Ryan Bell and Heifer

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Ryan Bell is out to transform the world with Heifer International! Featured as "Manners Hero of the Week" in Parade Magazine.(http://www.parade.com/234303/stevenpetrow/manners-hero-of-the-week-teen-with-a-rare-illness-starts-a-new-thanksgiving-tradition-to-help-others/).
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11/16/2013 Sonoma Volunteers for Heifer Minutes

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Present: Lynne March, Linda McBee, Dotty Joos, Mary Blom

  • Old business and reports

    • Unity Napa Valley: Our presentation at the church forum on 10/27 was well received by a group of approximately 17 responsive and enthusiastic participants, one of whom is eager to volunteer for Heifer. Her connection to the Napa group has been facilitated. The congregation has donated a “flock of hope”, and a goat, and are now giving toward a gift of honeybees.
    • Food Justice blogathon: We were invited to participate in a 10/23 blogathon for food justice on the Daily Kos blog. Our essay about Heifer’s work placed on the recommended reading list with 136 recommendations, 48 facebook postings, and 7 tweets.
    • Tabling at the California Reading Ass’n. Conference 11/2: Thank you to Evie Trevethan for helping us cover this event. Information about “Read to Feed” and other classroom curricula was distributed.Mid‐day hours saw heavy traffic at the table. Morning and late afternoon time slots saw only light activity.
    • Heifer’s 70th  birthday celebration: Jill met with a committee from the Napa group. A planning schedule has been established. A family event is scheduled at Wombat Farm for 5/3/14, 1:00‐4:00 p.m. with garden tours and educational stations. It was suggested that planning should include the possibility of rain.
  • New Business
    • First Presbyterian Church of Ft. Bragg has made a very generous donation to a project in Nduma, East Africa. Caroline and Linda will go to Ft. Bragg on 11/17 to present an Ark certificate to honor their accomplishment and to thank them for their generosity.
    • Sebastopol United Methodist Church: We will staff an alternative giving table at the church on 12/1, 12/8, and 12/15/13.
    • Dottie will look into the possibility of tabling at Zen Fest in December.
    • Holiday catalogs were supplied to all present for distribution in the community.
  • 2014 Ideas
    • California Kindergarten Ass’n. Conference, January, in Santa Clara. Lynne will inquire re: nonprofit tables. She has friends who could take our Pre‐K and K materials to the conference.
    • Linda will explore the possibility of a repeat Joyful Noise concert in 2014.
    • Lynne suggested keeping in touch with activities of the Sebastool Grange and Transition Sebastopol, since there may be events at which a Heifer table would be fitting. She will explore the Grange; Linda will explore Transition.

Submitted by Mary Blom

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Fort Bragg First Presbyterian Church

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On Sunday November 17th Linda McBee and I had the pleasure of going over Fort Bragg to present the pastor, Dan Fowler and his congregation with an Ark Plaque for their generous donation of $8,000+ for a goat project in Nduma near Nairobi Africa. We were warmly welcomed by the church members and were each given a gift of a jar of ingredients to make a winter bean soup. Pastor Fowler led a beautiful service which we enjoyed very much. During the service Linda and I presented the plaque to the pastor and the congregation, and we included a gift of Betty LaDuke's lovely paintings and stories of her travels to Heifer projects around the world. After the service we met with folks in the social hall for refreshments and a chance to get acquainted and talk a bit more about Heifer's work. We spoke with leaders of the church's 'mission project' who were instrumental in getting the project funded and who were pleased and enthusiastic to know their work has come to fruition. We are grateful for this opportunity to honor their kindness.
Caroline Bonnet
(In picture - left to right: mission committee members Cathy Hollenback, chair Linda Runner, committee member Dale Botsford, Heifer International Representative Caroline Bonett gives an Ark Plaque to Rev. Dan Fowler and International Representative Linda McBee.)
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Hondurus Visit

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Our own Mary Blom submitted a most interesting article to the Daily Kos about her visit to Hondurus. Here is the link to read it: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/10/22/1249175/-Butterfly-Woman-Announcing-the-2013-Blogathon-for-Food-Justice
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9/21/2013 Sonoma Heifer Volunteer Minutes

