Napa Heifer Meeting Feb. 9, 2013

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Friday, March 08, 2013

Check in 
Evie, Keni, Carole, Nancy, Linda D-Y, Jeannine, Amelia, Carol L., Ann, Jessie, Betty, Stephanie L., Jacquie 
Stephanie La Marca – Napa High 
3 or 4 committed students this year. Put boxes in classrooms for change. Total 56.00 raised. 
A few groups at Napa High, all will join together in a club to give to the groups and for fundraising. Willing to help with the dinner, if we do it. 
They are working on ideas for upcoming fundraisers. 
Treasurer’s Report 
Ann – see report. Cue song…”We’re in the money…” 
Fair Share Meal 
Napa College still pending answer. Time-line: end of April or Fall. 
Napa High may be interested, a potential senior project. 
Kiwanis Presentation – Feb. 21 
Date has changed to March 21 or 28 
Talking Points: 
1. Nepal trip 
2. TY to Kiwanis for Natil. Award 
a. Research why heifer was chosen by Kiwanis 

Betty will run power point presentation and use, adapt power point presentation that she 
Heifer’s special qualities: 
1. Equality – gender 
2. Empowerment 
3. It is more than the animals, the impact it has on the community 
a. Sanitation 
b. Veterinary /husbandry skills 
c. Passing on the gift 
i. People get to give what they have received 
ii. Generational 
4. The 12 Cornerstones, has nothing about animals 
5. Outcome – raising $ - thru member that we know in group 
6. Seeding questions - “ “ “ “ “ 

Interfaith Council Presentation 
Evie will be giving a short presentation– Feb. 20th 
Kathy Mawer is in Mexico, will return March and will organize our Earth Day tabling. Four to six volunteers will be needed. Signups at next meeting. The date is Saturday, April 20, 2013 
Do we want to continue with Study Sessions? 
1. The idea of preparation and reading is important 
2. This has kept us together, why we are such a good group 
3. Like the idea of it relating to Heifer this time 
4. Viewing a film before the meeting re: food, GMO, etc. – explore between now and next meeting 
5. We can do many things 
6. Focus on Heifer so it is on tip of our tongue 
7. Perhaps every other meeting, due to all of the events we will have in spring 
8. Cornerstones – focus on 
a. Ark could be great source 
9. Like the preparation before the meeting 

Hours Reports – Evie collected information from January. 
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