Minutes - January 14, 2012 - Napa

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Saturday, January 21, 2012
Persons in attendance: Ann, Marolyn, Jessie, Jacquie, Carol, Keni, Marlene, Linda Lucas, Betty, Janeen, Emilia, Linda Ditiker-Yolo.
Meeting facilitated by Evie, who gave us a quick recap of her almost 3 months in Santa Fe and surroundings. Minutes recorded by Nancy
  1. Treasurers report by Ann. We currently have a balance of $428.37.
  2. Linda McBee, Sonoma Area Volunteer Coordinator, has asked us to inquire of our total membership about whether or not that they might have friends or acquaintances in Sonoma County who might become active volunteers for Heifer. If you know of anyone please call Linda McBee at 707-875-3177.
  3. Linda Lucas gave a brief report about her attendance at Volunteer Day at Hidden Villa in November.
    - This was hosted by Eliza and Jill, from Heifer International. Linda emphasized that she felt that our group was very well informed about Heifer and that compared to many areas that we have an exceptionally large, active group.
    - Hidden Villa is now a Regional Park and a very beautiful place to visit. Linda received a DVD from Eliza that is a brief over-view of Heifer International, which might be useful to anyone giving a presentation about Heifer. It is available in our resource library of Heifer DVD’s kept at Nancy Evans house.
  4. Eliza and Jill, from Heifer International, will be in Napa on Tuesday, Feb. 7 and most of the people at the meeting indicated they would like to meet with them. Betty mentioned that she and Jacquie might be able to put together a power point of our activities for this year. Evie will talk further with Eliza about the time and place of the meeting. Carol and Keni volunteered to have the meeting at their house, and a few other possibilities were also discussed.
  5. Nancy gave a summary of a very large Heifer project in Thailand, as a way of discussing some of the nuts and bolts of the way that Heifer operates.
  6. Linda Lucas passed out the book Hungry for Change: Food, Ethics and Sustainability published by the Northwest Earth Institute. This will be our next study project. Members who were not at the meeting, and are interested in buying the book can call or email Linda Lucas. Different members volunteered to facilitate each of the six chapters of the book. Ann will do chapter 1 at our next meeting.
  7. Discussion was held about the difficulty that some members were having in filling out “time sheets” for Heifer. Marolyn is going to work up a form, and we can discuss this when we meet with Eliza and Jill.
  8. We brain stormed about possible local Heifer projects for 2012. They are listed below. Feel free to add more ideas at the next meeting where we will discuss them.
    • How to share about our development as a local Heifer group with other groups & Heifer.
    • Live animal market perhaps at Connely Rance or Vintage Farm.
    • Earth day tabling, April 21st.
    • Farmer Market tabling…add St. Helena?
    • Barn Dance with Sonoma
    • Reading Heifer books at the Napa Valley Museum. Marlene did this in December.
    • Alternative Gift Fairs in November & December.
  9. Meeting adjourned at 11:50. (Another Methodist group needed the space.)
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