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  • Present: Lynne March, Linda McBee, Annie Averitt, Mary Blom
  • Discussion of upcoming events:
    • Oct. 27, Unity of Napa Valley. Lynne has arranged for a Heifer presentation at the church forum 11:30 am to 12:30 pm. Lynne and Mary will work together on this.
    • Oct. 5,  volunteer gathering at Hidden Villa 10:00 am-3:30 pm. We will hear directly from one of the country directors. This is a free event for active volunteers. Lunch is included. Jill requests rsvp’s by 9/30  Jill.KiltyNewburn@heifer.org For car pool arrangements call Mary, 707-823-6616.
    • May, 2014, Heifer 70th anniversary events. Two staff-driven events have been proposed: a daytime community event at Wombat Farm, which would not include a meal, and an evening, dinner event at one of the wineries for major donors.
  • Old Business:
    • Lynne and Carol Collins have been officially logged in as volunteers at Jill’s office and will have access to the volunteer resource portal. Mary will request the same arrangements be made for Annie.
    • Global Education Kits are aligned with Common Core (language arts and math) and Next Generation Science standards as well as civics, economics, geography, etc. They align with California specific standards only so far as the new Common Core standards align. The number of lessons have been doubled. The number of hard copies are limited (though Jill snagged a few) as Heifer moves away from hard copy and toward an on-line, open-source format. Annie suggested that we reserve our hard copy for the more rural schools, which might lack technology in the classrooms. Linda pointed out that the Waldorf schools don’t use computers in the elementary grades.
    • Treasurer’s report, Lynne. Checks to the Napa group for the projector and to Heifer for Apple Fair donations have been sent. A donation to Heifer of an additional $130. from the group funds was authorized.
    • New Business:
    • Lynne will contact Jill re: Heifer response to a Unity church in Oahu seeking Heifer involvement.
    • Lynne has been researching tabling and fundraising possibilities. This generated discussion of group capacity and individual skills and preferences. Annie shared some of her experience as a professional fundraiser.
  • Meeting closed with “Cornerstone” discussion.
Notes submitted by Mary Blom
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Heifer International October Volunteer Event

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Heifer Invites You to a Northern California Volunteer Gathering! 

Unique Opportunity to meet with one of
Heifer International's Country Directors
and hear about our work in that region.

Where:  Hidden Villa, Dana Center
             26870 Moody Road, Los Altos Hills, CA

When:  Saturday, October 5, 2013

           10:00 Registration and Gathering
           10:30 - 3:30 Presentations and Break Out Groups

Volunteer Refresher | Country Program Reports | Farm Fun | Includes Free Lunch

RSVP:  Let us know you are coming by Monday, September 30th to
             Jill Kilty Newburn, Community Manager, Jill.KiltyNewburn@heifer.org

Connect with old friends, meet new ones, find out the 
latest trends in development at Heifer International.
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8/17/2013 Sonoma Heifer Volunteer Meeting

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  • Present: Lynne March, Carol Collins, Linda McBee, Dotty Joos, Mary Blom 
  • Evaluation of Gravenstein Apple Fair Booth: We generally agreed that the venue was a good one for us, generating a wide variety of interchanges with a receptive crowd and at an affordable cost to us. Although fundraising was not a specific goal for this project, we received $356.00 in donations.
    We made the following observations and notes to ourselves:
    • We seem to be better at giving out our contact information than at gathering contact information from others, our contact list from the fair being short compared to the multitude of interchanges that occurred.
    • Carol pointed out that an e-mail address is the only essential information at first contact and can be written on a simple 3x5 card (our volunteer interest cards may request too much information.
    • Linda suggested that a volunteer record the address, insuring its legibility. Linda maintains two e-mail lists, one for notifying current and potential volunteers of meetings and activities and another for inviting local supporters to our events. She will add our fair contacts to her lists and forward them to Jill.
    • Some cash donors requested valid tax receipts. Mary presented a sample letter, which was approved. It will be sent to those donors and be available for future tabling.
    • Linda reviewed the 7 items needed to charge a donation to a credit card.
    • Simplify the display.
    • Take a proactive role beyond sitting behind the table. Limit the number of people sitting behind the table to make it more approachable. Consider asking people, “Would you like to buy a cow?” as a means of gaining attention.
    • Pacific Christian Academy, who had the booth next to ours, is interested in a Heifer presentation or project. Linda will follow up on this.
  • Lynne volunteered to serve as our treasurer. She will meet with Linda to arrange signature authorization. The $150. we approved for the projector purchase still needs to be sent to the Napa group.
  • Lynne reported on her research of the Wednesday Night Market in Santa Rosa. The fee for a non-profit table is $35/evening. The fair is open from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Current season is ending. Decided this is feasible for us, particularly if we could reserve space mid-season when it remains light till 8:30.
  • Equipping our new volunteers: Mary will contact Jill re: registration on volunteer website and nametags. Carol requested copies of our materials to peruse and select for her use.
  • Lynne has introduced her church congregation, Unity Napa Valley, to Heifer, and they have begun raising money for an animal. She would like to use one of their church forums for a Heifer presentation using the “Passing on the Gift” CD. Mary offered to talk about her study trip to Honduras.
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Minutes - July 13,2013 - Napa

