November 17th - Minutes for Sonoma Heifer

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Present: Linda McBee, AVC, Dotty Joos, Mary Blom

Calendar development: Mary will scan the hard copy of our current calendar of events into the computer so that Linda can develop an online tool.

Report on Barbara Kingsolver event at Luther Burbank Center on Nov. 15:

  • Approximately 1000 people gathered to hear Barbara Kingsolver speak about her new book at an event sponsored by Copperfield’s Books. We had a Heifer information table in the lobby. Because the theme of Kingsolver’s new novel is human response to climate change, our display emphasized Heifer’s work to reduce deforestation and the release of greenhouse gases. In addition to gift catalogs, we distributed information on reforestation, biogas and alternative cookstoves, agroecology, livestock and reducing the carbon hoof print, as well as close to 200 copies of Barbara Kingsolver’s article on her trip to Peru with Heifer. The crowd was very receptive, and we had a good opportunity to expand people’s understanding of Heifer’s work beyond “they give animals.” In addition we received $90 in donations. Participating volunteers were Linda McBee, Caroline Bonnet, Dotty Lee, Carole and Keni Kent, Mary Blom.

Financial Report:

  • Separation of Heifer International funds and Sonoma Volunteer funds: Linda will consult Jill regarding accounting procedure.

Group discussion:

  • We addressed the important questions –“Who are we? Where have we been? Where are we going?” We concluded that, given our current group composition, we will not be doing large fund-raising events. Those present felt comfortable being an information and support resource for other groups in the community who wish to do something for Heifer. To further our abilities in this area we will use meeting time to become better acquainted with Heifer materials and where and how to use them.

This led to the following action plans:

  • Linda and Mary will phone several volunteers who have not recently attended meetings to see what level of participation they wish to have.
  • Alternative giving table at Sebastopol UMC 12/2, 12/9, 12/16.
  • Gospel choir concert to benefit Heifer sometime in the Spring: Linda will ask the choir director to select a Spring date that is convenient for him and the church. We will accommodate.
  • At our January meeting, 1/19, we will study the “Read to Feed” program—what is included in the kit? How is it implemented in the classroom? How does it work in the library?
  • We will not have a December meeting.
Notes submitted by Mary Blom
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Nov. 10, 2012 Minutes for Napa Meeting

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Attendees: Evie T., Marlene Z., Jessie Mc., Ann S., Betty M., Linda D.Y., Keni K., Carole K., Nancy E.

Check in: Several reports on excellent films at the Napa Film Festival Treasurer's report: We don't have a current report, as our treasurer, Ann, has been away. We do have Napa stickers for any brochures or envelopes.

Linda Dietiker-Yolo - Heifer kits/schools: The Teacher Resource Center has moved to a better location. We are considering better ways to use the materials in the kits. Nancy and Linda developed a survey to ask teachers with kits about use and their needs, perhaps offering one of us to speak or help out. We would like to know to help us decide what to do with the kits.

Evie Trevethen - 

  • School reports: Napa High - Stephanie reports working with 3 really motivated students, one may do something with Heifer as a senior project.
  • Mt. George - Ainsley & friends received $62 at the Fall Festival totaling $95 for the club. They had a child-staffed, well done booth at the fair. Kathy Mawer received a very nice email from Ainsley's Mom.
  • Shearer - Kathy Mawer talked with a teacher and offered her support. They had a pre Halloween event, some $ may come to us.

Nancy Evans - Alternative Gift Faires: There will only be one. The shifts at First Presbytarian will be 9am - 11am and 11am - 1pm. Plenty of stuffed animals, cards, books are available. Evie sugested that when we go to churches, we ask if they might be willing to raise money for an Ark for a project.

Barbara Kingsolver event: Barbara's new book Flight Behavior is out. We will have a table at this event, as well as a few people handing out brochures.

Logging volunteer hours: Jill really needs us to log our hours. Evie developed a sheet to facilitate this. We need to fill it out every month and turn it in to Evie. If we can go back to Jan. and include those hours, it would be very helpful.

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Black Friday? No! Giving Tuesday, Yes!

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Heifer International - A Small Gift That Makes a Huge Impact - Thank You for Making a Difference

Dear Heifer Friend,

This year Heifer International is participating in the first ever Giving Tuesday, a day dedicated to showing that holiday shopping can be both about giving and giving back!

Give Heifer gifts on this Giving Tuesday and begin your transition into the season of giving!

Our holiday catalog is full of great gifts that will warm the hearts of your gift recipients and also transform the lives of families living in poverty.

By buying a gift from Heifer this Giving Tuesday, you can change the life of a family in need while honoring your friends and family members. Heifer's Cornerstone of Passing on the Gift means that your holiday gift will continue to help even more families.

Use our savings calculator to determine your impact. It's a fun way to see how your Black Friday savings can turn into a lifetime of hope for a family.

After you give, you can choose a personalized card for your gift recipient. With four convenient options, sharing your Heifer holiday gift is fun and easy.

Celebrate Giving Tuesday with us and provide livestock that transforms lives.


Pierre Ferrari
President and CEO

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We had a great time at Barbara Klingslover's new book ("Flight Behavior") release event last night. We passed out an excerpt of an article she wrote that appeared in one of the World Arks. It's always fun to "preach to the choir" and her following seems to be very aware of Heifer's work to end hunger and poverty while caring the earth.
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Haiti After Sandy

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November 10 - 9:30 AM at the Methodist Church, Napa

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Our agenda will include:
  • Finalizing plans for our Alternative Gift Fair tabling,
  • Marlene leading a discussion of the final chapter of Hungry for Change 
  • Discussion of the Nov. 15 Barbara Kingsolver event in Santa Rosa
  •  Reports on Heifer activities in several local schools
  •  Discussion of how best to utilize Heifer kits in the schools.
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Sonoma Girl Scouts

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Cornerstones hosted the Heifer Spring into Action event where I had the pleasure of meeting a mother and daughter duo who did "Spring into Action" with Girl Scout Junior Troop 10141.

The troop has donated $120 to Heifer from their cookie sales. I visited the girls last week to receive the check and had fun sitting in on part of their meeting. I remembered what fun I had and what good things I learned when I was a Girl Scout so many years ago!

What a pleasure to be with these strong and energetic girls! I look forward to connecting with the Girl Scouts in the future.

Thank you! You are terrific!

