Minutes - Oct. 8, 2011 - Napa

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Wednesday, October 12, 2011
First United Methodist Church, Napa
Meeting facilitator: Evie
Notes: Betty
Attending: Evie, Nancy, Emilia & Janeen, Ann, Jacquie, Jessie, Linda D-Y, Linda L. & Dal, Betty, Marolyn, Carole & Keni, Carol L.

  • Evie - Nancy will assume responsibilities while Evie is away. Marlene will be back up. 
  • Janeen - Methodist Church has been provided with Heifer information.
  • Marolyn - now keeper of volunteer activity forms, all are urged to record and send in volunteer hours. Can be sent by email.
  • Betty - PR report: 12 Stones is now on Napa public access tv
  • Ann - has extra Heifer money cans.
  • Jacquie - now keeper of Heifer materials & "stuff", please give 24 hours notice if you need to obtain for an event or tabling, can call or email her.
  • Nancy has list of materials that Kathy has; Evie will do list soon.
  • Jessie and Linda D-Y and committee are working on alternative gift fairs.
  • Jessie - provided coffee/tea for meeting.
  • Carole & Keni - brought vegetables to share.
  • Carol L. - talked about Food Matters DVD, can register online to see, gave web address www.FoodMatters.tv/ScreeningEvent.

Treasurer's report – Ann reported money sent to Heifer International and our balance was circulated. Alternative gift fairs - Linda D-Y
  • First Presbyterian 9:30 - 2 on 11/13 
  • Ist United Methodist 12/4 
  • Covenant Presbyterian - Date TBA 
  • Other possibilities (need more info) - Lutheran Church at Jefferson & Elm. 
  • Center for Spiritual Living , no fair but may donate. 
  • Nancy said synagogue may be receptive to a speaker. 
  • Marolyn announced a Yountville Winter Fair at Community Center 11/5, she will check to see if we can do a table there. 
  • Linda D-Y sent around sign up sheets, for tabling and making fudge.
  • Copperfields may do table in which we can display books and receive animal donations. 
  • Napa Library children's librarian will do animal books/Heifer display first week of Dec. 
  • Teacher Resource Center now has Heifer materials that teaches can check out, K-6 kits. Linda DY will keep them stocked with kits. 
  • Flyers for Food Day in Yountville 10/24 were handed out. Nancy - can order books and ornaments for fairs. 
  • Evie - reminded group to please take photos at these events for record, blog and possible Shutterfly book. 
  • Napa High School - Nancy talked to Stephanie, teacher advisor of Heifer group at Napa High. Students are active, have been giving talks in their classes and have possible volunteers for Shearer. 
  • Shearer - Nancy took materials to Shearer. 
  • Betty will see if Cathy Waechter needs help with publicity. 
  • Evie - Very positive, great effort! 
  • Green String Farm event 11/12
    • Evie - It's a live- animal fair. Sonoma Heifer volunteers need our help with displays, clean up, thank-yous, baking cookies etc. Sign up list went around. 
    • Betty will check with Linda McBee to see if publicity help is needed. 
  • Travel to Hidden Villa -10/22 - Evie reported - Janeen & Emilia, Jacquie, Jessie and Renee going. Nancy will confirm with Renee who is driving. (Note from email: Those of you from the Napa area, if you are planning to attend, please contact Renee Austin at dancing-rider@sbcglobal.net to let her know, as she is coordinating car pooling.)
  • Carol L. - announced Bag It movie at Napa Valley Opera House end of Oct., (Napa Valley Opera House on Oct. 26 at 6:30 p.m. Read more: http://napavalleyregister.com/news/local/local-group-touts-reusable-bags/article_1af9ac6a-ee40-11e0-9c9b-001cc4c03286.html#ixzz1aE9whpXr 
  • Drug "take back" Clinic Ole will accept unused medications but not controlled substances, Janeen said; discussion followed with Ann giving info on drug types. QVH will take on Oct. 29, drugs & sharps, Jacquie announced. 
New study topic
  • Evie proposed starting in Jan. or Feb. Good idea - consensus of group. Possible idea: Northwest Earth Institute's "Hungry for Change." 
  • Suggestion to report back on Food Day, visit to Hidden Villa in Jan. and revisit study topics then to start in Feb.
 Heifer International news
  • Evie reported on monthly conference call. Nancy has some small catalogues she will leave in her bike basket for pick up (on porch at Seminary & Oak) 
  • Study tours to change format, focus 
  • National Heifer Day March 24, 4th Sat. in March. Goal to recognize and keep local supporters engaged, thank donors. "Spring Into Action," - Evie suggested "Heifer Springs Into Action." 
Meeting Schedule
  • NO November meeting since we will all be busy with alternative gift fairs, Green String event etc.
  • Dec. 10 next Napa meeting, in Napa at United Methodist Church, 10 AM.
  • Sonoma Group will not meet in October. Hopefully, there will be new members to join the Sonoma Group after the Green String Event on Nov. 12th. 
  • Wonderful report by Linda L. and Dal on Lithuania Heifer trip - they shared information, photos and gifts they had received. Everyone was very touched by their report. It was suggested that they might think about an article for the Napa Register. Betty will help if they decide to do it. 
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