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  • Check in:Evie, Linda L, Jessie, Betty, Anne, Marlene, Linda DY, + Jeannine Scott representing the Quakers
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Presentation Reports
  • Kiwanis
    Evie, Betty and Jacquie. Went well, small (20) group. A llama was potentially donated. Betty donated 5 sets of chicks in our honor…..yay, Betty, thanks! See attached donation slip…the wording is per our working together on the Kiwanis talks and a take on the original quote, which we could not change since we were quoting the Kiwanis President. 
  • Quakers
    Evie spoke to them, a small group. Peace tradition within Heifer via Dan West history. Good questions and enthusiastic respose. 
  • Tabling Info
    Peace Table
    Kathy M couldn’t be present today. Linda DY, Linda L, Betty talked about their experiences and enjoyed tabling. We don’t sell animals there currently, but maybe we can find a way to sell with the $ separately coming to us. Jeannine Scott talked about Kathy M doing a training for the Peace Table which would include talking about the basics and how to best handle uncomfortable comments/questions from people. 
  • Apple Fair - Aug. 10 and 11. Need volunteers. That Sunday our Napa group can carpool. Hope and Evie will drive on Sunday and can carry people. Others offered to drive as well, Jessie, Linda L, Linda DY (?). Perhaps take 2 shifts, early and late with 2 cars. Sonoma group will cover entrance fees for all the volunteers through reimbursement. A parking fee may not be covered. 
  • Congregation Report
    Linda DY has contacted the churches for Alt. Gift Fairs this year. She passed around the magazine Animal Crackers which is part of the Heifer curriculum.
    See Linda’s notes under Future Presentations below.
    The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the North Bay has asked for a presentation for Aug 18, 9:30am, 45 min. Evie will talk to contact Margaret Craig re: what they want.
    AAUW, focus on women’s empowerment, middle of week in evening, at library. Start at 6 or 6:30pm, November. AAUW Program of the month. Nov 5, 1st choice, then Nov 12.
  • Future Presentations - Linda DY
    Alternative Gift Fairs and Presentations
    1st Presbyterian
    Person who has done it before has retired. I told them we wanted to have a table. The mission committee will call to tell us when it is, if they have one.
    I gave Jane Roscoe, who is on charge of Sunday School curriculum, Heifer Congregational materials
    Covenant Presbyterian
    Liz Groelle is in charge of fair this year, a new person. I told her we wanted to have a table. She will let me know after the end of July when it is. *She wants us to send her a brochure or something.
    Contact about Sunday school closer to fall. Person in charge is ill.
    No alternative fair this year. We can have a table between services on October 27 and read Beatrice the Goat during time with the child at the 9:30 am worship service.
    *Need a volunteer to read the book.
    Dave Whitmer sent an email about this. He also said we could show a Heifer DVD after the worship service.
    I left a message with Vicki Poli about Sunday school curriculum.
    Unitarian Emailed response from Jeannine, the Quakers are part of the UU Social Justice Committee. Margaret Craig (258-0341) from the UU Social Justice Committee called.
    She said they wanted us to do a presentation/show video on August 18 at 9:30 am at the Boys and Girls Club to their Third Sunday Social Justice meeting. (before the service at 11:00 am) We could also have a table set up at this time. They wanted to invite more people to come and asked if Betty could help with publicity.
    They have chosen Heifer International to be the receiver of the Share the Plate on the 4th Sunday in March, the 23rd at the 11am service. We could have a table at that time as well. Jeanine is our contact for that activity.
    Unity and Center for Spiritual Living – Left a message.*AAUW would like us to do a Program in November focusing on Women’s Empowerment/ Gender Equity/ Women’s Literacy Program. It could be at the Napa County library November 5, 12 or 13th in the evening, 6 or 6:30 pm. What would be the best day - I need to reserve it ASAP. We could invite the Soroptimists and the Napa Women’s Club etc.
  • Next Mtg.
    NO MEETING IN AUGUST – because of our tabling at the Apple Fair
  • Demo of New Projector and Speakers
    Jacquie and Evie – showed short videos, talked about tech choices. Speakers worked well in that size room.
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July Minutes - Sebastopol Group

