Minutes - Meeting of Napa Heifer group April l4, 2012.

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Attendees:  Janeen, Emelia, Linda D.Y. Linda L., Carol L., Kathy M., Jacquie E.  Jessie N., Keni K. Carole K., Marlene Z.(acting chair)
Agenda: Check in, Barn Dance Sign Ups, Earth Day, Teacher Resource/Heifer kits, and a discussion of Chapter 3 in our book: Hungry 4 Change.
  • Barn Dance
    1. Barn dance flyer was sent to everyone in an e-mail.
    2. Mary Blom wants everyone to e-mail the names of all sponsors and donations to her at "EHFarms@aol.com"
    3. Marlene advised us all that Evie would like us to sign up for the number of postcards/invitations we each want to send.
    4. Marlene shared a memo showing the order of events at the dance and a map of the barn from Linda McBee showing how it is going to be set up, including a cleanup station for self cleaning of dishes
    5. A task signup sheet was passed around for people to sign up for what they will do.
    6. Linda DY raised questions about the promotion of the event.--Marlene referred to the postcards and flyers and work that Betty M. is doing to get publicity into papers and radio stations.
    7. Later in the meeting Carol L. brought up the fact that those who cleaned up at the end of last year's dance were exhausted by that time, having been on hand all day. It was recommended that perhaps Heifer-Sonoma could explore the recruiting of some young, strong volunteers to help with this job, perhaps in return for tickets to the dinner and dance they could even arrive later in the day to be fresh and ready.
  • Earth Day
    1. Coordinator Kathy M. reported that Heifer-Napa will have a table on Brown St., across from the court house, from ll:00 to 5:00.
    2. Kathy requested that we take note of the attractiveness of the materials and the possible use on the occasion of the barn dance.
    3. Several members shared how wonderful the experience was last year and we were all advised to be ready for any kind of weather from hot to cold this year.
  • Heifter kits for the Teacher Resource Center (TRC)
    1. Kits have been very successful at the Teacher Resource Center, but we have run out. Linda DY will look into ordering more. September is the month when the TRC would like to have the kits available for teachers. It would be a plus if we could have a presence when the teachers come to the center in late August.
  • Miscellaneous
    1. Carole K. shared information about the Vegetable Gardening series that the Master Gardeners are presenting from January to September this year. If you are interested, you can the office at 253-4221.
    2. Linda DY strongly recommended that each of us read the food section of the Sustainable Napa plan.
Respectfully submitted, Carole Kent R.R. (Reluctant Recorder)
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5th Graders Working for Heifer!

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2nd Annual Barn Dance & Dinner Benefit

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Friday, May 25th, 2012
5pm to 9pm

Chili, Cornbread & Salad
Cookies for dessert
Beer, Wine, Apple Juice and Sodas

Dancing is optional, but hard to resist!
English Country and Contra Dancing

Kids 12 & up w/ adult are welcome

Purchase $30 tickets online
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The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift

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Just a reminder: Mother’s Day is coming up soon.
We think Mother’s Day is a great time to show how much your mother’s care and teaching meant to you. After all, if you’re a Heifer supporter, you’re already a well-informed and compassionate person, and you probably learned much of that from your mother.
Just look at how much is spent on gifts at Mother’s Day, versus the actual desires of real moms:
Helping women and mothers is important to Heifer International. In fact, it’s one of our Cornerstones. We know that mothers are on the front lines of the struggle to keep families adequately fed.
So maybe a sweet gesture for Mother’s Day this year would be a Heifer animal gift, a gift that will multiply for generations to come.
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The invitations are out for the Barn Dance!! Hopefully, we will have a great turn out like we did last year.

Caroline asked me to put the Barn Dance task list on the blog.... too much formatting involved to do that...but here is a link to it so you can see how we're doing on our planning. Task List. Notice, the red areas. Those areas still need to be filled.

We're a bit concerned about set up and take down. I'm thinking we need to start set up at 2pm and take down will keep us there until around 10pm. Gad!

Calling all strong-able-bodied (young?) folks to help with this... Please, contact me at 707-875-3177.

We need table cloths! Round ones and rectangles. The round tables are 5' in diameter... the rectangles ones need to cover a  (maybe) 8' long table. Anyone who feels moved to bring flowers and vases to decorate the tables, please do!

Ana had the idea that we could wear red bandanas to let people know we are part of the local volunteer group.

I must admit it, my head is spinning with all of the details. But, I think we're doing well! Invite everyone you see! Here's a link to the place to purchase tickets: heifer.org/barndance.

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Sebastopol Meeting April 21st

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We will meet at Coffee Catz at 10am to 12pm.

4/21 is the same day
 as the
 Apple Blossom Parade. 

Enter Sebastopol
from the east
 as roads will
 be blocked off
 for the parade.

We will discuss our needs for the Barn Dance on May 25th at Greenstring Farm.

To purchase tickets
 for the
Barn Dance
go here: heifer.org/barndance
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