Minutes - June 11, 2011

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Thursday, June 16, 2011
10am to 12 noon  at Sebastopol Methodist Church, Sebastopol, CA

Evie Trevethan -  facilitator
Caroline Bonnet - minutes taker

Present:  Caroline, Nancy, Mary, Linda M, Marolyn, Linda D-Y,  Jeaneen, Emilia, Evie, Lynn Austin, Carole and Keni

Introductions: Emilia graduated from 6th grade.  She showed us a copy of her school newspaper that she worked on, which included a bit about Heifer and some very intelligent questions.  Good going Emilia!  Jeaneen will email a copy of the paper to Evie who will send it out to the group.

Previous Meeting Follow-ups:
  1. Caroline said she had contacted Chris, the event planner at Green String Farm about a date for our annual Barn Dance and also a November Alternative Gift Fair at one of their Wineries.  So far she hasn't heard back from Chris. Linda McB. will take over communicating with Chris.
  2. Betty was absent, but told Evie she will try to get a Heifer film on Public Access TV in Napa.  Caroline gave Evie Seeds Hope and Concrete and the short Heifer PSA  DVD - The Money that Grows to give to Betty.

Treasurer's Report:  Ann was absent due to Gina's up-coming surgery. No treasurer's report.

Process for Reporting Volunteer Activities:   Linda passed out a new volunteer report form and said Eliza is working on a new format.  It is a work in progress.  Caroline handed out copies of the old form.  She and Linda will work on expanding Linda's, maybe combined with some of the old form.  Carole turned in a report from an event in the past, and Nancy filled out the new form listing her recent activities.

Using our Member Email List:  If members want to send out notices about Heifer or things related to Heifer's work, they should send it to Evie to decide if it should be sent out.  Evie just created the new updated Member Email list.  There shouldn't be too many mailings going out.  Evie will keep the membership list current and updated.  Linda will accept and create items for the agenda for our meetings.  Caroline and Evie will work on typing them up and getting it out in a timely fashion.

Handout for Making Presentations:
  Caroline handed out a Heifer Agenda for making presentations.  She said it's not written in stone,  but some suggestions for how a presentation should flow and what resources you can use.
Linda talked about the 7 Ms that our project participants get from the animals we give them, a good thing to mention at presentations.  She handed out some Volunteer Handbooks to those present who don't already have one and pointed out some things of interest in there.  Linda handed out Cornerstone bookmarks.

Discussion of Personal Interest/Skills:  Evie handed out Linda's forms for us to think about ways we want to serve in our group and skills/interests we have in presenting Heifer in the community. For instance how to help the group - securing a meeting place, providing beverages/snacks at meetings, keeping the volunteer list up to date, serving in various positions within the group, rotate duties.   Linda DY said she found it helpful and motivating. For the community, tabling, speaking to groups, talk about issues within Heifer that are dear to you - social justice, women's issues, etc.  Speaking about Heifer to those we are in contact with, friends, relatives, co-workers, etc.  Mary said she is in a group called Be the Change and they discuss issues related to Heifer's work.  Do what you want to do for Heifer. Linda Dietiker-Yolo wants to get Heifer in the River School - a charter school in Napa.  She works on their newspaper River News.

Evie handed out copies of 2 papers she brought back from her Peace Workshop at Hidden Villa.  One on Financial issues and one on a peace project in the Philippines.  She said she'd wait and give her report on that weekend at the next meeting, as we had to vacate the room a bit early and we needed to save time for our discussion of Chap 4 of the Voluntary Simplicity course.  She also handed out copies of Brain Storming for Napa Events/Activities. 

Here are some of her notes from her Peace Workshop:
  • "Peace begins when the hungry can feed themselves."
  • Behaviors to Educate for: Caring for the earth, being responsible consumers, encouraging others to change behaviors, encouraging others to take social action, volunteering, donating.
  • "Everything is always OK in the end and if it's not OK   -   it's not the end."
Study: Discussion of Voluntary Simplicity Course, Chapter 4
Mary read some writing from Annie Dillard to segue  into the course.  Then we went around the table and everyone spoke briefly about how they were effected by the course.
Some volunteer responses to the course:
  • "Do less better."
  • "You have all the time there is."
  • "Have a should free zone    -      don't should on me."
  • "Take a whole day to focus on one thing rather than running about distracted from one thing to another."
  • "Having awareness of unlimited time equals happiness."
  • "Because I can do something well doesn't mean I'm responsible for it."
  • "Our Heifer meetings provide a place to address issues that are important to our values - all  in one place."
  • "Being defined as a mother, teacher, or whatever, gives me an appreciation for a simple structure of my life. "
  • "That friend speaks my mind."
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