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  • Check In
    present Dotty Joos, Linda McBee, Caroline Bonnet, Mary Blom
  • Gravenstien Apple Fair
    We discussed details, proposals and suggestions for the Fair. Decided to have cash on hand to reimburse volunteers for their entrance fee is they wanted. Parking permit and parking areas discussed. Mary brought print outs of the volunteer tabling schedule along with directions to and parking details for the Fair. Mary and Garret will set up Friday evening, canopy, 2 tables and 4 chairs. Linda and Ben will take down Sunday evening. We’ll have a container for possible donations and Heifer envelopes for receipts. There will be no selling or exchange of money, tho we can take donations. Friday Mary will get another packet with booth location and safety rules. Bring weights to hold down papers and a tarp to cover the tables at night. Bring bungee cords, clamps, rope to put up big green Heifer banner. We will have a quarter tube available for donations. We discussed a couple of booth activities to attract conversation – a gallon water bucket, baskets of food items displaying what the three groups of people in the world eat, etc. Undecided……Linda will come up with something. We’ll provide cards with the Heifer website on it so people can go there and learn, rather than taking away paper which many are adverse to doing. (brochures, magazines, catalogues, etc.)
  • Projector
    Our Sonoma group will contribute $150 toward the projector the Napa group is buying as soon as we hear they have it. Then we can borrow it when we need it for presentations.
  • Genetic Engineering -
    Jackie sent some of us an online article on genetic engineering and asked if we wanted to pass it on to our group. We decided to only pass on Heifer information and not other issues even tho many of us feel in agreement with them. They can be passed to individual volunteer friends, but not the official whole group.
  • Corner Stone Study - PASSIng On The Gift
    This month’s discussion was Improved Animal Management – securing healthy and productive animals that are appropriate species and breed to the place they are given, and that there is enough fodder and water to take care of them.
    We discussed the appropriateness of milk and it’s products to various places and people the world.
  • Accounting
    Linda said we have $480.52 in our Sonoma account. Some of this is a result of several quarter tubes which she and her granddaughters have filled.
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Sonoma Heifer Volunteer Meeting - 6/15/2013

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Meeting opened with self introduction and check-in of those present: Caroline Bonnet, Lynne March, Dotty Joos, Linda McBee, Mary Blom.

Gravenstein Apple Fair - August 10 and 11
  • Staffing: The following volunteers will be participating: Caroline, Lynne, Dotty, Linda McB, Mary, Linda D-Y, Jessie, Betty, Jacquie, Janine, Amelia. Other possible volunteers, but pending, are: Linda L and Dahl, Ann and Gina, Carol and Kenny. Linda McB has created a Google doc for staff scheduling and says she and Evie will fill in the time slots as people indicate their preferences. Lynne and Mary will take the first Saturday time slot and do set-up.  Linda McB. will break it down on Sunday. We agreed to use our volunteer funds to reimburse volunteers for their entry fee to the fair since passes will not be issued.
  • Display: our space is 10’x10’. Set-up instructions will be sent to us in July. We need to provide tables, chairs, and possibly stall cover. Mary has these items.
    Discussed possibilities for making the booth an inviting space for fair goers to rest on a hot day, including providing drinking water. Linda has tap water dispensers and jelly jars.
    Although our informational booth category prohibits fundraising activities, Linda offered to think about and possibly create a fun game or activity that would inform about food issues.
    All agreed to bring their literature, banners, tablecovers, posters, stuffed animals, quarter tubes to our July meeting to assess our needs for the booth.  Mary will store them until she and Lynne set up the stall 8/10 a.m.
  •  Napa group has purchased a projector to be used when giving computer driven presentations. They have invited us to contribute to the cost and share the use. We agreed to contribute $150. Lynne has had recent experience with projector purchase at her church, and will contact Evie during the 14 day trial period to share information and contact info.
Thank you Proceedure
  • Mary reported on the success of the procedure Jill initiated, sending us notification of donations made by Sonoma County groups and institutions so that we can do “thank you’s” and follow-up. This has not only provided new relationships for us, but also allowed us to update Heifer’s data.
New Opportunities
  • Lynne suggested the Santa Rosa Wednesday night market as a possible venue for tabling. She will inquire regarding their nonprofit policies and procedures.