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Meeting & Potluck Oct. 13, 2012 - Wombats’ Farm

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Present: Evie, Linda DY, Linda L, Dal, Nancy, Sarah, Linda McB, Jill, Caroline, Emelia, Janeen, Betty, Mary, Dottie Carole, Keni, Jessie, Jacquie

Evie announced:

  • Nov 11, 1st Presbyterian gift faire from 10-2, with set up at 9 AM. 
  • Dec 2, Unitarian Universalist North Bay, Social Justice Committee presentation. 
  • Quakers, spring presentation. 
  • Soroptimists, anyone know anyone involved? Jacquie has connection. 
  • Unity, Keni will check on possibility of gift faire 
  • Covenant Presbyterian’s decision is pending. 
  • Methodists, Janeen talk to minister re: Heifer; in previous congregations has raised Arks, thank him for use of rooms. 
  • Nancy, chair, upcoming gift fairs
    • ordering animals and books for donations 
    • We can “sell” anything for donations/fundraising, per Jill 
    • Jill brought box of materials to “sell” 
    • Stephanie check with her re: bracelets to sell 
    • Order gift catalogues 
  • Mary will be tabling at Sebastopol Methodist Church Gift Faire for 3 Sundays. 
    • Linda McB has glass ornaments available. 
  • Gift and Thyme Gift Faire, okay for next year, non-profits okay.
    • Nancy will follow up for applications, fees for next year
    • Betty will do publicity for gift fairs
  • Mary: Barbara Kingsolver speaking Nov 15th at 7 PM in Santa Rosa ar Wells Fargo Center.
    • Wells Fargo center didn’t approve a Heifer table, but Copperfield’s will put our literature on their table
    • Kingsolver will talk about her newest book: "Flight Behavior"
    • We discussed having supporting materials for the table; Caroline has an Ark article that Kingslover wrote a while back; let Kingslover know about issue and maybe she can speak about it; get a group to go; wear Heifer t-shirts, tickets are $25 or $45 which includes a copy of the book. You can purchase a ticket here: tickets
  • Caroline: recommended Book: “Living Poor” by Mortiz Thompsen, A Peace Corp Chronicle, worked with Heifer thru his work with the Peace Corp 
  • PBS, last week, “Half the Sky”, on sale for $30. We will buy, Caroline will order
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Sonoma Minutes - 9/15/2012

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Reports on local tabling venue research:

  • Gravenstein Apple Fair. Former fair board member advised that late January would be a good time to inquire about non-profit space. Dotty reported reading that attendance at this event was down significantly this year. Will research further.
  • Sebastopol Appleblossom Festival. Sebastopol Chamber of Commerce was contacted. In 2012 the fee for non-profits was $150. for a 10’x10’ space, 2 days, usual festival attendance 5000 to 6000, both informational and fund raising activities permitted, continuous staffing of booth for full 2 days required. Those present at the meeting felt that we should definitely consider this event because it offers significant exposure, is a family event (we could attract people with activities for children), even a small fundraising effort at the booth could re-coup the entry fee. Remaining questions: When are applications available? How are booth locations assigned; is there advantage in early registration? Are booths open on Saturday morning or only following the parade?
  • Live on the Plaza, 9/27/2012, 5pm-8pm., Sebastopol Plaza. Over 50 businesses and organizations with table presentations. Live music, beer, wine. Table fee $200. Those present decided against this event, feeling the exposure did not merit the cost.
  • Copperfields Books is sponsoring a talk by Barbara Kingsolver at the Wells Fargo Center on Thursday, 11/15/ 2012. Evie got the idea that we might have a table in the lobby, since Barbara Kingsolver is a long time Heifer supporter. Mary has obtained the name and ext. # of the event planner and will follow through on that idea next week. Also, will try to learn the theme of Kingsolver’s new book (release date, 11/9), which will be promoted at the event…is there a tie-in?
  • Heirloom Seed Festival. Mary reported on her experience at this event last week. She feels it is a perfect fit for a Heifer booth, our missions being in perfect sync. Our Napa volunteer Carol Kent staffed the Master Gardener booth this year and may have information on what is available for non-profits. This is a 3 day event.

October meeting. Our group has been invited to join Napa Heifer volunteers for a potluck meal and meeting with Jill Kilty-Newbuurn on Saturday, October 13. We will join the Napa group for this event in lieu of our regular meeting on the third Saturday.

We adjourned business to continue our study/discussion of the Heifer Cornerstone “Sustainability and Self-reliance.”

Submitted by.
Mary Blom

P.S.: I forgot to announce this at the meeting, but the mission team at the Sebastopol Methodist Church has confirmed that Heifer will be one of four options at their alternative giving table. I will staff the table with the help of a mission team member on 12/2. 12/9 and 12/16.
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Heifer Sonoma Minutes - Aug. 18th, 2012

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Heifer Sonoma meeting was held Aug 18 - always the 3rd Saturday (unless otherwise noted) from 10 - 12 at the United Methodist Church in Sebastopol

Attending: Mary Blom - facilitator, Caroline Bonnet - minutes taker and Dotty Joos

Mary printed out our blog postings from our last meeting  and the writing about the AKA convention we attended for us to review.

Future presentations - We talked about our plans for a booth at the Apple Blossom Festival and Gravenstein Festeval in Sebastopol next year. Mary will contact the appropriate parties for information.  We also talked about contacting the Kathmandu Festival in Sonoma and the Himalayan Fair in Berkeley to get details to present at those events. Jacquie and Nancy in Napa will be notified to see if they'd like to go.

Caroline emailed and called the secretary of the Santa Rosa Kiwanis Club and offered to present Heifer at one of their gatherings/meetings, but has had no response so far.

Mary handed out flyers she gathered from our table at the AKA convention. They are good for giving to teachers/educators.  We'll ask Linda to order us a few more from Jill. Mary will speak to the Mission Team at her church about Heifer's work as the team decides which charity to give to. She presented the Quarter or Peace Tubes to the children in her congregation last Sunday and was happily surprised to see how interested the children were and excited to contribute their quarters. She had told them the story of Beatrice and her goat. Then some of the congregation came forward and offered their quarters for the children to add to the tube. We will look into buying Jan Schrock's book, Give a Goat for future Quarter tube presentations. Caroline got the information on how to construct a tube and will have one made for her presentations.

When we were at the AKA convention and giving out gift prizes, there were 4x6 pieces of paper between each gift bag. Julie Sparks retrieved all of the paper for making note pads, which were stapled together and distributed at the meeting.

Our Cornerstone Study this time was Sharing and Caring: We each shared  some of our life experiences, appreciating those both  joyful and painful.
We shared how grateful we are for the gift of retirement and older age when we can look back and reflect on and understand our life in a deeper way. The Heifer value of Sharing and Caring in Community had personal meaning for us as we grieved for our friend and AVC, Linda McBee’s loss of her son.

Submitted by,
Caroline Bonnet
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Napa Meeting Notes – August 11, 2012

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Present: Carol L., Linda L., Linda D-Y., Keni, Carole K, Betty, Jessie, Evie.

