Minutes - July 13,2013 - Napa

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  • Check in:Evie, Linda L, Jessie, Betty, Anne, Marlene, Linda DY, + Jeannine Scott representing the Quakers
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Presentation Reports
  • Kiwanis
    Evie, Betty and Jacquie. Went well, small (20) group. A llama was potentially donated. Betty donated 5 sets of chicks in our honor…..yay, Betty, thanks! See attached donation slip…the wording is per our working together on the Kiwanis talks and a take on the original quote, which we could not change since we were quoting the Kiwanis President. 
  • Quakers
    Evie spoke to them, a small group. Peace tradition within Heifer via Dan West history. Good questions and enthusiastic respose. 
  • Tabling Info
    Peace Table
    Kathy M couldn’t be present today. Linda DY, Linda L, Betty talked about their experiences and enjoyed tabling. We don’t sell animals there currently, but maybe we can find a way to sell with the $ separately coming to us. Jeannine Scott talked about Kathy M doing a training for the Peace Table which would include talking about the basics and how to best handle uncomfortable comments/questions from people. 
  • Apple Fair - Aug. 10 and 11. Need volunteers. That Sunday our Napa group can carpool. Hope and Evie will drive on Sunday and can carry people. Others offered to drive as well, Jessie, Linda L, Linda DY (?). Perhaps take 2 shifts, early and late with 2 cars. Sonoma group will cover entrance fees for all the volunteers through reimbursement. A parking fee may not be covered. 
  • Congregation Report
    Linda DY has contacted the churches for Alt. Gift Fairs this year. She passed around the magazine Animal Crackers which is part of the Heifer curriculum.
    See Linda’s notes under Future Presentations below.
    The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the North Bay has asked for a presentation for Aug 18, 9:30am, 45 min. Evie will talk to contact Margaret Craig re: what they want.
    AAUW, focus on women’s empowerment, middle of week in evening, at library. Start at 6 or 6:30pm, November. AAUW Program of the month. Nov 5, 1st choice, then Nov 12.
  • Future Presentations - Linda DY
    Alternative Gift Fairs and Presentations
    1st Presbyterian
    Person who has done it before has retired. I told them we wanted to have a table. The mission committee will call to tell us when it is, if they have one.
    I gave Jane Roscoe, who is on charge of Sunday School curriculum, Heifer Congregational materials
    Covenant Presbyterian
    Liz Groelle is in charge of fair this year, a new person. I told her we wanted to have a table. She will let me know after the end of July when it is. *She wants us to send her a brochure or something.
    Contact about Sunday school closer to fall. Person in charge is ill.
    No alternative fair this year. We can have a table between services on October 27 and read Beatrice the Goat during time with the child at the 9:30 am worship service.
    *Need a volunteer to read the book.
    Dave Whitmer sent an email about this. He also said we could show a Heifer DVD after the worship service.
    I left a message with Vicki Poli about Sunday school curriculum.
    Unitarian Emailed response from Jeannine, the Quakers are part of the UU Social Justice Committee. Margaret Craig (258-0341) from the UU Social Justice Committee called.
    She said they wanted us to do a presentation/show video on August 18 at 9:30 am at the Boys and Girls Club to their Third Sunday Social Justice meeting. (before the service at 11:00 am) We could also have a table set up at this time. They wanted to invite more people to come and asked if Betty could help with publicity.
    They have chosen Heifer International to be the receiver of the Share the Plate on the 4th Sunday in March, the 23rd at the 11am service. We could have a table at that time as well. Jeanine is our contact for that activity.
    Unity and Center for Spiritual Living – Left a message.*AAUW would like us to do a Program in November focusing on Women’s Empowerment/ Gender Equity/ Women’s Literacy Program. It could be at the Napa County library November 5, 12 or 13th in the evening, 6 or 6:30 pm. What would be the best day - I need to reserve it ASAP. We could invite the Soroptimists and the Napa Women’s Club etc.
  • Next Mtg.
    NO MEETING IN AUGUST – because of our tabling at the Apple Fair
  • Demo of New Projector and Speakers
    Jacquie and Evie – showed short videos, talked about tech choices. Speakers worked well in that size room.
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July Minutes - Sebastopol Group

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  • Check In
    present Dotty Joos, Linda McBee, Caroline Bonnet, Mary Blom
  • Gravenstien Apple Fair
    We discussed details, proposals and suggestions for the Fair. Decided to have cash on hand to reimburse volunteers for their entrance fee is they wanted. Parking permit and parking areas discussed. Mary brought print outs of the volunteer tabling schedule along with directions to and parking details for the Fair. Mary and Garret will set up Friday evening, canopy, 2 tables and 4 chairs. Linda and Ben will take down Sunday evening. We’ll have a container for possible donations and Heifer envelopes for receipts. There will be no selling or exchange of money, tho we can take donations. Friday Mary will get another packet with booth location and safety rules. Bring weights to hold down papers and a tarp to cover the tables at night. Bring bungee cords, clamps, rope to put up big green Heifer banner. We will have a quarter tube available for donations. We discussed a couple of booth activities to attract conversation – a gallon water bucket, baskets of food items displaying what the three groups of people in the world eat, etc. Undecided……Linda will come up with something. We’ll provide cards with the Heifer website on it so people can go there and learn, rather than taking away paper which many are adverse to doing. (brochures, magazines, catalogues, etc.)
  • Projector
    Our Sonoma group will contribute $150 toward the projector the Napa group is buying as soon as we hear they have it. Then we can borrow it when we need it for presentations.
  • Genetic Engineering -
    Jackie sent some of us an online article on genetic engineering and asked if we wanted to pass it on to our group. We decided to only pass on Heifer information and not other issues even tho many of us feel in agreement with them. They can be passed to individual volunteer friends, but not the official whole group.
  • Corner Stone Study - PASSIng On The Gift
    This month’s discussion was Improved Animal Management – securing healthy and productive animals that are appropriate species and breed to the place they are given, and that there is enough fodder and water to take care of them.
    We discussed the appropriateness of milk and it’s products to various places and people the world.
  • Accounting
    Linda said we have $480.52 in our Sonoma account. Some of this is a result of several quarter tubes which she and her granddaughters have filled.
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