Sonoma Heifer Volunteer Meeting - 6/15/2013

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Tuesday, June 25, 2013
Meeting opened with self introduction and check-in of those present: Caroline Bonnet, Lynne March, Dotty Joos, Linda McBee, Mary Blom.

Gravenstein Apple Fair - August 10 and 11
  • Staffing: The following volunteers will be participating: Caroline, Lynne, Dotty, Linda McB, Mary, Linda D-Y, Jessie, Betty, Jacquie, Janine, Amelia. Other possible volunteers, but pending, are: Linda L and Dahl, Ann and Gina, Carol and Kenny. Linda McB has created a Google doc for staff scheduling and says she and Evie will fill in the time slots as people indicate their preferences. Lynne and Mary will take the first Saturday time slot and do set-up.  Linda McB. will break it down on Sunday. We agreed to use our volunteer funds to reimburse volunteers for their entry fee to the fair since passes will not be issued.
  • Display: our space is 10’x10’. Set-up instructions will be sent to us in July. We need to provide tables, chairs, and possibly stall cover. Mary has these items.
    Discussed possibilities for making the booth an inviting space for fair goers to rest on a hot day, including providing drinking water. Linda has tap water dispensers and jelly jars.
    Although our informational booth category prohibits fundraising activities, Linda offered to think about and possibly create a fun game or activity that would inform about food issues.
    All agreed to bring their literature, banners, tablecovers, posters, stuffed animals, quarter tubes to our July meeting to assess our needs for the booth.  Mary will store them until she and Lynne set up the stall 8/10 a.m.
  •  Napa group has purchased a projector to be used when giving computer driven presentations. They have invited us to contribute to the cost and share the use. We agreed to contribute $150. Lynne has had recent experience with projector purchase at her church, and will contact Evie during the 14 day trial period to share information and contact info.
Thank you Proceedure
  • Mary reported on the success of the procedure Jill initiated, sending us notification of donations made by Sonoma County groups and institutions so that we can do “thank you’s” and follow-up. This has not only provided new relationships for us, but also allowed us to update Heifer’s data.
New Opportunities
  • Lynne suggested the Santa Rosa Wednesday night market as a possible venue for tabling. She will inquire regarding their nonprofit policies and procedures.

Closed with a Heifer Cornerstone discussion of Sustainability.

Next meeting will be Saturday, July 20.

Notes submitted by Mary Blom 

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