8/17/2013 Sonoma Heifer Volunteer Meeting

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Wednesday, August 28, 2013
  • Present: Lynne March, Carol Collins, Linda McBee, Dotty Joos, Mary Blom 
  • Evaluation of Gravenstein Apple Fair Booth: We generally agreed that the venue was a good one for us, generating a wide variety of interchanges with a receptive crowd and at an affordable cost to us. Although fundraising was not a specific goal for this project, we received $356.00 in donations.
    We made the following observations and notes to ourselves:
    • We seem to be better at giving out our contact information than at gathering contact information from others, our contact list from the fair being short compared to the multitude of interchanges that occurred.
    • Carol pointed out that an e-mail address is the only essential information at first contact and can be written on a simple 3x5 card (our volunteer interest cards may request too much information.
    • Linda suggested that a volunteer record the address, insuring its legibility. Linda maintains two e-mail lists, one for notifying current and potential volunteers of meetings and activities and another for inviting local supporters to our events. She will add our fair contacts to her lists and forward them to Jill.
    • Some cash donors requested valid tax receipts. Mary presented a sample letter, which was approved. It will be sent to those donors and be available for future tabling.
    • Linda reviewed the 7 items needed to charge a donation to a credit card.
    • Simplify the display.
    • Take a proactive role beyond sitting behind the table. Limit the number of people sitting behind the table to make it more approachable. Consider asking people, “Would you like to buy a cow?” as a means of gaining attention.
    • Pacific Christian Academy, who had the booth next to ours, is interested in a Heifer presentation or project. Linda will follow up on this.
  • Lynne volunteered to serve as our treasurer. She will meet with Linda to arrange signature authorization. The $150. we approved for the projector purchase still needs to be sent to the Napa group.
  • Lynne reported on her research of the Wednesday Night Market in Santa Rosa. The fee for a non-profit table is $35/evening. The fair is open from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Current season is ending. Decided this is feasible for us, particularly if we could reserve space mid-season when it remains light till 8:30.
  • Equipping our new volunteers: Mary will contact Jill re: registration on volunteer website and nametags. Carol requested copies of our materials to peruse and select for her use.
  • Lynne has introduced her church congregation, Unity Napa Valley, to Heifer, and they have begun raising money for an animal. She would like to use one of their church forums for a Heifer presentation using the “Passing on the Gift” CD. Mary offered to talk about her study trip to Honduras.
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