9/20/2014 Sonoma Heifer Minutes

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  • Welcome: Linda McBee, Lynne March, Dotty Joos, Mary Blom
  • Follow-up:
    • E-mails from Jill and Evie:
      1. Nepal relief. Our recent earnings have been sent to Heifer general fund to be used where most needed.
      2. Procedure for ordering materials. Easiest method seems to be by telephone. Some volunteers still have difficulty getting admitted to volunteer site.
      3. 70th anniversary event in Sacramento. Sonoma group has no volunteers available for this event. Linda will communicate this to Evie and John Brewer.
      4. Jill’s regional newsletter. Lynne and Dotty did not receive the newsletter.
    • Heirloom Seed Exposition:
      1. Treasurer’s report by Lynne March. Received cash donations of $55. (check issued to Jill) and one $30. donation by check (sent directly to Heifer).
      2. List of contacts made at Expo were reviewed and follow-up assigned.
      3. Dotty will develop a form for use at tabling events, a form for tallying the number and nature of contacts.
      4. Lynne wrote a thank you letter to Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, the organizers of the Expo. We all agreed that the administration and staff had done an excellent job and that it was a pleasure to participate in this educational and inspiring event.
    • Unity of Napa Valley: Congregation has completed Water Buffalo Project and is working on a donation of pigs. Lynne places a blurb re: Heifer’s impact in each monthly church newsletter, e.g., Did you know that one half of the chickens in Korea can be traced to original Heifer gift chickens?
    • Coming up:
      • Joyful Noise Singers. Linda will propose another benefit concert for Heifer in the spring. Last year’s successful concert was on May 4,2013. We also had successful concert on March 23rd, 2014. If we were to schedule a Mothers’ Day concert, we could focus on Heifer’s work to empower women.
      • Sebastopol Grange. At the Expo Lynne made contact with Amy(?) Crawford of the Sebastopol Grange. Ms. Crawford is open to the idea of a Heifer table at Grange events. Dotty is on their mailing list and will keep an eye out for events suitable for a Heifer information table.
      • Thursday evenings at the Barlow. Will make a group effort to attend so that we can evaluate the venue for tabling next season.
      • Lynne will contact Caroline re: a volunteer lunch meeting in Healdsburg in October.
Submitted by, Mary Blom
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8/16/2014 Sonoma Heifer Minutes

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Present: Linda McBee, Lynne March, Dotty Joos, Mary Blom


  • Heirloom Seed Expo
    •  Set-up on Monday, 9/8, at 11:00 a.m.
    • Take-down on Friday, 9/12, 11:00 a.m.
    • Staffing schedule reviewed.
    • Plan made for passing on entry passes, should we receive only 3 passes.
    • Display materials selected.
      • Will use Jill’s integrated farm system poster as talking point.
      • Linda will order what is needed beyond current inventory.
      • See equipment list for detail.
Additional Business
  • We gratefully accept Jill’s donation of her old projector. It is compatible with Linda’s computer.
  • Our Facebook page will be shut down. It can be reactivated if we wish to maintain it in the future.
  • “Hungry for Change” study has been cancelled. Please return borrowed books to Evie.
Submitted by,
Mary Blom
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6/21/2014 Sonoma Heifer Minutes

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Present: Dotty Joos, Lynne March, Mary Blom

We hold in love our friends and fellow volunteers Carole and Keni Kent as they grieve the loss of their daughter. A memorial service will be held at Wombats Farm on 6/28.

Unity Napa Valley continues to provide a steady flow of animals to Heifer projects. So far they have purchased a flock of poultry, 2 gifts of bees, 2 goats, a water buffalo, and are “working on” a llama.

Sebastopol United Methodist Church: We will do a presentation during the sermon time on 6/29 and will also recognize the children of the church for successfully filling a peace pipe with their offerings.

Heirloom Seed Festival 9/9, 9,10, 9/11: There is concern that we may not have adequate staffing for 3 full days. The one alternative is to offer a children’s activity for one day (school day). Evie has asked for activity ideas to submit to the Fair. Various display and activity ideas were discussed. Mary will communicate them to Evie. It was noted that we must remember to have a good supply of educator website info, as well as stickers or hand stamps. Lynne reminded us that the prime audience we had hoped to address at this venue was sustainable agriculture activists from around the country who might not be aware of Heifer’s role. Will we have interchanges of this kind at a children’s activity booth? She encouraged us to further explore the acceptability and limits of leaving a table of information materials unattended when we don’t have coverage. She also suggested that Jill might consider presenting a workshop at the Festival.

