Napa Meeting Notes – August 11, 2012

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Present: Carol L., Linda L., Linda D-Y., Keni, Carole K, Betty, Jessie, Evie.

Check In: 

  • Napa County Farm Bureau sponsors a Crop Swap on the second Friday of each month, from 5:30-6:30 at the NW corner of Fuller Park. Bring produce to share and take home something you need. Extra produce goes to the Food Bank.
  • Linda L is starting a project to get mock elections in the schools. She needs help identifying school contacts. She is also in conversation with Heifer about in the USA study tours.
  • On a Master Chef program on Bravo Channel, one of the chefs, Patricia Yeo, is competing and has named Heifer as her charity.
  • The Teacher Resource Center has Heifer kits. In the future it seems that Heifer kits will only be available on line. Linda D-Y and her committee will contact teachers using the kits to encourage sharing with other teachers and to answer questions. Evie will contact Jill about the cost of hard-copy kits and possible availability.
  • Wombats’ Farm made their first donation of the season to the Food Bank. Way to go Wombats !! The new drop off point for the Food Bank is 1746 Yajome Street, Napa.
  • Jessie reported on tabling with Jacquie at the Alpha Kappa Alpha convention in San Francisco at Moscone Center. Much interest in Heifer from the attendees. They got to hear Beatrice, of Beatrice and Her Goat fame, speak about her life experiences with Heifer.

Discussion Re Future Plans: 

  • We discussed several approaches to planning future activities. We decided to poll members by phone to re-energize attendance and to identify level of interest in various activities such as the Teachers’ Resource Center, alternative gift fairs tables, and working collaboratively with other local organizations that focus on sustainability and related Heifer values.
  • Evie and Jessie volunteered to make phone contact with members. As well as discussing possible future activities, the phone poll will try to identify organizational contacts that active members already have.
  • We will decide at our next meeting, September 8, what activities our member interest can support at this time. 
  • In October on our regular meeting date (October 13), we will meet at Wombats’ Farm for a meeting and member pot luck celebration. The meeting will begin at 11 and the potluck will start at 1:00 PM.

Current Needs of Our Group:

  • We need someone to volunteer to arrange for coffee service for our monthly meetings. Thanks to Jessie for handling this for so long.
  • We need someone to take meeting notes and place them into the computer to send to Evie for finalizing and distributing to members.

Discussion of our study book was re-scheduled for next meeting on September 8. Carole and Keni will lead the discussion on section 5.
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