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This Spring, we continue to celebrate the women Heifer works with and the donors who help provide the resources for these women to come out of poverty. These WiLD (Women in Livestock Development) women are quite an inspiration. Take, for example, Phy Phol from Camodia.
Phy Phol is a courageous mother of five and a shining example of a WiLD woman. Before Phol started working with Heifer, her family was one of the poorest in the village. She worked as a laborer to make ends meet, but it was never enough.

Many nights, Phol had to put her children to bed hungry.

When Heifer started a project in her village a few years ago, Phol's life began to turn a corner. Soon she saved enough money to purchase an ox to help plow land, reducing the cost and time of rice production. She grew a flock of five chickens to more than 60 to further boost her monthly income. Then, with simple techniques learned from training, Phol started raising healthy pigs.

With increased income from her farm, she has bought more land. More important, she now is able to not only feed her children, but also invest in their education so they can have a future of limitless possibility.
Phol's life circumstances were enhanced by Heifer's work, but the successes she's achieved come from a place deep within her. Long before Heifer came along, Phol demonstrated daily courage, fortitude and dedication to her family. That is the WiLD spirit!

When Heifer works with women's groups, we often find strong women like Phol, who demonstrate intense bravery in the midst of challenging circumstances. And, when given the opportunity, these women create unimaginable change in the world.
This Spring, we offer you the chance to exclusively support WiLD projects around the world. We all know someone who demonstrates strength like Phy Phol's. Celebrate that special person by making them an honorary WiLD woman. It's a way we can all celebrate the spirit that ties us together and makes the world a better place.
Supporting WiLD dreams together,
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