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Evie Trevethan - facilitator
Caroline Bonnet - note taker

Ann, Evie, Janeen, Amelia, Mary, Nancy, Linda L, Marlene, Linda M, Carole, Keni, Marolyn, Jessee, and Susie

Up and coming events:
Earth Day - in Napa  4-23  -  Tabling schedule -Jeneen & Amelia 11-1, Marlene & Nancy 1-3 and Ann & Marolyn 3-5
Himalayan Fair in Berkeley  5-14 and 15   - Jacquie would like to go.  Caroline is checking with Pedro to see if he's setting up for it.

Tickets for Barn Dance:
We discussed how the tickets are being sold and tracked.  Caroline  said we need to keep track of names and addresses for futures events.  Ann said she will make copies of checks of people who pay that way, and we talked about needing addresses of those who purchase online.  Also tracking how many tickets are sold, so we know when to stop selling.  Linda said she has asked Eliza about this and hasn't heard back. There will be 3 lists - Paypal, Check/Cash list, and non paying.   We need an accurate head count of volunteer, helpers and staff.  It was decided that volunteers who have contributed to the event but are not working at it should pay for tickets.  Volunteers working at the event do not need to pay, but are invited to do so if possible.

Flyers for Barn Dance:
We will send online flyers to our friends and post the printed flyers around about.  Caroline has covered Cloverdale, Geyserville, Healdsburg and Windsor.  Linda and Mary will cover Sebastopol, Santa Rosa, Cotati, Rhonert Park and Petaluma.  Jessee will cover Sonoma town and Carole will cover Napa.  If anyone needs more flyers, contact Caroline.

It was asked for some volunteers to make checks for the event out to our volunteer group to help defray costs of putting on the event. Caroline also asked for volunteers to bring spare change to the meetings for our petty cash or as a donation to Heifer, your choice.  We now have $103 in our account.  As of now we have $150 costs we need to cover farm staff and musicians.

We still need for the event:
serving gloves - Evie
50 corn bread muffins - Gina
8lbs cheese and sour cream - 1 gal  - Mary will get with a $25 gift cert at Costco
butter - undecided how much, if any
salad dressing -  Marlene
glassware  -  Linda M
table cloths - amount?
ice  - we need two versions, one for cooling bottles of wine and apple juice in a tub - we need a volunteer for this ice chest with ice for putting into pitchers of water   - Carole and Keni will provide this. Linda is bring a tub to hold the beer keg.

Food Serving
There will be two serving lines with 4 servers at each table. Chili, condiments, corn muffins, salad. There will be two runner-stirrers at the big pots to keep the chili hot and from sticking to the bottom. They will replenish the serving table.
Cookies will be served at the light refreshment table or tea/ coffee table.
Susie and Ruthann will serve the corn muffins.
Ann and Marlene will make the salad and Janeen and Amelia will serve it.
There was a discussion about how to dispose of our waste products after the event.  Linda McBee is checking with the waste disposal companies in Sonoma county to find out if we should use disposal paper products or not.  We will leave our compost (food and drink waste only) at the farm and take away everything else.  Carole and Keni will take corn made plates if that's what we use, to Napa to be ground for compost, if Napa Re-cycling will do that.  Evie will check.

For the next meeting
Critique the Barn Dance event
Streamlining the event planning process
What do we want to do next?  Presentations in schools, service clubs, churches, etc.?

Some of us will arrive at the barn on April 9 at 3pm to set up.  If you feel your projects might take longer, you are welcome to arrive earlier.
Still waiting to hear if we will have the interns with us to help and if so how many. We also want to find out what time the tables and chairs will be delivered to the barn. I'll keep you informed as I hear.

We need signs for the following:
Donor list - large sign by welcome table listing all donors
Suggested donation $4 (for beer and alcohol after the first free drink)
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