Napa Heifer meeting February 11, 2012

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Wednesday, February 15, 2012

9:30 check in of members by Evie: Ann, Betty, Linda D-Y, Kathy, Marolyn, Jesse, Jacquie, Janeen, Emilia, Carole and Keni, Carol L.

Minutes submitted by Nancy.

  • Check in comments reminded of us of what a enjoyable, productive meeting we had with Eliza and Jill at the Kents on Tuesday, February 7th. 
  • Jacquie announced that today is labeled “Happy Day” and she has the DVD on that subject and we will try to schedule a time to watch it together. 
  • Ann presented the treasurer’s report: We have $378.37 in the bank. 
  • Kathy reported on plans for Earth Day. A sign-up sheet was sent around and all time slots were filled. Money has been set aside, ($100) to purchase a folding table and two chairs. The Kents volunteered that they have two folding chairs that they will donate. 
  • We received an update on the March 24th “Spring into Action” event. 
  • Kathy arranged for the event to take place at Cornerstones on Highway 12 on the way to Sears Pointe. We are excited about what a beautiful and appropriate venue. Evie posted a sign-up sheet for volunteers and sign-ups were made. Evie will communicate the sign-ups to Linda McB. 
  • We anticipate that Heifer Int. will be sending notices to donors in Napa and Sonoma. Discussion was held regarding whom Napa should invite. Decisions will be made after conferring with Sonoma. Betty will explore what kind of publicity outlets she will use in Sonoma with Evie and Linda McB. 
  • Meeting adjourned for our first session on our new discussion book: Hungry for Change: Food, Ethics and Sustainability. A very lively and enjoyable discussion was led by Ann. Session 2, Politics of the Plate will be discussed at our March 10th meeting. 

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