Agenda for March 12, 2011 Heifer Volunteer meeting.

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Tuesday, March 08, 2011
Saturday, March 12, 2011
10am - 12pm 
Sebastopol Methodist Church

Evie -  facilitating
Caroline - note taker

Up and coming events.   Earth Day -  Downtown Napa, Saturday,  April 23 Please sign up for staffing this event.
 Himalayan Fair - May 14-15, Live Oak Park, Berkeley.  Schedule pending.

Volunteer Report Forms and should go to Linda monthly to post on the
computerized VRF.  Any donated money should go to Ann. She will report amounts to Linda monthly, list  on her records and mail in to headquarters.

Update on our April 9th Barn Dance.
Where we are.
What's still left to do.

Ann - give Linda names and addresses  of people who are buying tickets with checks.  Please  also keep a record of our Barn Dance expenses. 
$75 to musicians
$75 to farm security
$25 for ABC  license

Check task list for updates - access thru the blog
Check This and That for what's left to do/ gather/bring - access thru the blog.  Contact Linda McBee for instructions.

All Point People, please send the Eflyer to any of your people who should receive one.

Things to bring to the meeting:
 - Marlene, please bring the box of ceramics to the meeting or give to Ann, you've kindly stored at your house. We'll use them for donation items.
 - Linda, please bring the box of the latest World Arks to share with Evie for her materials table and the Earth Day tabling.  Also bring the knitted items of Julie's, and any other items for donations.
 - Mary requests that we bring our coffee cups to the meeting for our coffee or tea.  Also please wear your name tags if you have one.   
 - Everyone bring any forks and spoons you're donating  - (loaners not included)
 - Playing cards for Marlene
 - Jars for Linda beverages if you are not attending the event.

Future agenda items:
Streamlining our process for planning events.
What do we want to do in the future in addition to events.

Discussion of Chapter 3 of Voluntary Simplicity course - Mary facilitating

Thanks everyone, see you then.
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