Sonoma Minutes - 9/15/2012

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Reports on local tabling venue research:

  • Gravenstein Apple Fair. Former fair board member advised that late January would be a good time to inquire about non-profit space. Dotty reported reading that attendance at this event was down significantly this year. Will research further.
  • Sebastopol Appleblossom Festival. Sebastopol Chamber of Commerce was contacted. In 2012 the fee for non-profits was $150. for a 10’x10’ space, 2 days, usual festival attendance 5000 to 6000, both informational and fund raising activities permitted, continuous staffing of booth for full 2 days required. Those present at the meeting felt that we should definitely consider this event because it offers significant exposure, is a family event (we could attract people with activities for children), even a small fundraising effort at the booth could re-coup the entry fee. Remaining questions: When are applications available? How are booth locations assigned; is there advantage in early registration? Are booths open on Saturday morning or only following the parade?
  • Live on the Plaza, 9/27/2012, 5pm-8pm., Sebastopol Plaza. Over 50 businesses and organizations with table presentations. Live music, beer, wine. Table fee $200. Those present decided against this event, feeling the exposure did not merit the cost.
  • Copperfields Books is sponsoring a talk by Barbara Kingsolver at the Wells Fargo Center on Thursday, 11/15/ 2012. Evie got the idea that we might have a table in the lobby, since Barbara Kingsolver is a long time Heifer supporter. Mary has obtained the name and ext. # of the event planner and will follow through on that idea next week. Also, will try to learn the theme of Kingsolver’s new book (release date, 11/9), which will be promoted at the event…is there a tie-in?
  • Heirloom Seed Festival. Mary reported on her experience at this event last week. She feels it is a perfect fit for a Heifer booth, our missions being in perfect sync. Our Napa volunteer Carol Kent staffed the Master Gardener booth this year and may have information on what is available for non-profits. This is a 3 day event.

October meeting. Our group has been invited to join Napa Heifer volunteers for a potluck meal and meeting with Jill Kilty-Newbuurn on Saturday, October 13. We will join the Napa group for this event in lieu of our regular meeting on the third Saturday.

We adjourned business to continue our study/discussion of the Heifer Cornerstone “Sustainability and Self-reliance.”

Submitted by.
Mary Blom

P.S.: I forgot to announce this at the meeting, but the mission team at the Sebastopol Methodist Church has confirmed that Heifer will be one of four options at their alternative giving table. I will staff the table with the help of a mission team member on 12/2. 12/9 and 12/16.
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Heifer Sonoma Minutes - Aug. 18th, 2012

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Heifer Sonoma meeting was held Aug 18 - always the 3rd Saturday (unless otherwise noted) from 10 - 12 at the United Methodist Church in Sebastopol

Attending: Mary Blom - facilitator, Caroline Bonnet - minutes taker and Dotty Joos

Mary printed out our blog postings from our last meeting  and the writing about the AKA convention we attended for us to review.

Future presentations - We talked about our plans for a booth at the Apple Blossom Festival and Gravenstein Festeval in Sebastopol next year. Mary will contact the appropriate parties for information.  We also talked about contacting the Kathmandu Festival in Sonoma and the Himalayan Fair in Berkeley to get details to present at those events. Jacquie and Nancy in Napa will be notified to see if they'd like to go.

Caroline emailed and called the secretary of the Santa Rosa Kiwanis Club and offered to present Heifer at one of their gatherings/meetings, but has had no response so far.

Mary handed out flyers she gathered from our table at the AKA convention. They are good for giving to teachers/educators.  We'll ask Linda to order us a few more from Jill. Mary will speak to the Mission Team at her church about Heifer's work as the team decides which charity to give to. She presented the Quarter or Peace Tubes to the children in her congregation last Sunday and was happily surprised to see how interested the children were and excited to contribute their quarters. She had told them the story of Beatrice and her goat. Then some of the congregation came forward and offered their quarters for the children to add to the tube. We will look into buying Jan Schrock's book, Give a Goat for future Quarter tube presentations. Caroline got the information on how to construct a tube and will have one made for her presentations.

When we were at the AKA convention and giving out gift prizes, there were 4x6 pieces of paper between each gift bag. Julie Sparks retrieved all of the paper for making note pads, which were stapled together and distributed at the meeting.

Our Cornerstone Study this time was Sharing and Caring: We each shared  some of our life experiences, appreciating those both  joyful and painful.
We shared how grateful we are for the gift of retirement and older age when we can look back and reflect on and understand our life in a deeper way. The Heifer value of Sharing and Caring in Community had personal meaning for us as we grieved for our friend and AVC, Linda McBee’s loss of her son.

Submitted by,
Caroline Bonnet
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Napa Meeting Notes – August 11, 2012

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Present: Carol L., Linda L., Linda D-Y., Keni, Carole K, Betty, Jessie, Evie.

Check In: 

  • Napa County Farm Bureau sponsors a Crop Swap on the second Friday of each month, from 5:30-6:30 at the NW corner of Fuller Park. Bring produce to share and take home something you need. Extra produce goes to the Food Bank.
  • Linda L is starting a project to get mock elections in the schools. She needs help identifying school contacts. She is also in conversation with Heifer about in the USA study tours.
  • On a Master Chef program on Bravo Channel, one of the chefs, Patricia Yeo, is competing and has named Heifer as her charity.
  • The Teacher Resource Center has Heifer kits. In the future it seems that Heifer kits will only be available on line. Linda D-Y and her committee will contact teachers using the kits to encourage sharing with other teachers and to answer questions. Evie will contact Jill about the cost of hard-copy kits and possible availability.
  • Wombats’ Farm made their first donation of the season to the Food Bank. Way to go Wombats !! The new drop off point for the Food Bank is 1746 Yajome Street, Napa.
  • Jessie reported on tabling with Jacquie at the Alpha Kappa Alpha convention in San Francisco at Moscone Center. Much interest in Heifer from the attendees. They got to hear Beatrice, of Beatrice and Her Goat fame, speak about her life experiences with Heifer.

Discussion Re Future Plans: 

  • We discussed several approaches to planning future activities. We decided to poll members by phone to re-energize attendance and to identify level of interest in various activities such as the Teachers’ Resource Center, alternative gift fairs tables, and working collaboratively with other local organizations that focus on sustainability and related Heifer values.
  • Evie and Jessie volunteered to make phone contact with members. As well as discussing possible future activities, the phone poll will try to identify organizational contacts that active members already have.
  • We will decide at our next meeting, September 8, what activities our member interest can support at this time. 
  • In October on our regular meeting date (October 13), we will meet at Wombats’ Farm for a meeting and member pot luck celebration. The meeting will begin at 11 and the potluck will start at 1:00 PM.

Current Needs of Our Group:

  • We need someone to volunteer to arrange for coffee service for our monthly meetings. Thanks to Jessie for handling this for so long.
  • We need someone to take meeting notes and place them into the computer to send to Evie for finalizing and distributing to members.

Discussion of our study book was re-scheduled for next meeting on September 8. Carole and Keni will lead the discussion on section 5.
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