 oilcloth and several cloth, Marlene perhaps 3.
Marlene will bring a lantern.  Nancy, Marlene and Mary (2)  will bring extension cords.  I think that Dottie  will bring some lights.

Caroline has two small tarps, and other coverings for hay bales are needed so that people can sit on them.
We want to get a very firm idea of who is bringing what, and how much by the next meeting.
Mary, once again served as moderator for our Voluntary Simplicity discussion.  Marlene offered a reading to close from the book:  Awakenings by Mark Nepo. We will read and discuss Chapter 3 next month.

After the meeting Caroline, Mary and Linda M. met with the event planner for Green String Farm.  We met in the barn and laid out where the different activities will take place and decided what we needed.

The farm is being very generous and offering all the tables and chairs we need. There will also be straw bales and picnic benches to sit on.  This will not be a sit-down dinner, bur more informal eat on your laps, but there will be tables for those that want one.  There will also be wine barrels for gathering around to eat or drink. The farm will provide two outdoor light stands.

The farm will have some interns for the spring quarter and we may be able to use some of them for bringing in and setting up and breaking down tables, chairs, barrels.  Chris (the event planner is checking on that).  They also may be able to serve as parking attendants or help in other ways.   There are two gas burners one 14” and one 18” that we may be able to use to heat the chili and keep it hot.  Chris will confirm these things with me. She also offered to put our event on their website as well as the two winery websites that are connected with the farm.  She said we could leave the straw bales there if we wanted to.

Below is a list of things we need and the people who volunteered to bring them.  By the next meeting we’ll need to know exactly how many of each item and what things are left to gather.  It will be our last meeting before the event.

4 doz cookies  -  Marolyn Roberts will make them
Cardboard cups for chili – should be pint size  - Evie will check into this
Decorative small white Christmas lights -  Caroline, Dottie Lee   need more
Extension cords -  Caroline -2 plus power strip, Dottie Lee,  Mary -2, Nancy , Marlene
Name tags – Evie and Nancy
Big Chili Pots – Mary, Nancy, Caroline
Table Cloths – Nancy 2, Mary, Jessie – 1, Tada – fabric, Dottie Lee – 2 or 3, Betty 1 plus fabric, Marlene – 3, Linda M. – 2 oil cloth.  need enough for at least 10 tables
Desk lights – Caroline-2,  Marlene 1, Terri – 1
Cards for alcohol chips – Marlene
Table utensils – Carol, Carole     need more
Serving utensils -   Caroline     need more
Cushions for sitting on straw bales  -   need 6 or 8
More corn muffins so there are seconds  -   Ann?
Large thick/sturdy garbage bags for hauling away trash   -    8 needed
Large ice chest with ice for chilling white wine & Keg of Beer -  Caroline

Thanks everyone for all your help.  This is going to be fun!
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Agenda for February 12

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Wednesday, February 09, 2011 1 comments
Our new Napa meeting location will be at the United Methodist Church in the Asbury room. Please, use Google map feature for directions.  Enter from Franklin Street and look for the sign on the door.

We'll meet as usual the second Saturday, Feb 12 at 10am. Anyone coming from Sonoma and wanting to car pool please contact Caroline. After our regular meeting we'll be studying the 2nd chapter of the Voluntary Simplicity course, Mary Blom facilitating.

Facilitator - Evie
Note Taker - Nancy
  • Earth Day Events - April 22nd

  • Financial Report

  • Barn Dance Event Plans -
     Where are we, what we still need. Please print out your task lists and bring them to the meeting.
    Some people could not print out the version of the task list that Linda sent out. Try this link to a web page where you might have better luck printing it.  > Task Lst

  • Voluntary Simplicity Course - 2nd chapter discussion
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