Check In: 

  • Napa County Farm Bureau sponsors a Crop Swap on the second Friday of each month, from 5:30-6:30 at the NW corner of Fuller Park. Bring produce to share and take home something you need. Extra produce goes to the Food Bank.
  • Linda L is starting a project to get mock elections in the schools. She needs help identifying school contacts. She is also in conversation with Heifer about in the USA study tours.
  • On a Master Chef program on Bravo Channel, one of the chefs, Patricia Yeo, is competing and has named Heifer as her charity.
  • The Teacher Resource Center has Heifer kits. In the future it seems that Heifer kits will only be available on line. Linda D-Y and her committee will contact teachers using the kits to encourage sharing with other teachers and to answer questions. Evie will contact Jill about the cost of hard-copy kits and possible availability.
  • Wombats’ Farm made their first donation of the season to the Food Bank. Way to go Wombats !! The new drop off point for the Food Bank is 1746 Yajome Street, Napa.
  • Jessie reported on tabling with Jacquie at the Alpha Kappa Alpha convention in San Francisco at Moscone Center. Much interest in Heifer from the attendees. They got to hear Beatrice, of Beatrice and Her Goat fame, speak about her life experiences with Heifer.

Discussion Re Future Plans: 

  • We discussed several approaches to planning future activities. We decided to poll members by phone to re-energize attendance and to identify level of interest in various activities such as the Teachers’ Resource Center, alternative gift fairs tables, and working collaboratively with other local organizations that focus on sustainability and related Heifer values.
  • Evie and Jessie volunteered to make phone contact with members. As well as discussing possible future activities, the phone poll will try to identify organizational contacts that active members already have.
  • We will decide at our next meeting, September 8, what activities our member interest can support at this time. 
  • In October on our regular meeting date (October 13), we will meet at Wombats’ Farm for a meeting and member pot luck celebration. The meeting will begin at 11 and the potluck will start at 1:00 PM.

Current Needs of Our Group:

  • We need someone to volunteer to arrange for coffee service for our monthly meetings. Thanks to Jessie for handling this for so long.
  • We need someone to take meeting notes and place them into the computer to send to Evie for finalizing and distributing to members.

Discussion of our study book was re-scheduled for next meeting on September 8. Carole and Keni will lead the discussion on section 5.
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Napa Heifer Meeting July 14, 2012

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Present: Evie, Ann, Keni, Janeen, Emilia, Carol L. Linda L., Jacquie, Jessie, Marlene, Carole
Jacquie took notes from the meeting.

Ann discussed the financial transactions of the last month.  Evie presented the revised figures from the Barn Dance.

Interface with Teacher Resource Center:  Evie reported for Linda DY that Heifer kits were ordered for the center. Some of our volunteers will help staff the center and more help is needed. Contact Linda DY, if you can help.  Our volunteers will follow up with teachers receiving kits, to see if they have questions about their use. Donation bins for supplies for the center are located at stores such as Staples and Whole Foods.

Our main topic for discussion was planning for future activities and events.

Evie asked Jill what Heifer's priorities for us for the next year might be. Jill suggested that target groups would be schools, congregations, and civic groups with interests like Heifer. Target activities would include outreach to target groups, speaking to them where possible and possibly planning joint activities. Jill said that it would be important to have extended planning timelines for events and to focus on a 4:1 ratio of event income to costs. Jill's budget is limited in its ability to assist us with activities and events. Jill indicated that our gathering of data regarding volunteer hours should emphasize contacts made with target groups.

Evie and Jill discussed the idea of developing local mailing lists for events, with Heifer's help.  Additionally Jill expressed interest in visiting our area in the fall and speaking with our group and possibly others about her recent trip to Kenya.

Napa Heifer input re Target groups:

  • We already partner with Napa High and Shearer  and Mc George Elementary
  • We have worked with several churches in connection with alternative gift fairs. 
  • Betty will be contacting local Kiwanis groups.  
  • It was suggested we poll our membership to see what contacts we already have with other targeted groups.

Our ideas from a brainstorming activity:
(These ideas will be discussed further and prioritized at our August meeting.)

  • LDY- Connect to as many program organizations as possible- help them to have as many gift fairs, etc.
  • Jacquie- Screenings of public service announcements of Heifer and 12 Stones (Cornerstone film)
  • Keni- In house workshop/screenings to energize/inform ourselves
  • LL- In country Heifer trip that our group might participate in
  • LDY- Continue to work with Teacher Resource Center and follow up with teachers using our kits
  • Evie- Inventory of our group-specific contacts with different congregations, schools, civic groups
  • Carol- Make sure we get the Kenya visit talk
  • LDY- Work with other community groups involved with sustainability
  • Keni-Celebrate sustainers, thanksgiving, season of giving-include tables of information, town and country fair, peace table-farmers market
  • AS- Have something at fairs, 1/3-be part of agency pool at chefs market
  • CL- Earth day

Our ideas continued:

  • Can Heifer interface with St. Helena Co-op?
  • Kindness Curriculum
  • Participate in Can-Do booklet, use booklet as resource for celebrating sustainers
  • Partner with Connolly Ranch
  • Put together a calendar of events for 2012-2013
  • Get Jill here this holiday to inspire
  • Public event celebrating joyful, nutritious healthy, humane foods
  • Speaker forum
  • Get local chefs to cook delicious, local food
  • Partner with sustainable Napa
  • Purchase shade for tables, audio-visual equipment  

At the conclusion of the brainstorming, we discussed section 4 of Hunger for Change:  Food, Ethics and Sustainability
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Alpha Kappa Alpha and Heifer International

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What a great day it was!  Seven volunteers from our Sonoma and Napa Volunteer groups went to San Francisco to attend the Alpha Kappa Alpha Womens' Sorority's Convention at the Muscone Center. Two of us took the ferry over which was a delightful way to travel. When Mary Blom and I arrived it was like walking into the middle of a hurricane. Susanne from Little Rock and the President of the AKA sorority had just given a presentation on their Heifer Study Tour to Kenya from which they had recently returned.  Heifer offered a free trip as a raffle to the next study tour in June to Ecuador. There was a rush at the table for 5 hours, to fill out the forms for the drawing which would take place on Thursday. The ladies were four deep at the table, each one more enthusiastic than the other, all being quite sure they had the winning ticket. Fourteen of them signed up to go on the trip whether they won a free trip or not.  It was amazing.  Julie Sparks arrived to help and soon after her, Jacquie Eigen and Jesssie McDermontt arrived. Jill and Susanne were finally able to take a break. Later Linda McBee and Dotty Joos arrived to relieve us. Jill had worked by herself the day before, somehow surviving it alone. She was mighty glad we all showed up on Tuesday.

Once during the rush I turned around to see Beatrice Biira (Beatrice's Goat) standing beside the table. It was like seeing an old friend, tho I had never met her in person.  What a thrill, I spontaneously gave her a big hug.  Later some of us gathered in the Samovar Tea Room on the roof and enjoyed a quiet snack and tea time together. Then, at 6:30 we taxied to the San Francisco Foundation to hear Beatrice give a wonderful talk.

