Minutes - Sebastopol - June 16th

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Present were: Linda McBee, Caroline Bonnet, Mary Blom and two "new-old" volunteers Margarite Treat and Dotty Joos - Welcome! We are thrilled to have you join us.
  • We first introduced ourselves and told a bit about our work with Heifer. 
  • Linda gave a financial report on the Barn Dance of May 25th. 
  • We went thru the Napa meeting minutes' critique of the barn dance & talked about our take on it.
    • We agreed we need to book early out and be more selective in order to get the dates we would prefer. Our chosen date was problematic due to graduation and Memorial Day weekend which resulted in a poor turn out. We were working with various people's schedules including Green String Farms' availability. 
    • We discussed the possibility of buying a projector as the cost of shipping it from Hidden Villa is prohibitive. It was agreed we would check prices and report back on the results.
  • Linda told of two up and coming presentations available for us to have a table.
    • The AKA Sorority national gathering (or Boule) in San Francisco July 23 - 26. Beatrice Biira will be presenting. Check out their website to learn more about the organization and event details. Caroline, Linda, Dotty are interested in attending.
    • An event at Laguna Seca Raceway. They are Heifer supporters and are having a special wine and cheese event and invited us to have a table. We need to learn more about the event. It is near Monterey. Linda said she could go.
  • We will make or buy a blank calendar to mark out our events and possible conflicting events for the next year to facilitate our planning and events we can "coat tail" on. We can each print out our own, and Linda will post a blank calendar on Google docs that we can all access to add events. We can all use the same master calendar that is on Google.
  • We told Dotty and Margarite about our study of the North West Earth Institute course our group did a couple years ago and our follow up "10 mile meal". We are studying the Corner stones following the example in each issue of the World Ark. Each meeting we'll talk about a Cornerstone, how they work in the field and how we can use them in our work. We also talked about following the Heifer model in planning our events: Define, what do we want to do? Envision what we want to achieve, Implement how to get there? and Review, how did we do?
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Minutes - Napa - June 10th, 2012

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Stefanie LaMarca, Faculty Advisor and Erica Solberg, President Napa High School Heifer Club; Linda D-Y, Janeen, Emilia,Marolyn, Ann, Jacquie, Jessie, Carol, Evie
Recorder: Jacquie
  • Treasurer’s Report:
    • Volunteer Checking Account current balance is $353.19. There was no activity on the Heifer International side of the account. From the barn dance, a donation check of $300 and a credit card donation of $150 were sent directly to Heifer International.
  • Napa High School Heifer Club:
    • The club was active this year making bracelets to sell for donations to Heifer International. Club officers Erica Solberg and Adrienne BelAire, both seniors, will be followed by a team of enthusiastic juniors next year. Erica presented approximately $125 to our group to forward to Heifer International. Great Work!!! Some interested students may help table this summer at Napa Farmers’ Market. Ann and Evie will send an acknowledgement to the club for their work and donation. The note will include recognition of an animal purchase equivalent.
  • Volunteer Hours:
    • A sheet was passed around on which volunteers could report their hours worked on Heifer projects.
  • Barn Dance Evaluation:
    • Event Organization - 
      • Good relationship with Green String 
      • Perhaps do 1 major event/year Interns were a big help Alternate between Napa & Sonoma 
      • Linda’s overall organization good 
      • Develop year-long planning for major events 
      • Set up was easier
      •  Choose event date carefully to minimize conflicts 
      • Clean-up was smoother 
      • Contact Caller earlier to get a better date 
      • Waste management was very effective 
      • Make sure key volunteers are available
      •  Layout worked well 
      • Define main purpose of event—funds or friends 
      • Building supply of utensils, glasses, etc.
      • Set a “re-schedule” deadline for each event. 
      • Bandanas—good identifier 
      • Have a couples price for tickets 
      • Photography good 
      • Do a Napa event next 
      • Track donations separately—bar, door, animals
    • Public Relations - 
      • Media work very thorough 
      • Mailing seemed limited & ineffective 
      • Flyer was attractive 
      • Need to develop our own contact list
      • Consider doing a local call out for tickets
    • Volunteers -
      • Good team spirit & cooperation 
      • Check travel plans before setting dates 
      • Volunteers were flexible
    •  Food 
      • Donations were strong 
      • Request donations earlier 
      • Food was tasty 
      • Take donation letter& Heifer brochure
      •  Layout of food service was good 
      • Adjust food to expected attendance 
      • Provide containers for left overs
    •  Program 
      • Jacquie’s presentation/video was good 
      • Dancing ended too quickly
      •  Dancing was funLast dance was too complicated 
      • Pre-dance music was good 
      • Have an MC with script Attendance of 2 Heifer staff
      • Door greeters provide welcome/logistics
      • Resolve A/V equip costs/issuesPurchase or rent equipment?
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Events:
    Jill’s email outlining possible volunteer opportunities in support of AKA’s Heifer activities was discussed. Jacquie will check her calendar to see if she can join the San Francisco event on July 23-26 at some point. She will let Evie and Jill know.
  • Farmers’ Market Tabling:
    Contact Kathy Mawer if you want to do an additional tabling stint or if you wish to change a time you signed up for.
  • Teachers’ Resource Center:
    Linda D-Y reported that the center will have additional display space for Heifer materials this August. She suggested the “Heifer School Team” meet this summer to discuss ways to encourage use of the kits. Possible team members: Nancy, Marlene, Kathy, Ann, Stefanie.
  • Chefs’ Market:
    • It was decided to hold off trying to seek a tabling opportunity at this activity until next year.
    • Giving Booklet: Napa Valley Can Do is considering developing a booklet of giving possibilities for the Napa Valley. Linda D-Y will seek more info about how that project may proceed and let Evie follow up.
  • Hunger for Change:
    • Our discussion of Chapter 4 was postponed until next meeting. Evie will still lead the discussion. Watch video linked on page 72 for next time.
    • Heifer Planning Model: At our next meeting we will use the Heifer planning model to do some planning for the future. We will focus on two of the four planning elements: Defining the Situation (where are  we at) and Envisioning the Future (where are we going). Bring your ideas and comments. Consensus at this meeting was that we need to begin planning events sooner. We need to give ourselves more lead time with events and not be trying to do everything at the last minute.
  • Next Meeting: Saturday, July 14, 9:30 A M, First United Methodist Church, 625 Randolph Street, Napa.
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