Our July meeting will be 7/26, the 4th (instead of the 3rd) Saturday.

We will begin our “Hungry for Change” study at our August meeting. 8/16.

Submitted by, Mary Blom
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3/15/2014 Sonoma Heifer Minutes

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  • Present: Linda McBee, Dotty Joos, Lynne March, Mary Blom
  • Old business
    •  3/10 presentation to teacher certification classes at Sonoma State University. Linda, Mary, and Linda Deitiker-Yolo gave 40 minute presentations to two classes, 15-20 students each. The students were developing community service projects for their elementary classrooms. This was an excellent opportunity for us.
  • Ongoing business
    • Joyful Noise! Concert 3/23/14. We will set up at 2:00. Lynne will oversee refreshments and sale of leftover cookies. Dotty will bring change and an easel for a poster at entry. Linda will provide poster. See task list for additional detail. 
    • Anniversary celebration 5/3/14 at Wombat Farm. Four of us will be serving to staff the welcome table and information table. Caroline will go early to help set-up. We will all help clean up. Carpooling from Sebastopol UMC at 11:15 a.m. 
  • New business
    • Gravenstein Apple Fair (8/ 9 & 10) is taking vendor applications now. Mary will inquire re: 2014 policies for nonprofit service groups.
    • Live Below the Line Challenge, 4/28-5/2. Linda will participate. Group participation discussed; tabled until next meeting.
    • Northwest Earth Institute study series considered. Mary will bring sample books to next meeting.
  • Cornerstone discussion resumed with “genuine need and justice.” 
  •  Meeting adjourned at 12:00 noon. 
  •  Submitted by, Mary Blom
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70 years of Family Farming!

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Please, join us to celebrate 70 years of Family Farming.

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The Live Below the Line Challenge

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From April 28 to May 2, 2014 Live Below the Line and Heifer International are partnering on this poverty awareness campaign to raise funds and help smallholder farmers.

Live Below the Line is an awareness and fundraising campaign designed to help people understand the challenges faced by those living in extreme poverty. It challenges the rest of us to do just that - feed ourselves with just $1.50 a day - the U.S. equivalent of the international Extreme Poverty Line.

The Heifer International team will be participating in the challenge and raising funds. Find out more and sign up at: www.livebelowtheline.com/us/partner/heifer.
We know that cooking for the Live Below the Line challenge can at first seem extremely challenging, so here are some tips:
You have a total of $7.50 to use to buy the ingredients for all of your meals for five days. Here are a few suggestions of inexpensive, staple ingredients that you may want to include on your shopping list: rice, beans, chickpeas, corn, tomato sauce, noodles, eggs, carrots, onions, canola oil, garlic, salt, pepper, bananas, pasta, oatmeal.
  • You can count tap water as being free.
  • You can't grab a snack from the pantry unless you count the cost of the item within your budget.
  • For items such as salt and pepper, simply work out the cost of each item per ounce and budget your shopping proportionally.
  • You can use food from your garden as long as you account for the price of production.
  • You cannot accept "donated" food from others.
* One of our Sonoma Heifer volunteers, Linda McBee, has joined the challenge. You can donate here: www.livebelowtheline.com/
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Joyful Noise! Gospel Choir March 23rd

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2-15-2014 Sonoma Heifer Minutes

