Meeting & Potluck Oct. 13, 2012 - Wombats’ Farm

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Thursday, October 18, 2012

Present: Evie, Linda DY, Linda L, Dal, Nancy, Sarah, Linda McB, Jill, Caroline, Emelia, Janeen, Betty, Mary, Dottie Carole, Keni, Jessie, Jacquie

Evie announced:

  • Nov 11, 1st Presbyterian gift faire from 10-2, with set up at 9 AM. 
  • Dec 2, Unitarian Universalist North Bay, Social Justice Committee presentation. 
  • Quakers, spring presentation. 
  • Soroptimists, anyone know anyone involved? Jacquie has connection. 
  • Unity, Keni will check on possibility of gift faire 
  • Covenant Presbyterian’s decision is pending. 
  • Methodists, Janeen talk to minister re: Heifer; in previous congregations has raised Arks, thank him for use of rooms. 
  • Nancy, chair, upcoming gift fairs
    • ordering animals and books for donations 
    • We can “sell” anything for donations/fundraising, per Jill 
    • Jill brought box of materials to “sell” 
    • Stephanie check with her re: bracelets to sell 
    • Order gift catalogues 
  • Mary will be tabling at Sebastopol Methodist Church Gift Faire for 3 Sundays. 
    • Linda McB has glass ornaments available. 
  • Gift and Thyme Gift Faire, okay for next year, non-profits okay.
    • Nancy will follow up for applications, fees for next year
    • Betty will do publicity for gift fairs
  • Mary: Barbara Kingsolver speaking Nov 15th at 7 PM in Santa Rosa ar Wells Fargo Center.
    • Wells Fargo center didn’t approve a Heifer table, but Copperfield’s will put our literature on their table
    • Kingsolver will talk about her newest book: "Flight Behavior"
    • We discussed having supporting materials for the table; Caroline has an Ark article that Kingslover wrote a while back; let Kingslover know about issue and maybe she can speak about it; get a group to go; wear Heifer t-shirts, tickets are $25 or $45 which includes a copy of the book. You can purchase a ticket here: tickets
  • Caroline: recommended Book: “Living Poor” by Mortiz Thompsen, A Peace Corp Chronicle, worked with Heifer thru his work with the Peace Corp 
  • PBS, last week, “Half the Sky”, on sale for $30. We will buy, Caroline will order
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