Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Saturday, April 21, 2012
The invitations are out for the Barn Dance!! Hopefully, we will have a great turn out like we did last year.

Caroline asked me to put the Barn Dance task list on the blog.... too much formatting involved to do that...but here is a link to it so you can see how we're doing on our planning. Task List. Notice, the red areas. Those areas still need to be filled.

We're a bit concerned about set up and take down. I'm thinking we need to start set up at 2pm and take down will keep us there until around 10pm. Gad!

Calling all strong-able-bodied (young?) folks to help with this... Please, contact me at 707-875-3177.

We need table cloths! Round ones and rectangles. The round tables are 5' in diameter... the rectangles ones need to cover a  (maybe) 8' long table. Anyone who feels moved to bring flowers and vases to decorate the tables, please do!

Ana had the idea that we could wear red bandanas to let people know we are part of the local volunteer group.

I must admit it, my head is spinning with all of the details. But, I think we're doing well! Invite everyone you see! Here's a link to the place to purchase tickets:

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