Napa Heifer Minutes - December 8, 2012

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Thursday, January 03, 2013
Check in: Ann, Nancy, Janeen, Amelia, Jessie, Betty, Keni, Carole, Marlene, Linda L, Linda DYL, Jacquie, Evie and Guest Dave Whitmer, Ag Commissioner for Napa County, Chmn of Church Council First United Methodist Church.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Donations today: $388 from Jessie and the Widows and Widower’s Group
  • $500 from Jacquie, from Provenance Vineyards, with a photo op at Provenance scheduled for this week.
  • The First Christian Church's 5th grade class donated $500 to Heifer.
  • Ann submitted a written report of fiscal activity for the last several months.

School Activities:
  • Linda DY: 26 kits picked up by teachers (report will be emailed separately), teachers emailed, spoke with teacher in Calistoga for feedback, another teacher responded and plans to use in January
  • Middle School Kits still available, Read to Feed kits still available, Betty suggested the Power Point presentation can be tweaked for any schools and grade levels. Caroline suggested that volunteers can utilize activities from the kits to make presentations for interested teachers.
  • Napa High: A senior Project is being done by a student Silvia Pizano. The Heifer Club remains active.
  • Dave Briggs: Dept of Environmental Services for Napa County expressed interest in using Heifer activities for New Tech High Projects for Community Service Hours.
  • UUFNB - Evie spoke, 6 people attended. Showed "12 Stones", enthusiasm was high.
  • First Presbyterian Gift Fair – Nancy, still waiting to hear about the funds raised. The funds went through the church and will be reported to us.
  • Carole and Keni: Barbara Kingsolver Event. Sold out. Mary Blom, Linda McB, Caroline attended and tabled for Heifer. Many in audience knew of Heifer. People responded well to Heifer information.
  • Evie: Fair Share Meal concept for event. Possible Senior Project? Betty will bring to Napa Valley College. General consensus is favorable.
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