Returning on the ferry, enjoying the lights of the city and the bridges, we were  very tired but feeling so grateful for such a wonderful day, as we contemplated the joys of volunteering with Heifer.

Caroline Bonnet
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Attending:  Mary Blom - facilitator, Caroline Bonnet - note taker, Dotty Joos

We talked about the AKA convention we will attend and have a table at on Tuesday.  Mary brought print outs of their work with Heifer in Ecuador and Kenya. There will be 8,500 women attending and parking is expected to be scarce.  We discussed travel plans. We are honored and excited to be going to this, and look forward to hearing from Beatrice.  Mary also brought print outs from our last meeting to review.  Caroline talked a little about her meeting with Connie, Jill and Lendri on Friday.  Lendri will be volunteering with our Sonoma group.  She lives in Petaluma.  Mary's son made some quarter tubes that Mary will use at her church's children's time.

We talked about calenders for the year.  Mary brought one and downloaded information from the Sonoma County calendar of events.  We are not in favor of the online calendar Linda suggested.  We will use our calendars to place our events when they are favorable and avoid dates that are unfavorable.  Mary said she is not interested in doing large events and would rather work locally with smaller presentations and tablings. We referred to the email from Jill that Mary brought for us, regarding future presentations at schools, churches and clubs, and we appreciated the clarification on expectations. We talked about plans we are considering for the future.

Caroline will contact the Santa Rosa chapter of the Kiwanis Club to offer a Heifer presentation in gratitude of our winning their 2012 World Service Medal awarded to us at their national convention in New Orleans.

We talked of other events where we might have a presence:
Apple blossom Festival, April 20-21 - Sebastopol
Gravenstein Apple Festival, Aug 11th - 12th - Sebastopol
Earth Day,  April 22 or following weekend  - wherever
Butter and Eggs Day  April 27th - Petaluma
River Revival, July 21st - approx - check out  -  Petaluma
Laguna Farm  Festival, July 14th
Alternative Gift Fairs, Cornerstone? - Sonoma.   Mary will be at her church Alternative Gift Fair on Nov 25, Dec 2, and 9th.  We will contact Marguerite to see if we might have one at the winery where she works.
Cotati Kids Festival,  date uncertain
Himalayan Festival, Memorial Day weekend - Berkeley
Kathmandu Festival, Sept 15th at Vets Hall - Sonoma

Dates to avoid  -  Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Graduation, St Patrick's Day, Sonoma County Fair, 3 day weekends. We spoke of the need to plan ahead, way ahead.

We discussed our thoughts  on our valuable connection with the Nepal projects and how we can keep those active and perhaps expand to other areas.

Lastly we discussed the second Cornerstone: Accountability.  How it works in our Heifer projects in the field and in the ways we ourselves are accountable in our lives and efforts toward making a better world.
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NEW ORLEANS, La. (June 30, 2012) - Heifer International today was recognized for its work to end hunger and poverty and protect the planet by the 600,000-member Kiwanis International family, with the presentation of Kiwanis' highest honor-the 2012 World Service Medal.
The medal, presented to Heifer International President and CEO Pierre Ferrari by Kiwanis International President Alan Penn at the organization's annual convention in New Orleans, also provides a $10,000 grant to assist the honoree to further his or her service work.
Previous winners have included Mother Teresa, actors and humanitarians Sir Roger Moore and Audrey Hepburn and First Ladies Nancy Reagan and Rosalynn Carter.
"There is a proverb that reads, 'Give a man a fish and he won't starve for a day. Teach a man how to fish, and he won't starve for his entire life,' " said Penn in announcing the award.
Since 1944, Heifer International has provided livestock and Earth-friendly agricultural training to families who struggle daily to survive. To date, more than 15 million families in more than 125 countries, including the United States, have been assisted to become self-reliant.
"I had the privilege of seeing the work of Heifer International first-hand as the son of missionaries who managed El Sembrador, a school for orphan children located on a farm in Honduras. Heifer International provided calves for the farm to improve the herd of livestock," said Penn. "Their amazing work affected me deeply and has stayed with me all these years."
"Heifer International is honored to receive this award," said Ferrari. "Here we have two great organizations with great legacies-Kiwanis nearly 100 years and Heifer nearly 70 years-of helping people help themselves."
Many Kiwanis organizations around the world have contributed to or partnered with Heifer International, "so each and every Kiwanis family member has been part of the amazing transformation that has led 80 million people from poverty to prosperity," said Ferrari.
"We all have cause to be very proud."
As an organization dedicated to service, Kiwanis International promotes the ideals of service not only among its members, but also among young people and the public at large. The Kiwanis International Board of Trustees established the Kiwanis World Service Medal in 1985 to advance this goal by recognizing individuals and organizations that devote a significant part of their lives to meeting the needs of others.
"We are honored to be in such august company as previous winners, but we must never forget that every day, thousands of children die needlessly around the world, from treatable diseases, from correctable situations," said Ferrari. "Kiwanis and Heifer International are both proven solutions to these problems, and we deeply appreciate this honor, but there is work yet to do and we are delighted to be pursuing those solutions with you."
About Heifer International
Heifer's mission is to end hunger and poverty while caring for the Earth. Since 1944, Heifer International has provided livestock and environmentally sound agricultural training to improve the lives of those who struggle daily for reliable sources of food and income. Heifer is currently working in more than 40 countries, including the United States, to help families and communities become more self-reliant.
About Kiwanis International
Headquartered in Indianapolis, Kiwanis International is one of the world's largest service organizations with 600,000 youth and adult members in 70 countries.  Through service and fund-raising projects, Kiwanians improve the quality of life for children and their communities.
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Minutes - Sebastopol - June 16th

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Tuesday, June 19, 2012 0 comments
Present were: Linda McBee, Caroline Bonnet, Mary Blom and two "new-old" volunteers Margarite Treat and Dotty Joos - Welcome! We are thrilled to have you join us.
  • We first introduced ourselves and told a bit about our work with Heifer. 
  • Linda gave a financial report on the Barn Dance of May 25th. 
  • We went thru the Napa meeting minutes' critique of the barn dance & talked about our take on it.
    • We agreed we need to book early out and be more selective in order to get the dates we would prefer. Our chosen date was problematic due to graduation and Memorial Day weekend which resulted in a poor turn out. We were working with various people's schedules including Green String Farms' availability. 
    • We discussed the possibility of buying a projector as the cost of shipping it from Hidden Villa is prohibitive. It was agreed we would check prices and report back on the results.
  • Linda told of two up and coming presentations available for us to have a table.
    • The AKA Sorority national gathering (or Boule) in San Francisco July 23 - 26. Beatrice Biira will be presenting. Check out their website to learn more about the organization and event details. Caroline, Linda, Dotty are interested in attending.
    • An event at Laguna Seca Raceway. They are Heifer supporters and are having a special wine and cheese event and invited us to have a table. We need to learn more about the event. It is near Monterey. Linda said she could go.
  • We will make or buy a blank calendar to mark out our events and possible conflicting events for the next year to facilitate our planning and events we can "coat tail" on. We can each print out our own, and Linda will post a blank calendar on Google docs that we can all access to add events. We can all use the same master calendar that is on Google.
  • We told Dotty and Margarite about our study of the North West Earth Institute course our group did a couple years ago and our follow up "10 mile meal". We are studying the Corner stones following the example in each issue of the World Ark. Each meeting we'll talk about a Cornerstone, how they work in the field and how we can use them in our work. We also talked about following the Heifer model in planning our events: Define, what do we want to do? Envision what we want to achieve, Implement how to get there? and Review, how did we do?
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Minutes - Napa - June 10th, 2012

