Heifer Meeting - April 13, 2013

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Thursday, April 25, 2013

Present: Evie, Marlene, Kathy, Jessie, Jeanine, Amelia, Jacquie, Linda DY, Linda L.

Check in

Treasurer Report - Ann was absent because of surgery.

Sign-Ups - Kathy Earth Day April 20

  •  Kathy will contact everyone who signed up once she knows the location
  • Needs 12:30-2:30 slot to be filled 
Farmers Mkt. Peace Table
  • Waiting for dates we will be tabling
Table at Bel Aire Fair May 17 – Linda DY
  • Everything is set for Fair, we have a table, will check on need for chairs
  • Janeen and Emilia will do activity
  • Marlene, Kathy, Carole will participate
  • Marlene may read from a book
  • What are “Ideas for Action” – parents and school want this
  • When Cows Fly – Facebook game on Heifer website, “Give” Tab
Heifer Benefit – Sebastapol – May 4 – Evie
  • 4pm-6pm
  • Make cookies?
  • Drive over with Evie?
  • Volunteers for cookies: Evie, Jessie, Janeen
Report on March Kiwanis Presentation – Jacquie
  • Went well
  • Asked to do presentation at another Kiwanis Meeting at Downtown Joes
  • Can use the presentation as a template for other organizations we speak to
  • Marlene – AAUW – maybe next year
  • Linda DY – would like to do research for other groups we will speak to
Discussion Items
  • Bottle Rock – May meeting
  • Our May meeting is same weekend as Bottle Rock
  • Do we want to have meeting? No. 
Gravenstein Apple Fair – Aug 10, 1, 10am-6pm Sat, 10am-5pm Sun,
  • Sonoma group is considering having a table at Fair
  • Need Napa group to help table
  • Jessie, Marlene, Linda DY are interested

Next meeting is June 8th

Heifer Website

  • Much info on site, everyone is asked to check it out
  • When Cows Fly
  • Cody Belew, Say Love song
  • Evie will talk to Jill about him possibly coming to Napa/Bay Area
Studying the Cornerstones
  • Book from Jill
  • We will proceed with this study
  • Scan pages and email to members
  • We will start with the first, Passing on the Gift
Question on Donation Brochure – Kathy
  • Cc info is on outside of tear-out envelope, visible to the world - Evie will speak with Jill
  • If person wants to make a donation, write check, credit Napa, Heifer will send them a receipt
  • Or give donation to Ann
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