Closed with a Heifer Cornerstone discussion of Sustainability.

Next meeting will be Saturday, July 20.

Notes submitted by Mary Blom 

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5-18-2013 Sonoma Heifer Volunteer Meeting Notes

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Report on application to Gravenstein Apple Fair:
  •  The fair will be August 10, 10:00 a.m.--6:00 p.m. and August 11, 10:00 a.m.--5:00p.m. We have applied for a non-profit information booth. There is no fee for this type of booth; however, volunteers staffing the booth will be asked to pay their fair admission of $12. ($10. Senior); and we will not be permitted to sell anything. We still need to provide a certificate of insurance, which will be available after 6/30/2013 when Heifer’s policy renews. Applications are reviewed by a jury committee; acceptance is not guaranteed; however, the fair emphasis is on sustainable family farming, which makes us a good fit. We decided to proceed with the application based on commitments from 4 Sonoma volunteers (Linda, Dottie, Caroline, Mary) and 4 Napa volunteers (Evie, Hope, Jesse, Linda D/Y). We will seek additional volunteers between now and August to make the experience more comfortable for all involved. 
 Review of Joyful Noise choir concert:
  • Saturday, 5/4, 4-6 p.m., attendance 80-90, including volunteers, lots of positive feedback from those attending, income $809. We will be paying an honorarium to two accompanying musicians; amount to be determined in consultation with Benjamin Mertz. Three people expressed interest in volunteering and left contact information. Volunteer staffing at event was sufficient. Four Sonoma volunteers for set-up, admission table, and ushering were reinforced with four Napa volunteers, who brought cookies and helped answer questions at intermission. The concert ended before 6:00, and we agreed we would like to have had the extra time for a longer intermission. Refreshments: cookie quantity was perfect; used 6 quarts apple juice; 50 cups of coffee was too much on that warm day (30 maybe). Thank you letters have been written to the church and choir. Those who expressed interest in volunteering have been sent volunteer handbooks and have been invited to our meetings. Will follow-up and see if any might be interested in a training Jill is planning in San Francisco. 
 Community contacts and thank you letters:
  • Linda had provided Heifer materials to the 6th grade teacher at Summerfield Waldorf School on Willowside Rd. Heifer received a donation from them in both March and April. Linda has e-mailed them and will continue to follow-up. She has also e-mailed a teacher whom Heifer had listed as a contact at Summerfield, but who is now teaching at Sunridge. 
  • Mary has sent a thank you letter to Presbyterian Church of the Roses for their March donation and offered our support services. 
  •  We are finding the Heifer website for volunteers to be a rich resource. 
 Submitted by Mary Blom
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Joyful Noise! Gospel Choir Benefit for Heifer

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Thursday, April 25, 2013 1 comments
Please, join us May 4th!

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Heifer Meeting - April 13, 2013

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Present: Evie, Marlene, Kathy, Jessie, Jeanine, Amelia, Jacquie, Linda DY, Linda L.

Check in

Treasurer Report - Ann was absent because of surgery.