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Tuesday, June 19, 2012 0 comments
Stefanie LaMarca, Faculty Advisor and Erica Solberg, President Napa High School Heifer Club; Linda D-Y, Janeen, Emilia,Marolyn, Ann, Jacquie, Jessie, Carol, Evie
Recorder: Jacquie
  • Treasurer’s Report:
    • Volunteer Checking Account current balance is $353.19. There was no activity on the Heifer International side of the account. From the barn dance, a donation check of $300 and a credit card donation of $150 were sent directly to Heifer International.
  • Napa High School Heifer Club:
    • The club was active this year making bracelets to sell for donations to Heifer International. Club officers Erica Solberg and Adrienne BelAire, both seniors, will be followed by a team of enthusiastic juniors next year. Erica presented approximately $125 to our group to forward to Heifer International. Great Work!!! Some interested students may help table this summer at Napa Farmers’ Market. Ann and Evie will send an acknowledgement to the club for their work and donation. The note will include recognition of an animal purchase equivalent.
  • Volunteer Hours:
    • A sheet was passed around on which volunteers could report their hours worked on Heifer projects.
  • Barn Dance Evaluation:
    • Event Organization - 
      • Good relationship with Green String 
      • Perhaps do 1 major event/year Interns were a big help Alternate between Napa & Sonoma 
      • Linda’s overall organization good 
      • Develop year-long planning for major events 
      • Set up was easier
      •  Choose event date carefully to minimize conflicts 
      • Clean-up was smoother 
      • Contact Caller earlier to get a better date 
      • Waste management was very effective 
      • Make sure key volunteers are available
      •  Layout worked well 
      • Define main purpose of event—funds or friends 
      • Building supply of utensils, glasses, etc.
      • Set a “re-schedule” deadline for each event. 
      • Bandanas—good identifier 
      • Have a couples price for tickets 
      • Photography good 
      • Do a Napa event next 
      • Track donations separately—bar, door, animals
    • Public Relations - 
      • Media work very thorough 
      • Mailing seemed limited & ineffective 
      • Flyer was attractive 
      • Need to develop our own contact list
      • Consider doing a local call out for tickets
    • Volunteers -
      • Good team spirit & cooperation 
      • Check travel plans before setting dates 
      • Volunteers were flexible
    •  Food 
      • Donations were strong 
      • Request donations earlier 
      • Food was tasty 
      • Take donation letter& Heifer brochure
      •  Layout of food service was good 
      • Adjust food to expected attendance 
      • Provide containers for left overs
    •  Program 
      • Jacquie’s presentation/video was good 
      • Dancing ended too quickly
      •  Dancing was funLast dance was too complicated 
      • Pre-dance music was good 
      • Have an MC with script Attendance of 2 Heifer staff
      • Door greeters provide welcome/logistics
      • Resolve A/V equip costs/issuesPurchase or rent equipment?
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Events:
    Jill’s email outlining possible volunteer opportunities in support of AKA’s Heifer activities was discussed. Jacquie will check her calendar to see if she can join the San Francisco event on July 23-26 at some point. She will let Evie and Jill know.
  • Farmers’ Market Tabling:
    Contact Kathy Mawer if you want to do an additional tabling stint or if you wish to change a time you signed up for.
  • Teachers’ Resource Center:
    Linda D-Y reported that the center will have additional display space for Heifer materials this August. She suggested the “Heifer School Team” meet this summer to discuss ways to encourage use of the kits. Possible team members: Nancy, Marlene, Kathy, Ann, Stefanie.
  • Chefs’ Market:
    • It was decided to hold off trying to seek a tabling opportunity at this activity until next year.
    • Giving Booklet: Napa Valley Can Do is considering developing a booklet of giving possibilities for the Napa Valley. Linda D-Y will seek more info about how that project may proceed and let Evie follow up.
  • Hunger for Change:
    • Our discussion of Chapter 4 was postponed until next meeting. Evie will still lead the discussion. Watch video linked on page 72 for next time.
    • Heifer Planning Model: At our next meeting we will use the Heifer planning model to do some planning for the future. We will focus on two of the four planning elements: Defining the Situation (where are  we at) and Envisioning the Future (where are we going). Bring your ideas and comments. Consensus at this meeting was that we need to begin planning events sooner. We need to give ourselves more lead time with events and not be trying to do everything at the last minute.
  • Next Meeting: Saturday, July 14, 9:30 A M, First United Methodist Church, 625 Randolph Street, Napa.
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Barn Dance 2012

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Wednesday, May 30, 2012 1 comments
We were few, but we were happy. I saw big smiles on the dancers.
We enjoyed each other, the music, the food and the whole thing!
I'm still playing "catch up" so I'll just let the pictures tell the story.

Caroline's ready!
Smiling Suzi is also ready!

Linda's getting there!

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Minutes - Napa - May 12th

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Tuesday, May 15, 2012 0 comments
Attending: Evie, Ann, Linda L., Linda D-Y., Jessie, Jacquie, Kathy, Carol, Betty.
Recording: Jacquie Eigen

  1. Check-in Discussion:
    • Kathy will investigate tabling at the Napa Chefs’ Market;
    •  “Courage to Remember”, an exhibition remembering the holocaust, is showing at the Napa Valley College library; 
    • Our Hungry for Change discussion will continue in June. Evie will lead the June discussion, Marlene in July, and the Kents in August. 
  2. Treasurer’s Report: Ann Schwartz distributed a written report.
  3. Farmers’ Market Tabling: Kathy circulated a sign-up sheet for tabling in June, July, and August. She will also investigate the Chefs’ Market which would require additional volunteers.
  4. Teachers’ Resource Work: Linda DY reported that teacher resource kits have been distributed through the Resource Center and teachers will need follow up contact from Heifer volunteers. A tentative working group was established: Nancy, Kathy, Marlene, and Ann.
  5. Barn Dance:
    • Janeen has found 2 round table cloths; Ann has 2 or 3 round cloths.
    • Linda McB confirmed that the tables are 5 feet in diameter.
    • Kathy stated that the Heifer display tables will need rectangular cloths.
    • Carol L. will be bringing 200 cloth napkins.
    • Betty presented her media report which was amazing and extensive as usual. Anyone wanting to see the report can contact Evie for a copy.
    • Concern was expressed that very few tickets have been sold to date. All members are encouraged to email flyer/invitations to friends and other contacts.
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    Minutes - Meeting of Napa Heifer group April l4, 2012.

    Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Monday, April 30, 2012 0 comments
    Attendees:  Janeen, Emelia, Linda D.Y. Linda L., Carol L., Kathy M., Jacquie E.  Jessie N., Keni K. Carole K., Marlene Z.(acting chair)
    Agenda: Check in, Barn Dance Sign Ups, Earth Day, Teacher Resource/Heifer kits, and a discussion of Chapter 3 in our book: Hungry 4 Change.
    • Barn Dance
      1. Barn dance flyer was sent to everyone in an e-mail.
      2. Mary Blom wants everyone to e-mail the names of all sponsors and donations to her at ""
      3. Marlene advised us all that Evie would like us to sign up for the number of postcards/invitations we each want to send.
      4. Marlene shared a memo showing the order of events at the dance and a map of the barn from Linda McBee showing how it is going to be set up, including a cleanup station for self cleaning of dishes
      5. A task signup sheet was passed around for people to sign up for what they will do.
      6. Linda DY raised questions about the promotion of the event.--Marlene referred to the postcards and flyers and work that Betty M. is doing to get publicity into papers and radio stations.
      7. Later in the meeting Carol L. brought up the fact that those who cleaned up at the end of last year's dance were exhausted by that time, having been on hand all day. It was recommended that perhaps Heifer-Sonoma could explore the recruiting of some young, strong volunteers to help with this job, perhaps in return for tickets to the dinner and dance they could even arrive later in the day to be fresh and ready.
    • Earth Day
      1. Coordinator Kathy M. reported that Heifer-Napa will have a table on Brown St., across from the court house, from ll:00 to 5:00.
      2. Kathy requested that we take note of the attractiveness of the materials and the possible use on the occasion of the barn dance.
      3. Several members shared how wonderful the experience was last year and we were all advised to be ready for any kind of weather from hot to cold this year.
    • Heifter kits for the Teacher Resource Center (TRC)
      1. Kits have been very successful at the Teacher Resource Center, but we have run out. Linda DY will look into ordering more. September is the month when the TRC would like to have the kits available for teachers. It would be a plus if we could have a presence when the teachers come to the center in late August.
    • Miscellaneous
      1. Carole K. shared information about the Vegetable Gardening series that the Master Gardeners are presenting from January to September this year. If you are interested, you can the office at 253-4221.
      2. Linda DY strongly recommended that each of us read the food section of the Sustainable Napa plan.
    Respectfully submitted, Carole Kent R.R. (Reluctant Recorder)
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    5th Graders Working for Heifer!

    Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Tuesday, April 24, 2012 0 comments
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    2nd Annual Barn Dance & Dinner Benefit

    Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Tuesday, April 24, 2012 0 comments

    Friday, May 25th, 2012
    5pm to 9pm

    Chili, Cornbread & Salad
    Cookies for dessert
    Beer, Wine, Apple Juice and Sodas

    Dancing is optional, but hard to resist!
    English Country and Contra Dancing

    Kids 12 & up w/ adult are welcome

    Purchase $30 tickets online
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    The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift

    Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Tuesday, April 24, 2012 0 comments
    Just a reminder: Mother’s Day is coming up soon.
    We think Mother’s Day is a great time to show how much your mother’s care and teaching meant to you. After all, if you’re a Heifer supporter, you’re already a well-informed and compassionate person, and you probably learned much of that from your mother.
    Just look at how much is spent on gifts at Mother’s Day, versus the actual desires of real moms:
    Helping women and mothers is important to Heifer International. In fact, it’s one of our Cornerstones. We know that mothers are on the front lines of the struggle to keep families adequately fed.
    So maybe a sweet gesture for Mother’s Day this year would be a Heifer animal gift, a gift that will multiply for generations to come.
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    Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Saturday, April 21, 2012 0 comments
    The invitations are out for the Barn Dance!! Hopefully, we will have a great turn out like we did last year.

    Caroline asked me to put the Barn Dance task list on the blog.... too much formatting involved to do that...but here is a link to it so you can see how we're doing on our planning. Task List. Notice, the red areas. Those areas still need to be filled.

    We're a bit concerned about set up and take down. I'm thinking we need to start set up at 2pm and take down will keep us there until around 10pm. Gad!

    Calling all strong-able-bodied (young?) folks to help with this... Please, contact me at 707-875-3177.

    We need table cloths! Round ones and rectangles. The round tables are 5' in diameter... the rectangles ones need to cover a  (maybe) 8' long table. Anyone who feels moved to bring flowers and vases to decorate the tables, please do!

    Ana had the idea that we could wear red bandanas to let people know we are part of the local volunteer group.

    I must admit it, my head is spinning with all of the details. But, I think we're doing well! Invite everyone you see! Here's a link to the place to purchase tickets:

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    Sebastopol Meeting April 21st

    Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Thursday, April 19, 2012 0 comments
    We will meet at Coffee Catz at 10am to 12pm.

    4/21 is the same day
     as the
     Apple Blossom Parade. 

    Enter Sebastopol
    from the east
     as roads will
     be blocked off
     for the parade.

    We will discuss our needs for the Barn Dance on May 25th at Greenstring Farm.

    To purchase tickets
     for the
    Barn Dance
    go here:
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    Minutes - March 10, 2012

    Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Wednesday, March 21, 2012 0 comments
    Facilitator: Evie Trevethan
    Recorder: Marolyn Roberts
    Present: Betty M, Janeen B, Emilia G, Nancy E, Linda D-Y, Kathy M, Jacquie E, Jessie McD, Carole and Keni K,Ann S, Carol L, Stefanie L, Evie T, Marolyn R.

    Check-In: Janeen reported reading about an up-coming Mennonite event which will include Heifer Sea-going Cowboys. Jacquie announced she has the movie “Happy” and invites us to a showing and pot luck at her house, at a date to be determined. Carol L reported that her church, Unitarian Universalist, will be discussing ethical eating this Sunday and all are welcome.

    Treasurers’ Report: No changes were made this month.

    Volunteer Hours: Carole gave a brief description on the method the Master Gardeners use to track their volunteer hours. Marolyn explained she needed to withdraw from the committee. Jacquie reported she would try to develop a format for us to use by early April. Evie suggested that we have Jill review the format before beginning to use it. Evie encouraged someone in our group to volunteer to become our “historian”, to collect and organize our clippings, photos, etc.

