November 17th - Minutes for Sonoma Heifer

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Present: Linda McBee, AVC, Dotty Joos, Mary Blom

Calendar development: Mary will scan the hard copy of our current calendar of events into the computer so that Linda can develop an online tool.

Report on Barbara Kingsolver event at Luther Burbank Center on Nov. 15:

  • Approximately 1000 people gathered to hear Barbara Kingsolver speak about her new book at an event sponsored by Copperfield’s Books. We had a Heifer information table in the lobby. Because the theme of Kingsolver’s new novel is human response to climate change, our display emphasized Heifer’s work to reduce deforestation and the release of greenhouse gases. In addition to gift catalogs, we distributed information on reforestation, biogas and alternative cookstoves, agroecology, livestock and reducing the carbon hoof print, as well as close to 200 copies of Barbara Kingsolver’s article on her trip to Peru with Heifer. The crowd was very receptive, and we had a good opportunity to expand people’s understanding of Heifer’s work beyond “they give animals.” In addition we received $90 in donations. Participating volunteers were Linda McBee, Caroline Bonnet, Dotty Lee, Carole and Keni Kent, Mary Blom.

Financial Report:

  • Separation of Heifer International funds and Sonoma Volunteer funds: Linda will consult Jill regarding accounting procedure.

Group discussion:

  • We addressed the important questions –“Who are we? Where have we been? Where are we going?” We concluded that, given our current group composition, we will not be doing large fund-raising events. Those present felt comfortable being an information and support resource for other groups in the community who wish to do something for Heifer. To further our abilities in this area we will use meeting time to become better acquainted with Heifer materials and where and how to use them.

This led to the following action plans:

  • Linda and Mary will phone several volunteers who have not recently attended meetings to see what level of participation they wish to have.
  • Alternative giving table at Sebastopol UMC 12/2, 12/9, 12/16.
  • Gospel choir concert to benefit Heifer sometime in the Spring: Linda will ask the choir director to select a Spring date that is convenient for him and the church. We will accommodate.
  • At our January meeting, 1/19, we will study the “Read to Feed” program—what is included in the kit? How is it implemented in the classroom? How does it work in the library?
  • We will not have a December meeting.
Notes submitted by Mary Blom
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Nov. 10, 2012 Minutes for Napa Meeting

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Attendees: Evie T., Marlene Z., Jessie Mc., Ann S., Betty M., Linda D.Y., Keni K., Carole K., Nancy E.

Check in: Several reports on excellent films at the Napa Film Festival Treasurer's report: We don't have a current report, as our treasurer, Ann, has been away. We do have Napa stickers for any brochures or envelopes.

Linda Dietiker-Yolo - Heifer kits/schools: The Teacher Resource Center has moved to a better location. We are considering better ways to use the materials in the kits. Nancy and Linda developed a survey to ask teachers with kits about use and their needs, perhaps offering one of us to speak or help out. We would like to know to help us decide what to do with the kits.

Evie Trevethen - 

  • School reports: Napa High - Stephanie reports working with 3 really motivated students, one may do something with Heifer as a senior project.
  • Mt. George - Ainsley & friends received $62 at the Fall Festival totaling $95 for the club. They had a child-staffed, well done booth at the fair. Kathy Mawer received a very nice email from Ainsley's Mom.
  • Shearer - Kathy Mawer talked with a teacher and offered her support. They had a pre Halloween event, some $ may come to us.

Nancy Evans - Alternative Gift Faires: There will only be one. The shifts at First Presbytarian will be 9am - 11am and 11am - 1pm. Plenty of stuffed animals, cards, books are available. Evie sugested that when we go to churches, we ask if they might be willing to raise money for an Ark for a project.

Barbara Kingsolver event: Barbara's new book Flight Behavior is out. We will have a table at this event, as well as a few people handing out brochures.

Logging volunteer hours: Jill really needs us to log our hours. Evie developed a sheet to facilitate this. We need to fill it out every month and turn it in to Evie. If we can go back to Jan. and include those hours, it would be very helpful.

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