Sign-Ups - Kathy Earth Day April 20

  •  Kathy will contact everyone who signed up once she knows the location
  • Needs 12:30-2:30 slot to be filled 
Farmers Mkt. Peace Table
  • Waiting for dates we will be tabling
Table at Bel Aire Fair May 17 – Linda DY
  • Everything is set for Fair, we have a table, will check on need for chairs
  • Janeen and Emilia will do activity
  • Marlene, Kathy, Carole will participate
  • Marlene may read from a book
  • What are “Ideas for Action” – parents and school want this
  • When Cows Fly – Facebook game on Heifer website, “Give” Tab
Heifer Benefit – Sebastapol – May 4 – Evie
  • 4pm-6pm
  • Make cookies?
  • Drive over with Evie?
  • Volunteers for cookies: Evie, Jessie, Janeen
Report on March Kiwanis Presentation – Jacquie
  • Went well
  • Asked to do presentation at another Kiwanis Meeting at Downtown Joes
  • Can use the presentation as a template for other organizations we speak to
  • Marlene – AAUW – maybe next year
  • Linda DY – would like to do research for other groups we will speak to
Discussion Items
  • Bottle Rock – May meeting
  • Our May meeting is same weekend as Bottle Rock
  • Do we want to have meeting? No. 
Gravenstein Apple Fair – Aug 10, 1, 10am-6pm Sat, 10am-5pm Sun,
  • Sonoma group is considering having a table at Fair
  • Need Napa group to help table
  • Jessie, Marlene, Linda DY are interested

Next meeting is June 8th

Heifer Website

  • Much info on site, everyone is asked to check it out
  • When Cows Fly
  • Cody Belew, Say Love song
  • Evie will talk to Jill about him possibly coming to Napa/Bay Area
Studying the Cornerstones
  • Book from Jill
  • We will proceed with this study
  • Scan pages and email to members
  • We will start with the first, Passing on the Gift
Question on Donation Brochure – Kathy
  • Cc info is on outside of tear-out envelope, visible to the world - Evie will speak with Jill
  • If person wants to make a donation, write check, credit Napa, Heifer will send them a receipt
  • Or give donation to Ann
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Heifer Meeting 3/9/13

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Thursday, April 25, 2013 0 comments
Attendees: Jessie M., Betty M., Nancy E., Carole K., Linda L., Janeen B., Emilia G., Linda D-Y., Marlene Z., Keni K., Evie T., Ann S., Sylvia P.
  •  Check in
  •  Treasurer's report - Ann 
  •  Hunger/Poverty event - Betty
    We talked about doing a Fair Share meal and we've received a big booklet from Heifer.
    Betty is talking to the college, but it is a very busy spring and the only date available is April 9, 12:30 -1:30, if we do anything it must be a simplified Fair Share or we can do something else. A discussion of possibilities followed-what to do vs. our ability to do it. maybe show 12 Stones, Keni said a college communications instructor, Ann Gross, would be a real supporter.
    Jessie, Betty, Nancy, Janeen, Linda L. all offered to help with the event at the College. Evie suggested our high school volunteer Sylvia's involvement. Betty will talk with NVC to see if the event is feasible in this format. 
  •  Tabling
    • Earth DayTabling Sat. April 20-Kathy Mawer organizer, 10:30 to 5:30, we will need shifts, the sign up was sent around.
    • Bel Aire School tabling event, May 17 4-7p.m. This is a big Faire and they chose us, Roots & Shoots, and ------?, to be part of it.They liked the idea of having animals there,[K&C-chickens, and bees]. They the idea of doing something. Janeen, Emilia, Marlene, Carole and Nancy will be involved. We have lots of Heifer books. 
  •  Study Sessions
    All of us seemed interested in learning more about Heifer and its 12 Cornerstones. Keni suggested that we find out from Jill if there are good study materials for learning more about Heifer and the 12 Cornerstones. 
  •  Kiwanis Presentation
    3/21 - Evie, Nancy, Betty
    We all got to hear the excellent presentation from Evie and Nancy, with Betty showing slides. We we're asked to think of good questions to ask of presenters. Members did a fine job of asking questions. Thanks to all.
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Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Monday, April 22, 2013 0 comments
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3/16/2013 Sonoma Heifer Volunteer Meeting

