Minutes - July 9th, 2011

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Friday, July 15, 2011
First United Methodist Church, Napa
Facilitator: Evie
Attending: Evie Trevethan, Betty Malmgren, Mary Blom, Marolyn Roberts , Linda Dietiker-Yolo , Janeen Breyman , Emilia Garcia, Linda McBee , Linda Lucas, Kathy Mawer, Marlene Zimmerman , Terri Linn, Carol Lilleberg, Carole and Keni Kent.

Check in For follow-up: Linda L. will get a copy of a slide show from her Heifer Study Tour--may be possible to plan an event around that.

  • Follow Ups:
    • Farmer's Market: Kathy reported on Farmer's Market tabling success and new interest cards. She passed around the signup sheet for the rest of the season. Good networking, energy with other peace groups.
    • Betty distributed PSA for local radio station and DVD to local public access TV (with local contact information). Continued publicity work to increase Heifer visibility. Meeting notice on Patch.com, for example. Will get info on Sonoma Co. public access to Linda M.
    • AVC report: Linda M. reported on DVDs she has and asked people to take them and use them, new pledge action form, and gave monthly report of conference call with Eliza that she now participates in with area volunteer coordinators.
      • Hidden Villa: plans have changed due to zoning issues.
      • Jill will work with Eliza developing contacts in the bay area.
      • 9/29 there will be a Heifer U - 3-day workshop on local and global food systems, sustainable partnerships. Cost is $225.
      • 10/22 there will be a one day all Northern California volunteers session at Hidden Villa; details to come. No charge for this event.
      • Linda and Caroline have passed out "read to feed" brochure at libraries in Sonoma County and invited help with that in Napa. More brochures are available.
      • Next conference call for AVC’s the first week of August.
      • Future of our joint Sonoma Napa group Brief discussion was held on the future of the Sonoma-Napa group; more discussion to come. Napa meetings will continue on 2nd Saturdays and Sonoma may hold separate meetings on 3rd Saturdays. We plan to continue to work together on events and similar activities.
  • Cultivating Peace
    Evie reported on Cultivating Peace Workshop she attended at the end of April at Hidden Villa. The workshop provided a stronger sense of the roots of Heifer and how agriculture, social justice and peace issues have been linked in Heifer’s work since its inception. She gave insights into the founder (West) and his activist background. Noted that "peace begins when the hungry can feed themselves"...food security and personal safety are needed as a foundation for peace. Talked about conflict areas, long history of Heifer in those areas, and how Heifer works with both sides. When working with a community, Heifer starts with values training based on the Cornerstones first before beginning training related to care of animals, etc. Sustainability is a key concept in all of Heifer’s work. Noted links with our "Voluntary Simplicity" discussion.
    *Shared ways for cultivating peace:
    1. show up and be present, 
    2. pay attention, be receptive, 
    3. tell truth without judgment or blame, 
    4. be unattached to particular outcome.
    *Choose healthy response, don't feed fear, listen first and seek to understand.
    *Ann Lovejoy - "non-toxic" problem solving in Voluntary Simplicity reading is similar to interest based problem solving which focuses on finding collaborative solutions that are sustainable over time. Find what makes you happy and work from that space.
  • Future plans
    • Linda M. discussed desire to plan another fundraiser (and fun event).
    • Alternative gift fair mentioned--we have been invited to participate at 2 wineries. Linda M. said she will make contact, get more information from Green String Farm.
  • Study
    "Voluntary Simplicity" Mary led final discussion on "Voluntary Simplicity." Group appreciates this discussion.
    Next meeting
  • • August may be final joint meeting, second Saturday in Sebastopol. *See Calendar on the right side of this page for a map. • Carole Kent volunteered to host ice cream social, pool party in Sept. Date TBA
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