    Spring into Action Event: Kathy and Linda McBee visited the Cornerstone venue. Kathy reported that the site is beautiful and the staff is welcoming. Our event, on March 24, will be held in their barn. It has ample room and they will provide tables and 40 chairs. Volunteers are asked to arrive around 8:30 AM to help with set up.

    Napa High School Club: The group’s Faculty Advisor, Stephanie, reported on the club’s activities. They have held drumming circles and distributed information about Heifer. They are involving classes in making bracelets which they intend to sell to raise awareness and funds for Heifer. Perhaps there will be bracelets to sell at the March 24 event.

    Barn Dance: Carol is collecting donations of cloth napkins and pie tins to use at the May 25 event at Greenstring Farm. Evie asked for a volunteer to be the Napa co-chair for the event with Linda McB. The task list was circulated for members to review and use to sign up for tasks to support the barn dance.

    The second chapter of Hunger for Change was discussed. The discussion was led by Nancy.
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    Coordinator Hat

    Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Wednesday, March 21, 2012 0 comments
    On March 1st, Eliza passed the Northern California "coordinator hat" to wonderful & talented Jill Kilty Newburn. Jill has worked for Heifer's Education department for over five years, most recently as the Learning Center Director at our partnership farm, Hidden Villa, where her office is located.

    As we seek to be more strategic & efficient, Eliza will focus in on the greater Seattle area & Jill on the San Francisco Bay Area.
    Hooray for California having a coordinator in the state!
    Northern CA volunteers, please send inquiries, questions, reporting & donations to Jill at:
    Hidden Villa
    26870 Moody Road
    Los Altos Hills, CA 94022
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    Volunteer...... Pass it On!

    Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Friday, March 16, 2012 0 comments
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    Coalition seeks to promote local food system sustainability

    Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Friday, March 09, 2012 0 comments

    By Linda Burchette
    Assistant Editor Jefferson Post

    Local people growing and selling their own food products, improving the environment and helping low-income residents eat better are the goals of Seeds of Change Appalachia Coalition.

    An organizational meeting in January led to a follow-up meeting in February at Family Central in Jefferson to bring all the various aspects of this initiative together.

    Led by Lauri Wilson, program director for Seeds of Change, and Jeffrey Scott with Heifer USA, the meeting last month resulted in a vision for the project and ideas from the group to make it happen.

    Seeds of Change has collected about 100 participants so far, said Wilson, and they come from Ashe, Watauga, Wilkes and Alleghany counties in North Carolina and Johnson County in Tennessee. The first meeting organized the coalition and included discussion on the meaning of the project, she said, and the second meeting was designed to build on that and note key dates for the coalition to reach certain goals.

    By June 15 of this year, the coalition needs to have a governance framework outlining the plan for finalization of the governance rules reviewed by someone knowledgeable about board governance building, and then submitted, Wilson said. The governance rules must be approved, and a comprehensive project proposal framework should be completed by Aug. 31.

    The meetings are about sowing the seeds of change.

    “As the High Country of Appalachia transitions toward a self-reliant future, food plays a significant role in shaping our regional economy,” it was written on the Seeds of Change meeting agenda.

    “The costs of purchasing produced and processed food from other states or countries is a major concern of communities across the U.S. while, conversely, local food development can act as an economic driver for entrepreneurship and local job creation. Communities across the U.S. are building coalitions of diverse stakeholders who see the benefit of turning food supply chains into local food chains, thus creating a multitude of opportunities for residents and businesses. Just as the economic benefits of a local food system are manifold, so are the public health benefits of eating fresh, locally produced foods from your own region. The opportunities for connecting economic development and public health are considerable in creating new economies of health and wealth for all,” read the agenda.

    Heifer USA is matching funds the coalition can raise, Wilson said, adding that Heifer USA expects the coalition to come together in a solid organization with leadership and goals, and the framework must be in place by June 15.

    A matching goal of $250,000 is not difficult, Wilson said, “but we must have a plan in place. Long term sustainability over many years needs to be developed.”

    Leslie Schaller with the Appalachian Center for Economic Networks provided an overview on solution-based assessments, showcasing models that communities across the nation are developing in order to implement proactive economic development strategies and innovative public policies.

    She described a value chain in this process as adding value to a supply chain. “Finding your place in the value chain is key,” she said. “You must share values or it just remains a supply chain.”

    “Farmers markets are often the first step to a value chain in a community that nurtures the entrepreneurs,” she said. “Direct sales are often the first step to small business.”

    Other parts of the value chain, Schaller said, include community gardens, edible schoolyard projects and food processors.

    “There are opportunities and challenges in Appalachia, and this will not happen overnight,” said Scott. It will take a while to build regional food systems tied into health, public education, and non-profits, he said.

    Scott said Heifer USA expects to spend about $1.5 million in the High Country over the next four years working toward these goals.

    “I know it’s going to take a long time, so we want to set the table for a long term relationship with the community,” Scott said. “Heifer USA is a piece of the bigger picture taking place in the area. It is a springboard to build a stronger coalition, much bigger than just Heifer USA. We want to see the forest before we get caught up in the trees.”

    “The local food movement emerging in the country will happen even without Heifer USA,” Scott said.

    The goals are to generate food income possibilities, improve the environment and nutrition, he said. To do that, the coalition must first organize and establish a leadership structure for moving forward.

    That is exactly what the coalition’s meetings are all about, and Wilson encouraged those attending the February meeting to voice their opinions and commit to long term involvement.

    “Heifer USA has provided the seed, but the coalition will take the seed and make it grow,” she said.

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    International Women's Day

    Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Thursday, March 08, 2012 0 comments
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    Napa volunteers meeting - 3/10/2012

    Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Thursday, March 08, 2012 0 comments
    Napa volunteers for Heifer International will meet Saturday, March 10 at 9:30 a.m. at the First United Methodist Church, 625 Randolph Street, in downtown Napa.

    Plans will be finalized for the March 24 "Spring Into Action" event at Cornerstone, 23570 Arnold Dr./Hwy 121 in Sonoma (known for the big blue chair & the flying fence). The event will be held from 10 a.m. to noon as part of a national Heifer multi-city summit.  The Cornerstone event is the only event in Northern California. 

    The group is also planning for a May barn dance at Greenstring Farm in Petaluma. 

    At the March 10 meeting Nancy Evans will be leading the discussion of Chapter 2 of  the study book, "Hungry for Change: Food, Ethics and Sustainability" by Northwest Earth Institute. The NWEI has the motto "Inspiring people to take responsibility for Earth."  Hungry for Change explores the true meaning of the phrase "you are what you eat." The discussion course challenges participants to examine their roles, not only as consumers of food, but also as creators. Discussion questions address the impact of individual food choices on a range of issues, including ecosystem health, the treatment of factory and farm workers, and the global economy.

    For more information on Napa Heifer volunteer group, call 707-255-3388.
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    Save the Date: Spring into Action Sonoma!

    Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Sunday, February 26, 2012 0 comments
    Gathering of Heifer International supporters across the Bay Area to learn what Heifer’s doing locally & around the world to end hunger and poverty and care for the earth.
    Learn how you can get involved and network with others to increase Heifer’s presence in the greater Bay Area.
    Saturday, March 24, 2012
    Cornerstone Sonoma
    23570 Arnold Dr. Sonoma, CA 95476
    * look for the big blue chair & the flying fence!
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    Sebastopol Regular Meeting _ Feb. 18th

    Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Saturday, February 25, 2012 0 comments
    A small but enthusiastic group met Feb. 18th in Sebastopol. Here's what we talked about:
    • Review of last month's activities:
    - volunteer hours - who did what where.
    - dinner at Wombats' and "I AM" movie 
    • Upcoming Events
    - Heifer University weekend at Hidden Villa March 15-18: "Women in a Developing World"
     - Spring into Action national Heifer event March 24th @ Cornerstone Sonoma 10am to 12pm
     - Barn Dance - May 25th.
    • Look at the coming year's calendar
    • Next Meeting - 3rd Saturday - March 17th. 
     - Shall we cancel this because the next Saturday is the Cornerstone Sonoma event?... Yes. We will consider the Spring into Action Event at Cornerstone to be our March meeting.
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    Haiti 2/17/2012

    Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Monday, February 20, 2012 0 comments
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    Heifer in Peru

    Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Friday, February 17, 2012 0 comments
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    Napa Heifer meeting February 11, 2012

    Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Wednesday, February 15, 2012 0 comments

    9:30 check in of members by Evie: Ann, Betty, Linda D-Y, Kathy, Marolyn, Jesse, Jacquie, Janeen, Emilia, Carole and Keni, Carol L.

    Minutes submitted by Nancy.

    • Check in comments reminded of us of what a enjoyable, productive meeting we had with Eliza and Jill at the Kents on Tuesday, February 7th. 
    • Jacquie announced that today is labeled “Happy Day” and she has the DVD on that subject and we will try to schedule a time to watch it together. 
    • Ann presented the treasurer’s report: We have $378.37 in the bank. 
    • Kathy reported on plans for Earth Day. A sign-up sheet was sent around and all time slots were filled. Money has been set aside, ($100) to purchase a folding table and two chairs. The Kents volunteered that they have two folding chairs that they will donate. 
    • We received an update on the March 24th “Spring into Action” event. 
    • Kathy arranged for the event to take place at Cornerstones on Highway 12 on the way to Sears Pointe. We are excited about what a beautiful and appropriate venue. Evie posted a sign-up sheet for volunteers and sign-ups were made. Evie will communicate the sign-ups to Linda McB. 
    • We anticipate that Heifer Int. will be sending notices to donors in Napa and Sonoma. Discussion was held regarding whom Napa should invite. Decisions will be made after conferring with Sonoma. Betty will explore what kind of publicity outlets she will use in Sonoma with Evie and Linda McB. 
    • Meeting adjourned for our first session on our new discussion book: Hungry for Change: Food, Ethics and Sustainability. A very lively and enjoyable discussion was led by Ann. Session 2, Politics of the Plate will be discussed at our March 10th meeting. 

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    Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Friday, February 10, 2012 0 comments

    Global Journal Top 100Heifer #12 in Global Journal's Top 100 NGOs
    The Global Journal, a Geneva-based publication focused on global nongovernmental organizations, businesses and the environment, released its inaugural "Top 100 NGOs " list, placing Heifer International within the top 15 alongside a Who's Who of international NGOs. Heifer International was selected because its "inexpensive and uncomplicated formula for development has seen improvements in health, nutrition and income as well as increased gender equity and family values for its recipients across-the-board." Read the full press release here.

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    Heifer U @ Hidden Villa

    Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Thursday, January 26, 2012 1 comments
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    Minutes - January 14, 2012 - Napa

    Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Saturday, January 21, 2012 0 comments
    Persons in attendance: Ann, Marolyn, Jessie, Jacquie, Carol, Keni, Marlene, Linda Lucas, Betty, Janeen, Emilia, Linda Ditiker-Yolo.
    Meeting facilitated by Evie, who gave us a quick recap of her almost 3 months in Santa Fe and surroundings. Minutes recorded by Nancy
    1. Treasurers report by Ann. We currently have a balance of $428.37.
    2. Linda McBee, Sonoma Area Volunteer Coordinator, has asked us to inquire of our total membership about whether or not that they might have friends or acquaintances in Sonoma County who might become active volunteers for Heifer. If you know of anyone please call Linda McBee at 707-875-3177.
    3. Linda Lucas gave a brief report about her attendance at Volunteer Day at Hidden Villa in November.
      - This was hosted by Eliza and Jill, from Heifer International. Linda emphasized that she felt that our group was very well informed about Heifer and that compared to many areas that we have an exceptionally large, active group.
      - Hidden Villa is now a Regional Park and a very beautiful place to visit. Linda received a DVD from Eliza that is a brief over-view of Heifer International, which might be useful to anyone giving a presentation about Heifer. It is available in our resource library of Heifer DVD’s kept at Nancy Evans house.
    4. Eliza and Jill, from Heifer International, will be in Napa on Tuesday, Feb. 7 and most of the people at the meeting indicated they would like to meet with them. Betty mentioned that she and Jacquie might be able to put together a power point of our activities for this year. Evie will talk further with Eliza about the time and place of the meeting. Carol and Keni volunteered to have the meeting at their house, and a few other possibilities were also discussed.
    5. Nancy gave a summary of a very large Heifer project in Thailand, as a way of discussing some of the nuts and bolts of the way that Heifer operates.
    6. Linda Lucas passed out the book Hungry for Change: Food, Ethics and Sustainability published by the Northwest Earth Institute. This will be our next study project. Members who were not at the meeting, and are interested in buying the book can call or email Linda Lucas. Different members volunteered to facilitate each of the six chapters of the book. Ann will do chapter 1 at our next meeting.
    7. Discussion was held about the difficulty that some members were having in filling out “time sheets” for Heifer. Marolyn is going to work up a form, and we can discuss this when we meet with Eliza and Jill.
    8. We brain stormed about possible local Heifer projects for 2012. They are listed below. Feel free to add more ideas at the next meeting where we will discuss them.
      • How to share about our development as a local Heifer group with other groups & Heifer.
      • Live animal market perhaps at Connely Rance or Vintage Farm.
      • Earth day tabling, April 21st.
      • Farmer Market tabling…add St. Helena?
      • Barn Dance with Sonoma
      • Reading Heifer books at the Napa Valley Museum. Marlene did this in December.
      • Alternative Gift Fairs in November & December.
    9. Meeting adjourned at 11:50. (Another Methodist group needed the space.)
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