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Friday, April 05, 2013
Follow-up and Reports
  • Accounting procedure:  Reviewed Jill’s e-mail re: separation of funds donated for volunteer operations from funds designated for Heifer, International programs, which need to be routed to HQ for a formal thank you and tax receipt. Donations made to Heifer by check can be forwarded directly to Jill without going through our bank account, keeping the donor contact information on the check linked to the donation. Linda will develop a dual copy receipt form to link donor contact info to cash donations and donations to Heifer Volunteer operations.
  • Thank you letter procedure: When Sonoma volunteers have had contact with a local group or congregation who have benefited Heifer, we will send the needed thank you letter as a means of furthering our relationship with the local group. Mary offered to take on this task and will contact Jill re: the one exception we discussed.
  •  The Joyful Noise Choir concert to benefit Heifer will be at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Sebastopol on Saturday, May 4, from 4:00-6:00 pm with a 30 minute intermission. Volunteers will arrive at 3:00 pm. Admission will be by free will offering with a suggested donation of $10. Publicity will be by e-mail flyer to choir, church, and Heifer e-mailing lists. Attendance of approx. 90 anticipated. Heifer volunteers will provide refreshments and an information table at intermission. Emphasis will be on projects in the Americas (Cinco de mayo weekend) and volunteer opportunities in Sonoma County. Volunteers will also be available for the admission table and ushering. Please see separate document for Concert Task List.
  • Gravenstein Apple Fair, August 10 and 11.  At this time the fair management does not know if they will be offering non-profit information tables. At their suggestion Mary will re-contact them the first week of April. Vendor application deadline is May 1, so, if this applies to non-profits, it doesn’t leave much time for decision making. We need to assess if we have adequate volunteer support to take this on. If we worked in pairs that means 10 people for 4 hour shifts, 20 people for 2 hour shifts, or some variation of that. Mary will call Evie so that she can assess support in the Napa group at their next meeting. This would need to be a joint project.

New business:
  • Oak Grove Elementary School has requested Read to Feed materials. Linda will make contact with them to offer volunteer support.
  • Discussed potential of joining an Arbor Day, 3/7, observance next year. We could educate re: Heifer reforestation, prevention of deforestation, agroforestry projects.
  • Our next meeting, 4/13 instead of the 20th because of the Apple Blossom Parade on the 20th which makes it difficult to get to the church. It will be hands-on prep of our display materials. 
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Napa Heifer Meeting Feb. 9, 2013

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Friday, March 08, 2013 0 comments

Check in 
Evie, Keni, Carole, Nancy, Linda D-Y, Jeannine, Amelia, Carol L., Ann, Jessie, Betty, Stephanie L., Jacquie 
Stephanie La Marca – Napa High 
3 or 4 committed students this year. Put boxes in classrooms for change. Total 56.00 raised. 
A few groups at Napa High, all will join together in a club to give to the groups and for fundraising. Willing to help with the dinner, if we do it. 
They are working on ideas for upcoming fundraisers. 
Treasurer’s Report 
Ann – see report. Cue song…”We’re in the money…” 
Fair Share Meal 
Napa College still pending answer. Time-line: end of April or Fall. 
Napa High may be interested, a potential senior project. 
Kiwanis Presentation – Feb. 21 
Date has changed to March 21 or 28 
Talking Points: 
1. Nepal trip 
2. TY to Kiwanis for Natil. Award 
a. Research why heifer was chosen by Kiwanis 

Betty will run power point presentation and use, adapt power point presentation that she 
Heifer’s special qualities: 
1. Equality – gender 
2. Empowerment 
3. It is more than the animals, the impact it has on the community 
a. Sanitation 
b. Veterinary /husbandry skills 
c. Passing on the gift 
i. People get to give what they have received 
ii. Generational 
4. The 12 Cornerstones, has nothing about animals 
5. Outcome – raising $ - thru member that we know in group 
6. Seeding questions - “ “ “ “ “ 

Interfaith Council Presentation 
Evie will be giving a short presentation– Feb. 20th 
Kathy Mawer is in Mexico, will return March and will organize our Earth Day tabling. Four to six volunteers will be needed. Signups at next meeting. The date is Saturday, April 20, 2013 
Do we want to continue with Study Sessions? 
1. The idea of preparation and reading is important 
2. This has kept us together, why we are such a good group 
3. Like the idea of it relating to Heifer this time 
4. Viewing a film before the meeting re: food, GMO, etc. – explore between now and next meeting 
5. We can do many things 
6. Focus on Heifer so it is on tip of our tongue 
7. Perhaps every other meeting, due to all of the events we will have in spring 
8. Cornerstones – focus on 
a. Ark could be great source 
9. Like the preparation before the meeting 

Hours Reports – Evie collected information from January. 
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Half the Sky

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Friday, March 08, 2013 0 comments

Make a difference for women and girls globally by playing Half The Sky Movement: The Game game. 
As one of the seven nonprofits featured in the game, Heifer is excited to be part of the first Facebook game that helps raise awareness of women and girls living under difficult circumstances all over the globe. Join us to become part of the solution by playing the game:http://hefr.in/15uhuGx