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Present: Linda McBee, Dotty Joos, Lynne March, Mary Blom
  •  Linda gave a tutorial on the use of our group Google account:
    • including how to access and send group e-mail
    • how to access and add to group calendar,
    • how to access and post on group blog
    •  how to create a Google document and access past document files. 
    • If we always include heifersonoma@gmail.com on e-mails we send out, and we all check that account periodically, no one will be out of the loop.
  • Lynne’s report on Kindergarten Ass’n. Conference:
    • Attendance 680. 
    • Information re; Heifer curriculum was circulated.
    •  Some teachers who were familiar with Heifer had not known about the curriculum. 
    • Ruth will present the curriculum to the Kindergarten Ass’n. Board for possible inclusion in the home schooling recommendations.
  • Linda reported on the Read to Feed Webinar she attended on 2/10/14.
  • 3/10/14 SSU - Linda M, Linda D/Y, and Mary B.
    • will do a team presentation to two teacher certification classes at Sonoma State University.
    • The students are required to develop community service projects for their elementary classrooms. 
    • We will cover Heifer’s work in the world, 
    • how to use the educator website, and show some of the curriculum.
  • Joyful Noise Choir concert:
    • Two dates have been offered, Sunday, 3/23/14 and Sunday, 3/30/14. So as not to compete with the Sebastopol Film Festival on the latter weekend, Linda will request 3/23 from 3:00-5:00 and will let us know when she has confirmation. We did detailed planning for the event, and I will put those details in a separate document.
  • Heifer Anniversary Celebration, 5/3/14.
    • Reviewed task list prepared by Napa planning group,
    • Linda transferred it to a spreadsheet on Google Docs for the committee to use if they wish.
    • Linda M., Dotty Joos, and Mary Blom will be available the day of the event to staff tables and do clean-up. 
    • Mary will contact Caroline re: her availability for both the concert and anniversary events.
Submitted by, Mary Blom
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Heifer Sonoma Minutes for 1/18/2014

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Present: Lynne March, Linda McBee, Dotty Joos, Mary Blom
  • Reports and follow-up:
    • Unity Napa Valley: Lynne reported that the congregation used a matching grant for goats in Nepal, and has so far provided gifts to benefit nine families. Their new goal is to provide a water buffalo. The practice of giving honor gifts is on the rise.
    • California Kindergarten Conference, Santa Clara, 1/16-1/19/2014: Lynne made arrangements with friends who have a booth at the conference; they are displaying and distributing Read to Feed materials for us.
    • Sebastopol UMC: Heifer received generous donations at an alternative giving table on three Sundays in Advent. The check has been routed through Jill’s office. Two Sunday School teachers have expressed interest in Heifer curriculum. They were provided with an Animal Crackers kit and leader guide as well as links to “Feeding 5000” on the web.
    • Lincoln School, Santa Rosa, raised funds for Heifer last semester, continuing fruit of our contact there.
    • Apple Blossom School, Sebastopol, also raised funds for Heifer last semester. We don’t know who initiated it. Jill and Mary will try to identify a contact person there so that we can offer support.
    • Research for possible tabling: Dotty contacted Zen Fest. They do not include other non-profit tables at the event. Dotty is on the e-mail list for Transition Sebastopol and will monitor their events for possible Heifer connection. Linda will put heifersonoma on The Grange’s e-mail list so that we can do the same with that group.
    • Joyful Noise concert: Linda reported that the choir is willing to do another fundraising concert for Heifer. Pros and cons of a Mothers’ Day concert were discussed. Linda will consult choir members and director re: dates.
    • Linda reported on her trip with Caroline to the First Presbyterian Church of Ft. Bragg, where they were warmly welcomed and presented an Ark certificate.
  • New Business
    • Read to Feed promotion beginning in February will involve nationwide distribution of material, follow-up phone calls by staff and volunteers, an offer of 30 books to classrooms who have raised $600. plus. Details reviewed.
    • Oak Grove School in Graton will initiate a Read to Feed program in the 4th and 5th grades (5 classrooms) on Feb. 3. Debra Leonard, teacher, has requested a speaker for the kickoff event. Linda will contact her.
    • Sonoma State U. teachers’ certification class: As part of their social studies methods course student teachers are required to develop a service learning project for their elementary students. Jill has received a request for a speaker. If we can find a date good for all concerned, Mary can speak about Heifer's work and Linda can walk the students through the website. Neither of us feel prepared to talk about the curriculum itself. Mary will get back to Jill on this.
    • We have received a donor complaint re: a telemarketing call from Heifer. Mary will ask Jill to direct the feedback to the appropriate channel.
    • Annual signing of code of conduct forms: Because some volunteers are having difficulties in use of the website and because we are not using our Google account to its full potential, Linda will conduct a tutorial at our next meeting. We will gather at our usual meeting room at the church and then proceed to a room at Taylor Maid Coffees, where wi-fi is available.
Submitted by, Mary Blom
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