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Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Friday, July 27, 2012

What a great day it was!  Seven volunteers from our Sonoma and Napa Volunteer groups went to San Francisco to attend the Alpha Kappa Alpha Womens' Sorority's Convention at the Muscone Center. Two of us took the ferry over which was a delightful way to travel. When Mary Blom and I arrived it was like walking into the middle of a hurricane. Susanne from Little Rock and the President of the AKA sorority had just given a presentation on their Heifer Study Tour to Kenya from which they had recently returned.  Heifer offered a free trip as a raffle to the next study tour in June to Ecuador. There was a rush at the table for 5 hours, to fill out the forms for the drawing which would take place on Thursday. The ladies were four deep at the table, each one more enthusiastic than the other, all being quite sure they had the winning ticket. Fourteen of them signed up to go on the trip whether they won a free trip or not.  It was amazing.  Julie Sparks arrived to help and soon after her, Jacquie Eigen and Jesssie McDermontt arrived. Jill and Susanne were finally able to take a break. Later Linda McBee and Dotty Joos arrived to relieve us. Jill had worked by herself the day before, somehow surviving it alone. She was mighty glad we all showed up on Tuesday.

Once during the rush I turned around to see Beatrice Biira (Beatrice's Goat) standing beside the table. It was like seeing an old friend, tho I had never met her in person.  What a thrill, I spontaneously gave her a big hug.  Later some of us gathered in the Samovar Tea Room on the roof and enjoyed a quiet snack and tea time together. Then, at 6:30 we taxied to the San Francisco Foundation to hear Beatrice give a wonderful talk.

Returning on the ferry, enjoying the lights of the city and the bridges, we were  very tired but feeling so grateful for such a wonderful day, as we contemplated the joys of volunteering with Heifer.

Caroline Bonnet
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