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Sonoma Minutes - January 19, 2013

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Friday, January 25, 2013 0 comments
Present: Linda McBee, Mariann Weed, Dottie Joos, Mary Blom

  • Linda shared with us that she will be relinquishing her AVC title and role. She anticipates continuing in a volunteer role.
  • Read to Feed: Reviewed the materials in the “Read to Feed” kit, noting that it is primarily a reading motivation and fund-raising program in contrast to the global education kits, which offer a more in depth global awareness. Linda wondered if Heifer has recommended reading lists for various grade levels that could be offered with the program. She will inquire. 
  • Next month we will open and look at one of the Global Education kits. Linda will look into making them available to the teachers at the two local Waldorf schools, where she has maintained relationships. 
  •  Mariann told us that the newly opened Sunflower CafĂ© on N. McDowell is designed to be a gathering place and includes a children’s corner. She suggested that it has potential for making Heifer materials and children’s books available. She will speak with the owner. 
  •  Mariann will also contact The Living Room, the daytime shelter for homeless women and children at Incarnation Episcopal Church in Santa Rosa. We brainstormed the possibilities of having a story time using Heifer and other related books.
  •  Joyful Noise choir concert: The choir director and St. Stephen’s Church (the venue) will be looking at spring dates. We will recommend 4/7, 4/14, 4/28, or possibly early March. Dates to be avoided are 3/24, Palm Sunday, 3/31, Easter, 4/21, Apple Blossom Festival, and if we were to go into May, 5/12, Mothers’ Day, and graduations
  •  Ongoing calendar: Mary will contact the Apple Blossom Festival and the Gravenstein Apple Fair regarding non-profit table opportunities. Mariann will bring the Community Gazette to the next meeting. Linda will contact The Bohemian regarding their calendar of events. 
  •  Tabling ideas: Mariann showed us her collection of animal puppets, recently purchased for Heifer tabling. Dottie also has been collecting animal figures. 
  • It was suggested we could also use peace pipes (quarter tubes) when tabling. Mary will send the specs for making them to Linda; Ben may be willing. 
  •  Funds raised: Linda sent $500 from our bank account to Jill. Alternative giving table at Sebastopol UMC raised $650, sent directly to Jill by the church. This is the second year Lincoln School has done a school wide fundraiser for Heifer as a result of our contact three years ago; proceeds were sent directly to Heifer. 

 Submitted by Mary Blom
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Napa Heifer Minutes - December 8, 2012

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Thursday, January 03, 2013 0 comments
Check in: Ann, Nancy, Janeen, Amelia, Jessie, Betty, Keni, Carole, Marlene, Linda L, Linda DYL, Jacquie, Evie and Guest Dave Whitmer, Ag Commissioner for Napa County, Chmn of Church Council First United Methodist Church.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Donations today: $388 from Jessie and the Widows and Widower’s Group
  • $500 from Jacquie, from Provenance Vineyards, with a photo op at Provenance scheduled for this week.
  • The First Christian Church's 5th grade class donated $500 to Heifer.
  • Ann submitted a written report of fiscal activity for the last several months.

School Activities:
  • Linda DY: 26 kits picked up by teachers (report will be emailed separately), teachers emailed, spoke with teacher in Calistoga for feedback, another teacher responded and plans to use in January
  • Middle School Kits still available, Read to Feed kits still available, Betty suggested the Power Point presentation can be tweaked for any schools and grade levels. Caroline suggested that volunteers can utilize activities from the kits to make presentations for interested teachers.
  • Napa High: A senior Project is being done by a student Silvia Pizano. The Heifer Club remains active.
  • Dave Briggs: Dept of Environmental Services for Napa County expressed interest in using Heifer activities for New Tech High Projects for Community Service Hours.
  • UUFNB - Evie spoke, 6 people attended. Showed "12 Stones", enthusiasm was high.
  • First Presbyterian Gift Fair – Nancy, still waiting to hear about the funds raised. The funds went through the church and will be reported to us.
  • Carole and Keni: Barbara Kingsolver Event. Sold out. Mary Blom, Linda McB, Caroline attended and tabled for Heifer. Many in audience knew of Heifer. People responded well to Heifer information.
  • Evie: Fair Share Meal concept for event. Possible Senior Project? Betty will bring to Napa Valley College. General consensus is favorable.
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