Minutes - September 10, 2011

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Tuesday, September 13, 2011
Meeting called to order by Evie at 10: am Napa Methodist Church.
Following members present:  Linda McBee,  Kathy Mawer,  Caroline Bonnet,  Linda Dietiker-Yolo,  Keni and Carole Kent,  Janeen Breyman and Emilia Garcia, Mary Blom,  Jessie McDermott , Marolyn Roberts,  Jacquie Eigen and Renee Austin.
Minutes of the meeting recorded by Nancy Evans
We were delighted to meet Stephanie Lamarka, a counselor at Napa High who is student advisor to a Heifer group which is beginning there and to June Maroney who presented a program from the Marine Mammal Center Art Exhibit.  We also welcome Diane Beere as a  new member.
Evie expressed current Napa needs:  Coordinator for October meeting; Evie will meet with and work with whoever is willing to facilitate the meeting.  Materials Storage; Carol and Keni Kent believe they have enough room; Computer reports to Eliza, at Heifer will be done by Marolyn Roberts; and Ann Schwartz will be the Recorder for the next meeting.
Members expressed their gratitude and happiness at having Sonoma Members Caroline, Mary and Linda McBee present.
Evie presented a brief overview of Heifer’s mission which is dedicated to  ending hunger and poverty and caring for the Earth, and also The Heifer Model of planning which has a continuing sequence of four steps: Define the Situation, where are we at now? Envision the Future, Where are we going?  Plan the Project, How will we get there? Monitor and Evaluate, How are we doing?

She also reiterated an important philosophy of our group, which is that we want to be a No Guilt Organization…Members, should decide what activities they want to be involved with and work on what brings them joy.
Kathy Mawer gave a brief report on the summer’s Farmers Market tabling…and thanked all the members who helped out.  It was a successful action which provided information to many market goers…including their children.   
Linda Dietiker-Yolo summarized the meeting of the alternative gift fare meeting and presented the idea that the group had discussed about perhaps having our own Alternative Gift Fare which would include donations of lightly used toys to be resold to other children.  It was agreed by the group to pursue instead the idea of seeing if we could fit-in with existing church and community alternative gift fairs.
The Alternative Gift fare committee will meet to decide how to proceed.  Nancy served the “five minute fudge” so that members would be acquainted with it to see if we want to do anything with it when trying to "sell" animals at the church  fairs.
Linda Dietiker Yolo reported on the continued involvement of Heifer in the city of Napa’s Sustainability Program.  She also let the group know that Heifer resource kits for teachers will be displayed in the county’s teacher supply center.  The director of the center will email teachers to let them know of the availability of the materials.
Linda McBee reported on the Sonoma Group’s Plans to have a Living Gift Market.  We are hoping that it will be held at Green Strings in November and that the Green Strings Interns will be able to help with the event.  Napa members are also encouraged to help out.
It was announced that the Local Food Advisory Council would be meeting in Yountville on October 24th.  Tickets are $10.  and volunteers are needed.
Carol and Keni talked about the upcoming Ice Cream and Swimming Party at their home,  Wombats Farm at 2059 Curry Lane from 1 to 4 on Saturday, September 17th.  Members and friends are invited and are asked to bring either ice cream, or toppings. We have the opportunity to buy locally for it as much as we can.
Renee Austin is going to coordinate carpooling for the Volunteer Gathering at Heifer’s Hidden Villa Location October 22nd  from 9 to 4. Please email her if you are able to attend and want to carpool. 
June Maroney presented a very informative slide show from the Marine Mammal Center Art Exhibit which can currently be seen at the center located in the Marin Headlands. The Art Exhibit consists of BIG creations made from plastic refuse washed up on beaches. A group from the Methodist Church will attend the slide show on October 9th. You are invited to go with the group from the church.  If you are interested please email June at:  maroney.june@gmail.com.
Meeting adjourned shortly after 12: pm.
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