Joyful Noise! Gospel Choir Benefit for Heifer

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Thursday, April 25, 2013 1 comments
Please, join us May 4th!

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Heifer Meeting - April 13, 2013

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Present: Evie, Marlene, Kathy, Jessie, Jeanine, Amelia, Jacquie, Linda DY, Linda L.

Check in

Treasurer Report - Ann was absent because of surgery.

Sign-Ups - Kathy Earth Day April 20

  •  Kathy will contact everyone who signed up once she knows the location
  • Needs 12:30-2:30 slot to be filled 
Farmers Mkt. Peace Table
  • Waiting for dates we will be tabling
Table at Bel Aire Fair May 17 – Linda DY
  • Everything is set for Fair, we have a table, will check on need for chairs
  • Janeen and Emilia will do activity
  • Marlene, Kathy, Carole will participate
  • Marlene may read from a book
  • What are “Ideas for Action” – parents and school want this
  • When Cows Fly – Facebook game on Heifer website, “Give” Tab
Heifer Benefit – Sebastapol – May 4 – Evie
  • 4pm-6pm
  • Make cookies?
  • Drive over with Evie?
  • Volunteers for cookies: Evie, Jessie, Janeen
Report on March Kiwanis Presentation – Jacquie
  • Went well
  • Asked to do presentation at another Kiwanis Meeting at Downtown Joes
  • Can use the presentation as a template for other organizations we speak to
  • Marlene – AAUW – maybe next year
  • Linda DY – would like to do research for other groups we will speak to
Discussion Items
  • Bottle Rock – May meeting
  • Our May meeting is same weekend as Bottle Rock
  • Do we want to have meeting? No. 
Gravenstein Apple Fair – Aug 10, 1, 10am-6pm Sat, 10am-5pm Sun,
  • Sonoma group is considering having a table at Fair
  • Need Napa group to help table
  • Jessie, Marlene, Linda DY are interested

Next meeting is June 8th

Heifer Website

  • Much info on site, everyone is asked to check it out
  • When Cows Fly
  • Cody Belew, Say Love song
  • Evie will talk to Jill about him possibly coming to Napa/Bay Area
Studying the Cornerstones
  • Book from Jill
  • We will proceed with this study
  • Scan pages and email to members
  • We will start with the first, Passing on the Gift
Question on Donation Brochure – Kathy
  • Cc info is on outside of tear-out envelope, visible to the world - Evie will speak with Jill
  • If person wants to make a donation, write check, credit Napa, Heifer will send them a receipt
  • Or give donation to Ann
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Heifer Meeting 3/9/13

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Thursday, April 25, 2013 0 comments
Attendees: Jessie M., Betty M., Nancy E., Carole K., Linda L., Janeen B., Emilia G., Linda D-Y., Marlene Z., Keni K., Evie T., Ann S., Sylvia P.
  •  Check in
  •  Treasurer's report - Ann 
  •  Hunger/Poverty event - Betty
    We talked about doing a Fair Share meal and we've received a big booklet from Heifer.
    Betty is talking to the college, but it is a very busy spring and the only date available is April 9, 12:30 -1:30, if we do anything it must be a simplified Fair Share or we can do something else. A discussion of possibilities followed-what to do vs. our ability to do it. maybe show 12 Stones, Keni said a college communications instructor, Ann Gross, would be a real supporter.
    Jessie, Betty, Nancy, Janeen, Linda L. all offered to help with the event at the College. Evie suggested our high school volunteer Sylvia's involvement. Betty will talk with NVC to see if the event is feasible in this format. 
  •  Tabling
    • Earth DayTabling Sat. April 20-Kathy Mawer organizer, 10:30 to 5:30, we will need shifts, the sign up was sent around.
    • Bel Aire School tabling event, May 17 4-7p.m. This is a big Faire and they chose us, Roots & Shoots, and ------?, to be part of it.They liked the idea of having animals there,[K&C-chickens, and bees]. They the idea of doing something. Janeen, Emilia, Marlene, Carole and Nancy will be involved. We have lots of Heifer books. 
  •  Study Sessions
    All of us seemed interested in learning more about Heifer and its 12 Cornerstones. Keni suggested that we find out from Jill if there are good study materials for learning more about Heifer and the 12 Cornerstones. 
  •  Kiwanis Presentation
    3/21 - Evie, Nancy, Betty
    We all got to hear the excellent presentation from Evie and Nancy, with Betty showing slides. We we're asked to think of good questions to ask of presenters. Members did a fine job of asking questions. Thanks to all.
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Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Monday, April 22, 2013 0 comments
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3/16/2013 Sonoma Heifer Volunteer Meeting

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Friday, April 05, 2013
Follow-up and Reports
  • Accounting procedure:  Reviewed Jill’s e-mail re: separation of funds donated for volunteer operations from funds designated for Heifer, International programs, which need to be routed to HQ for a formal thank you and tax receipt. Donations made to Heifer by check can be forwarded directly to Jill without going through our bank account, keeping the donor contact information on the check linked to the donation. Linda will develop a dual copy receipt form to link donor contact info to cash donations and donations to Heifer Volunteer operations.
  • Thank you letter procedure: When Sonoma volunteers have had contact with a local group or congregation who have benefited Heifer, we will send the needed thank you letter as a means of furthering our relationship with the local group. Mary offered to take on this task and will contact Jill re: the one exception we discussed.
  •  The Joyful Noise Choir concert to benefit Heifer will be at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Sebastopol on Saturday, May 4, from 4:00-6:00 pm with a 30 minute intermission. Volunteers will arrive at 3:00 pm. Admission will be by free will offering with a suggested donation of $10. Publicity will be by e-mail flyer to choir, church, and Heifer e-mailing lists. Attendance of approx. 90 anticipated. Heifer volunteers will provide refreshments and an information table at intermission. Emphasis will be on projects in the Americas (Cinco de mayo weekend) and volunteer opportunities in Sonoma County. Volunteers will also be available for the admission table and ushering. Please see separate document for Concert Task List.
  • Gravenstein Apple Fair, August 10 and 11.  At this time the fair management does not know if they will be offering non-profit information tables. At their suggestion Mary will re-contact them the first week of April. Vendor application deadline is May 1, so, if this applies to non-profits, it doesn’t leave much time for decision making. We need to assess if we have adequate volunteer support to take this on. If we worked in pairs that means 10 people for 4 hour shifts, 20 people for 2 hour shifts, or some variation of that. Mary will call Evie so that she can assess support in the Napa group at their next meeting. This would need to be a joint project.

New business:
  • Oak Grove Elementary School has requested Read to Feed materials. Linda will make contact with them to offer volunteer support.
  • Discussed potential of joining an Arbor Day, 3/7, observance next year. We could educate re: Heifer reforestation, prevention of deforestation, agroforestry projects.
  • Our next meeting, 4/13 instead of the 20th because of the Apple Blossom Parade on the 20th which makes it difficult to get to the church. It will be hands-on prep of our display materials. 
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