6/21/2014 Sonoma Heifer Minutes

Posted by Heifer Sonoma/Napa On Thursday, June 26, 2014
Present: Dotty Joos, Lynne March, Mary Blom

We hold in love our friends and fellow volunteers Carole and Keni Kent as they grieve the loss of their daughter. A memorial service will be held at Wombats Farm on 6/28.

Unity Napa Valley continues to provide a steady flow of animals to Heifer projects. So far they have purchased a flock of poultry, 2 gifts of bees, 2 goats, a water buffalo, and are “working on” a llama.

Sebastopol United Methodist Church: We will do a presentation during the sermon time on 6/29 and will also recognize the children of the church for successfully filling a peace pipe with their offerings.

Heirloom Seed Festival 9/9, 9,10, 9/11: There is concern that we may not have adequate staffing for 3 full days. The one alternative is to offer a children’s activity for one day (school day). Evie has asked for activity ideas to submit to the Fair. Various display and activity ideas were discussed. Mary will communicate them to Evie. It was noted that we must remember to have a good supply of educator website info, as well as stickers or hand stamps. Lynne reminded us that the prime audience we had hoped to address at this venue was sustainable agriculture activists from around the country who might not be aware of Heifer’s role. Will we have interchanges of this kind at a children’s activity booth? She encouraged us to further explore the acceptability and limits of leaving a table of information materials unattended when we don’t have coverage. She also suggested that Jill might consider presenting a workshop at the Festival.

Our July meeting will be 7/26, the 4th (instead of the 3rd) Saturday.

We will begin our “Hungry for Change” study at our August meeting. 8/16.

Submitted by, Mary Blom
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